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  1. 1. For Athletes!By Andre Biscaye
  2. 2. Sport Nutrition Fuel your performance and recovery!
  3. 3. What Foods Should You Eat? Mostly Some healthy Some protein carbohydrates fats•Grains, fruit, •Meat, fish, •Nuts, seeds, dairy, veggies poultry, eggs, avocados, oils, dairy, nuts, animal fat beans fats protein carbs
  4. 4. Carbohydrates• Fuel high intensity exercise• Power the brain
  5. 5. Carbohydrate Examples• Whole Grains • Wheat bread, cereal, pasta, rice• Fruits • Berries, oranges, bananas• Vegetables • Potatoes, corn, squash
  6. 6. Protein• Builds and repairs muscles• Supports immune system• Transports nutrients
  7. 7. Protein examples• Lean meat • Fish, beef, pork, chicken, turkey• Dairy • Greek yogurt, eggs, milk• Legumes • Beans, peas• Nuts and seeds• Variety is key
  8. 8. Fat• Fuels low energy exercise• Reduces inflammation
  9. 9. Fat examples• Vegetable oils • Canola, olive• Nuts• Avocados
  10. 10. Know how to balance
  11. 11. Easy tips for healthy eating• Eat smaller portion • Use a smaller plate, bowl, or glass• Eat slowly• Get cooking!• Eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy• Drink water• For more info, visit