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How to access eBooks in Primo


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This presentation will show you how to find eBooks using Primo.

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How to access eBooks in Primo

  1. 1. How to access eBooks in Primo
  2. 2. Go to Google Scholar
  3. 3. Enter your search in the box
  4. 4. Primo with search results for the eBook
  5. 5. Full text availability
  6. 6. Sign-in to access the eBook
  7. 7. Read the eBook online EPUB allows you to view the book online as well as Save, Email or Print parts of the book
  8. 8. To access individual chapters
  9. 9. Download the eBook for offline usage To download the book - must create an account with the platform and download eBook reader like Adobe Digital Editions to get the book for longer
  10. 10. For further assistance please see Primo FAQS or Email: