Stakeholder markets


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A stakeholder perspective of the value proposition concept

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Stakeholder markets

  1. 1. A stakeholder perspective of thevalue proposition concept;Stakeholder MarketsAndleeb A. JoyiaCorporate MKT ExecutiveNayatel (Pvt.) Ltd.
  2. 2. Stakeholder Markets
  3. 3. Recruitment Market VPs“The war for Talent”Create a winning VP by tailoring the job & company brandso they appeal to carefully targeted recruits.
  4. 4. Recruitment Market VPs“The war for Talent”0 5 10 15 20OGDCLAbbotBank AlfalahPTCMobilink GSMNestleEngroUnited NationsUnileverTelenorRanking
  5. 5. Recruitment Market VPs“The war for Talent”
  6. 6. Recruitment Market VPs“Best Place to Work”Identifying a unique VP to communicate to the potentialemployees that a firm is a best place to work
  7. 7. Recruitment Market VPs“Market segmentation”Adopt VPs to target different specific segments ofrecruitment market.
  8. 8. Internal Market VPs“Employee Retention”A winning VP aims at motivating and retaining thoseemployees who are best equipped to help achieve the goals ofthe organization.• Example: Nayatel promotes only the most valuableresources to manager level and binds them with Car, laptopand study loan policies for specific tenures to retain them
  9. 9. Internal Market VPs“Competition Assessment”Employees assess the VP of their employer organization alongwith those of other prospective employee organizations todetermine their choice of employer.
  10. 10. Internal Market VPs“Competition Assessment”Google Delivers Happiness!On- Site Physicians Travel Insurance New Baby Allowance Education FundingFree Legal AidOn-Site DentalOn-Site GymMaternity LeavePaternity LeaveDry CleaningLFAOn-Site MassageEtc.
  11. 11. Internal Market VPs“Ethical Initiatives”Ethical and green issues are especially important toemployees
  12. 12. Referral Market VPs“Advocate Initiated”In professional services, a reciprocal referral system iscommon between a firm and other professional advisors
  13. 13. Referral Market VPs“Company Initiated”An organization’s explicit attempt to use its existingcustomers, as a part of its marketing activities, to gain newcustomers.
  14. 14. Referral Market VPs“Viral or Buzz Marketing”It occurs when an innovative VP prompts third parties to actas a referral source
  15. 15. Influence Market VPsDeveloping and communicating a VP to the most importantconstituent members of the influence market includesmanaging relationships with investor groups, analysts, mediaand government bodies. Clear VPs addressing the influencemarket are important for firm stability and growth.• For example, Frito-Lay focuses on a wide range ofinfluencers who impact consumer demand forsnacks, including healthprofessionals, associations, dieticians and academics.
  16. 16. Influence Market VPs
  17. 17. Supplier Market VPsSuppliers typically provide physical resources or services to abusiness.
  18. 18. Alliance Market VPsAlliance partners are also a form of supplier. However, theytypically supply competences and capabilities that are moreknowledge-based.Hotels, restaurants, andtourist businesses poolresources to market theirlocation to prospectivetravelers.
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