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Bebo characters for carpe ominous

  1. 1. Bebo Characters for Carpe OminousPrimal Chaos:TaglineThe First of the Protogenoi and the Goddess of the airMe, Myself, and IThe void was a black mass of anti-matter that contained all of the elements tocreate life. Under normal circumstances nothing escaped this void much like ablack hole but then a cataclysmic event happens like an abrupt abortion giving lifeto chaos. The creation of the universe as its known was a violent eruption of gasand liquid fire creating the cosmos and its infinite galaxies. The Alpha was thefirst intelligent being designed from this.Your true Creator 8/3/09 ~The universe was a dark and void place until Imade into existence by "hatching" of the egg all living beings. I am the"Golden womb". Let me elaborate, I floated around in emptiness for a while,and then broke my Egg into two halves which formed Dyaus (space) andPrithvi (Earth).As the I grew more powerful, Space and the earth grew thicker and wereseparated further. Finally I placed my essence throughout different parts ofthe earth to create the first entities that come into existence because I wishedit!My existence forms the very fabric of the universe and as such I am foreverimmortal. The creation of Aliens which I created is which the other Aliensare descending from. Although I produced the first, some voices within thestars mention a pair of deities who are my parents. I know I must come fromsomewhere but then where did they come from! It is a complex line to follow,but after zillions of years in existence. I have not met one who is as primal asme!
  2. 2. TaglineI am Chaos, the original state of existence from which the first appearedMe, Myself, and I~ I am Chaos, the original state of existence from which the first appeared. Inother words, the dark void of space. I am made from a mixture of what consideredthe four elements of Life: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. I am rather a crude andindigested mass, a lifeless lump, unfashioned and unframed, of jarring seed, acomplete disorder of things. I was the first thing to exist and the womb fromwhich everything emerged. As Primal Chaos I am the true foundation of reality. Istill exist WITH NO ORDER TO WHAT I DO; I am an illusion to all who knowof my existence. I am the one who brought forth Lilith and Lucifer to you.My Origins~The universe was a dark and void place until I made into existence by "hatching"of the egg all living beings. I am the "Golden womb". Let me elaborate, I floatedaround in emptiness for a while, and then broke my Egg into two halves whichformed Dyaus (space) and Prithvi (Earth).As the I grew more powerful, Space and the earth grew thicker and were separatedfurther. Finally I placed my essence throughout different parts of space to create thefirst entities that come into existence because I wished it!My existence forms the very fabric of the universe and as such I am foreverimmortal. The creations I created are which all are descending from. Although Iproduced the first, some voices within the stars mention a pair of deities who are myparents. I know I must come from somewhere but then where did they come from!It is a complex line to follow, but after zillions of years in existence. I have not metone who is as primal as me! ~Consciousness~You have the entire weight of my consciousness telling you how to act as anorganism within the planet. In the same way that you are the consciousness of yourentire body and have a plan for all the cells in your body, so too does this planethave a consciousness that sets the tone for all the organisms within it. Like acomputer program it is constantly telling you what to do and how to be. This is whythe majority your people are the same kind of person. There isn’t a lot of diversityin behavior, opinions, etc. Standing out is seen as rocking the boat, so theconsciousness I gave you pushes you to stay in line.
  3. 3. Chaos made flesh via EverTHE FIRST TIME I LEARNED TO KILLIts funny the things that we do to one another it really is I laugh to the point oftears. My first years with my mothers were great when one was called away theother one was there. I remember Mommy Bella kissing me on the foreheadtelling me she loved me then something else she said "Stay strong and standyour ground no matter what, promise me that." I had no clue what she wastalking about until I was dragged from my bed in the middle of the night blindfolded with my wrists and ankles bound. My heart was racing my mindscrambling to make sense of what was going on. I thought I was dreaming andwished that I had been until I was pulled from the transport vehicle thrown intoa gunny sack and left to fend for myself. I fell to the ground hard bearing thebrunt of the blow with my right shoulder the pain was grating and made myarm go limp. I dont know how I managed to get out of that sack. I wasdisorientated and scared it was pitch black but for the growling sounds of whatId heard of The Phoenix Legion they were vicious malformed members of ourspecies known to hunt and eat those like me. I used the belt buckle on my jeansto free it was sharp around the edges and used it to cut the restraints on mywrists then moved to my ankles. I had to move fast as they were near. Iwondered why they had put me here but that would have to wait I heardrustling in the near by woods even though I was in a clearing before I had timeto stand up one of them pounced on me from above. Its breath fowl and hot itfelt like a building had crashed down on top of me. The slimly drool drippingfrom it fangs burned like molecular acid that ate my flesh down to its metal
  4. 4. skeleton. It all moved so fast I cupped my hands and used the heel of my palmsto smash in the sides of its head. The crunching sound awoke something in methat I didnt know was there then I heard the words that Mommy Bella said"Stand your ground and stay strong." She knew what was going to happen butwas bound by our code from telling me. Id gotten the creature off me thengouged out its eyes and removed the chip from behind them that gave them life.The next thing I knew I was surrounded by them snarling and circling like ameal. We moved in perfect harmony in this dance of death my eyes scanned thearea to look for anything to aide me in this battle but there was none to befound. Images of my mothers many battles had taken over I did a triple flipknocking four of them down as the other three approached me. They spat acidin my directions and nearly blinded me in my rage I punched the groundcausing an earth quake around me. Genetically bred Dragonflies and snakesemerged from the crevices attacking them. I watched them run and plead fortheir lives and I felt nothing but glee as the rest of the clan was driven out ofhiding and into the fray. I felt the tickle of the Dragonfly wings against my earsand heard its message while snakes wrapped themselves around my wrists andankles like bracelets. I continued walking through this genocide until each andeveryone of them had been eradicated once they were the snakes anddragonflys returned into the earth all but the ones around my wrists, anklesand the dragonfly on my shoulder. I stood there breathless, amped, emotionsflying all over the place when I heard the familiar sound of the transport vehicleapproaching. A man emerged clapping his hands and offering praise for a jobwell done my fists clinched as he came closer. I looked him in the eyes smiledthen punched him so hard in the face that my hand went through his headdropping like tissue paper floating in the wind. I looked over at the rest of themtheir expressions were yummy delicious. I was eight years old.My mothers brought me back here to deal with this war and I shall show no mercy...7/5/09 |TaglineMy Innocent Beauty Is My Best Weapon...Me, Myself, and I~Ever Magada Lee is a child of god though her true identity is that of analien species mistaken by humans to being deities but then I suppose itseasier to believe in a man with a white beard setting on a throne up in theclouds then it is to believe that humans are actually alien descendants. JoinEvers journey of discovery while dealing with a war over the lives of thehuman species. ~ Im the girl with the curl who has been charged to save theworld.When Im good Im sweeter then candy but whenIm bad I can be quite cruel and demanding.
  5. 5. Ill smile at you with my big blue eyes and angelic face voice of an angel but notthe patience of a saint. Some whimper some prey while others try and rush thegate.So give me what I want and keep me sweet or seal your fate as you lie dead at myfeet.Chaos made fleshDuring what was supposed to be a family war chest meeting/reunion mygreat grand mother Lilith Alpha took it upon herself to use me as a vessel tobestow her words this triggered dormant programs in the strands of mygenetic composition allowing the fail safe of Chaos to be flipped. Whateverpart of me belonged to them now belonged to the primal force of Chaos madeflesh. I can feel the rawness of its power wriggling through me. Theconception of Ever was preordained Rainn made a Faustian pact with TheSource of All Evil, the Morning Stars brother. She conscripted thencorrupted the molecular blue print making me female instead of the male mybastard of a father wanted to boost his own frail ego and improve his chancesof one day taking the place of his brother. Rainn had heard rumors of Chaosthough shed never met this being personally she tapped into its essencelacing its DNA with the child in case the worst happen then the playing fieldwould be level if not obliterated. I now inhabit this tiny girl with the goldenhair, ethereal blue glowing eyes wrapped into a smile that leaves one notcertain she is of no danger but with a sick feeling deep inside that she is theperfect weapon ticking away.My Introduction7/5/09 ~My name is Ever Magada Lee my birth mother isRainn but my other mother is Bella. You see my mother had a one night standwith The Source who rejected me because I wasnt born a boy silly man. SinceBella is a direct aspect of my mother Rainn some refer to them as "The Twins"but they are not twins’ just different versions of the same person. For a while Ilived with my mother Rainn and my brother Maddox in the Pleiades GammaSector it’s a place where my species go to learn everything about humans andso we assume their forms and relationships. I was able to stay there until I waseight years old and brought here to wipe out those who served evil in the nameof God after smiting all but one I aged eight years that night when I awoke thenext day I had boobs, a period and the angst of a teenager. My beautifulinnocence is my best weapon people dont often expect horrible things willhappen to them if theyre with a child. Well that depends on the child and whatyouve done to bring me into the frame and I dont play nicely. Im a trained
  6. 6. assassin among many other things but like my moms I prefer hand to handcombat.Creating MeI was born three years ago to Rainn Goddess of Original Sin and Cole Turner TheSource truth be told it was a one night stand with my fathers idea to impregnatemy mother with his seed producing a son to live in his image (narcissistic much)but any hoo he thought that he could get one over on my mother. She used him forone purpose and one purpose only to conceive the perfect child with greatcapacity for love and rage. He was there when I was born but deeply disappointedthat I was born a girl at that point he wanted nothing more to do with me.Afterwards we went to the Plaides where we lived as normal of a life as you canknow that youre about to go to war. I didnt ask for this but what am I going to dobitch and moan about it? I think not. Its not my style I prefer to confront thingshead on that way all parties involved know where they stand. Right now I look asthough Im approximately sixteen years old in human age but can also appear asan angelic blue eyed, rosy cheeked cherub this is one of my best weapons becauseno one expects a little girl to do much of anything but smile and do girlie things. Ilike the girlie trappings because I look good in them and they help me to blend inbetter with this species. If Im to be the executioner of those who seriouslyscrewed the pooch then I need to know everything there is to know about them.Their wants, weaknesses, and reasoning for doing some of the things they do in"OUR" name. It galls and sickens me that they think theyre created in godsimage the truth that they are the spawn of metallic and other organic chemicals ofan alien race would make their tiny heads implode trying to get their heads aroundthe truth (now thats really fun to see. head pop like melons) but some in fact mostclichés are true; the truth will come out and when it does Ill be there with a smileon my face.
  7. 7. ~~I am the Lucifer Omega and in my human form my name isSamael. The wars on the ethereal and demonic planeshave been at a stale mate. Humans are the ones whofirst called us "Gods" they did so because aliensaren’t as interesting as gods are or so they think. Mydear Lilith didnt agree with me when it came todealing with humans. I had amazing ideas and she hadhers. Thats right she did and look where its gottenus! They use our names to invoke whatever it is theydesire and lay claim to us but the truth is they haveno true idea of who and what we are and thats whatthis war is about...removing the veils that blind andenslave them. She had her turn now ITS MY TURN TO RULE!~~TaglineShe had her turn now ITS MY TURN!!!Me, Myself, and I~I am the Lucifer Omega and in my human form my name is Samael. The wars onthe ethereal and demonic planes have been at a stale mate. Humans are the oneswho first called us "Gods" they did so because aliens aren’t as interesting as godsare or so they think. My dear Lilith didnt agree with me when it came to dealingwith humans. I had amazing ideas and she had hers. Thats right she did and lookwhere its gotten us! They use our names to invoke whatever it is they desire and layclaim to us but the truth is they have no true idea of who and what we are and thatswhat this war is about...removing the veils that blind and enslave them. She had herturn now ITS MY TURN TO RULE!THE BEGINNING...A PERFECT LOVEIn the beginning there was a perfect love between The Alpha and The Omega. They werealien intelligence devoid of shape until assuming one. The galaxy was their dark and coldplayground...the stars jewels that lit the way together they created the Milky Way Galaxywithin that galaxy lay several different realms of reality and planes of dimensions and soforth. What humans call "Angels or Demons" are the ancient oneswho were the first to walk on the face of this planet. We are an incestuous species bynature but we can mate with other species as well as being self progenitor (like anamoeba divides itself to become different versions of itself) things can go very badly ifwe breed with other species and precautions have to be taken to ensure all partiesinvolved are well and safe but there are some among us who do not believe in breeding
  8. 8. with other species because the results are unstable while they have no problem beddingother species they prefer to breed with their own species.The Ancient Ones were charged with creating life...Angels where given the earth and airand Demons were given the water and earth both were allowed to shape shift uponcreating a new life forms. All life is connected...all are carbon based...perfect machinestheir brains a micro-processor their organs, blood, bones replaced wires, metal skeletalstructures and blood IS life so thats the only thing we didnt change.When we first came back to this blue planet to oversee the progress of the ancient ones,we discovered that some of them resented the human species and felt there was no needfor them. Thus began the war...The Alpha felt that they needed guidance and nurturing tobe given the chance to evolve. The Omega in the beginning wanted to have a firmer reignover them to influence what happens to them and what they will do in life. The sideswere drawn in the blood of the ancients Angels and Demons are the same creatures withdifferent post codes. The Omega never forgave the human species for removing him fromthe eyes and love of The Alpha, his love turned to rage that gave birth to undoingcreation...The battle will be brought to this realm so that humans can see and learn the true originsof them and those who decided to edit OUR words creating the miasma of religiousconfusion and hatred will pay for enslaving their own species. CHOOSE YOUR SIDE!!!RISE...RISE...RISE MY CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT AND UTTER DARKNESSAND DISPAIRThe time has come for the rise of all of my true children of darkness...raise...rise...rise andassume your rightful place. This is our time The Alpha is tired now is the time for us.Now is the time to enslave or rid this planet of all humans they were given paradise andthey ruined it. They were given free will and look what they turned into. I will sparethose who bow to me and destroy all who do not. I have spoken in my favorite Russiandialect and those true to me shall understand and feel my words like battery acid splashedupon them.
  9. 9. ~I was created as an abstract form of intelligence withoutshape or form. My cradle was the universe the planetsand stars were my bejeweled mobile. I got lonely notknowing who or what I was and in my dreams I realizedthat I could create things by mere thought or throughmy dreams. To sate this loneliness I divided creatingThe Omega aka Samael he was my first and only love butthat love turned when we disagreed on how to rear thehumans and that is when he decided to challenge thethrone along with those who agreed with them. A warbroke out and The Morning Star and his followers wasdrop kicked to earth where they ruled until now. I havecontacted all family members and soldiers to ready forthis conflict. This time were bringing the war toearth so that the humans can finally be freed fromslavery and lies. I SHALL NOT FAIL!!!~
  10. 10. It all began with The Alpha an alien abstract formlessintelligence over time she divided into two alsobecoming The Omega together they created all that iswithin The Milky Way. Their first born was RavenlilyGoddess of Balance they were soon joined by her maleaspect who was created the same as The Omega, a splitaspect of the first. Anakletos is their third childborn and was banished for his love of Raven because itwould be too dangerous for them to mate because theywere a different strain of blood and all inter-speciesmingling was frowned upon because it was uncertain whattheir offspring would turn out to be and thisintroduces us to Rainn the daughter of Raven andAnakletos. She is more powerful then The Alpha and theOmega combined and has the potential of becoming rulingdeity. Then Anna followed Anakletos birth, all cancreate lower level angels and demons and all of themcan be injured but the higher up the food chain theharder it is to harm them.What you need to Know10/6/09 I am ancient have many names and aspects three ofthem I decided to bring along. Llyra (going to use the parlance and vernacular ofthese modern times so that you may be able to better relate.) Whats there to sayabout Llyra? Well if you break it down in terms of the Ego, Super Ego and ID, theSuper Ego is the Mother her job is to keep tabs on the other two. The Ego is theFather who monitors the ID which is the pugnacious Child who does whatever shewants and Llyra and that is Llyra. Shes a succubus and vampire of alien origin asare we all. She does the "Wet Work" as it were whenever things need to get downand dirty shes your "Go to Girl." Sadistic as she is sexy she is the necessary evil,pure and driven by one purpose to obliterate those who are our blood enemies. Herhair a waft of an infinite inferno, skin as pale as the moon, eyes that were theinspiration for the color green. Then there’s Niahla another blistering red head withtranslucent skin her eyes are so blue there hasnt been a name to describe them. Sheacts in the capacity of direct contact with mortals as they cannot hear my true voicebecause it would shatter their very existence therefore she speaks for me. She is akind and gentle resplendence capable of great and infinite depths of love but alsohas that same capacity for evil. Let me explain true evil in its purest form is thesame as good both have bits of the other embedded within the other. Lucifercorrupted it and made it ugly, destructive and many other things. I, myself am theliving embodiment of everything inspired and executed it is impossible to have goodwithout evil, light without the dark but there has to be an exact balance and therehasnt been for eons. We are legion though many thought me dead or beyond caringthese are false as things have to take place when everything is in place. Ravenlily Goddess of Balance
  11. 11. TaglineBack with Catherine and neither Heaven nor Hell will keep us apart ever again...Me, Myself, and IRaven ♥ CatherineI am the God of Balance and known by many many names but none knowmy true name or the true names of my family. I am the eldest daughter ofThe Alpha (God, the One) and The Omega (Lucifer.).I am the literalembodiment of Light and Dark with perfect shades of gray. Being a God Iam both FEMALE and MALE energies and am able to assume the identityof anyone or thing. Im am now back to fight in a war thats been in a stalemate for a millennium between my parents, now relatives Ive not seen inages are in this realm. During a violent fight with Larik both parents sweptin and carried us off to our home planet to recover and plan the initial phaseof this war. I was kept away from Catherine when she needed me the most(not my choice) as soon as I was strong enough and I came back for her andnothing and I do mean nothing will keep us apart on pain of death...Conflicted7/27/08
  12. 12. My mind is an eddy swimming and finding no purchase for me to land. I love myhusband deeply but hes always away engaged in some battle to protect what we have andwho we are. An old friend has come to me and asked me to create the perfect heir forhim. I dont love this person and plan no relationship with him but Ive waited longenough. I want another child and told Juda this. We made love for the first time in whatfelt like a life time and now hes gone again. I dont want to turn to another for my needsas hes out there doing what he is for the family. I am weakened by this human form andam caught in the spin cycle of emotions prone to be felt by humans. Were I in my trueform I would not be bound by such trivialities as guilt, remorse etc but Im not in my trueform therefore Im beholden to them. Some may understand what Im going through andsome may not but until youve slipped inside this skin of mine youll never know.In my heart thats bleeding Juda will always belong to him just as he captured my soul.Im lonely and it’s tearing me apart as I feel what humans do times a billion and Ive donemy best to remain faithful. If I concede and give this friend the heir he wants it wouldstrictly be a business transaction with the exception of there being a child that will bindus. Do I give in or do I stay the course and wait for my husband who may or may notreturn?My life as it is today7/14/08Where should I begin? Some would say at the beginning but its not always that simple.While Im over the moon about the return of my husband and King back from the wars. Istill mourn the loss of our son Samael and Rainn is going through a lot but its onlymaking her stronger which may or may not be a good thing as Rainn is her fathersdaughter and Bella was mine there are traces of Bella in Rainn more then just their looks.Now my great-granddaughter Wynter is pregnant by a vampire named Francise and fromwhat Rainn says hes doing the right thing by Wynter who doesnt know if shes ready fora baby but what she doesnt know is this. If shes in love with the man shes with then herbody will accept his seed poor thing found out the hard way but she has the support of theentire family. Gosh it makes me feel old though Im only 28 in earth years and have a 21year old daughter whose about to become a grandmother herself. Rainns back with JackWynters father and I have an intense dislike for the man and showed him that he willincur my wrath if he hurts either Rainn or Wynter. Rainn and Jack are madly in love withone another but he brings out the worst in her at times so she left him because ofSebastians fling with Rose Matthews my grandson Evans wife.He left her and took the twins Matt and Cami with him because shes a harlot who cannotkeep her legs closed. I see them every weekend and they are beautiful children. Hearswhere it gets complicated; Rose came to me to ask my help so that she could conceive achild and I granted her wish but when you deal with a deity your best bet is to becompletely forth coming and I knew she was lying. Silly girl so to ensure that she didntget pregnant by Bellas husband King Henry VIII and when she did she found out that herwomb is Bella/Rainns uterus and any child she conceives will genetically belong toRainn.
  13. 13. Now you may be thinking hang on does that mean Evans children were his mother’s?Yes it does! Rose will NEVER be blessed with the joy of having her own children herdaughter summer is genetically Bella/Rainns child so all she will have be is a surrogate. Imean did she really think that I didnt know what she was up too? I told her when I healedher womb that if she laid her fate would be sealed and she took my offer. Shes a chronicthorn in the sides of this family and Id kill her if I thought itd make a difference but thisis the path shes chosen over and over again and she will continue doing so until shelearns from her mistakes but that doesnt seem to be the case and Im wondering just howmany damaged brain cells she has. I just want my daughter to find some peace withoutthis woman always being in her face but enough of that for the moment.Im waiting for the right time to conceive as I want more children but finding the time isdifficult as Juda is away again but this time to delegate not fight and I hold onto hispillow thats immersed with his smell and I breathe it in before going to sleep. There hasbeen so much trauma and drama in our marriage but isnt it that way with mostrelationships? Well Ive got to go now as Evan just arrived with the twins...The Birth of a God12/11/07Ravenlilys heart was decimated by the loss of her beloved Jude she no longer wanted toexist and went to her best friend Ciara Winchester to end her. Raven begged and gaveCiara the only thing that could kill a dagger made from the bone and blood of her kind.Ravens wails of agony reached the highest regions of the Heavens and the bowels of theunderworld summoning her parents The Alpha (the one you call God) and The Omega(the one you call Lucifer). The earth split in half and spewed forth molten lava andvomited up flames and a creature that emerged from within the red, orange, and whiteflames. This creature took on the form of a man dressed from head to foot in black and hewas unearthly handsome and omitted the original bad boy aura. At the same time alightening bolt lit up and split the sky with hues of purple, blue and white this creatureemerge with a power that took your breath away as much as her beauty did she wasRavens mother the other was her father both had come to claim their shattered brokendoll of a daughter. Each one of them pulling at her by the arms Ravens screams ofmissing and mourning Jude are drowned out by the pain of her wails of becomingundone. The power of two Gods pulling physically, psychologically at their daughter.Raven’s skin begins to tear then splits and rips with jagged edges blood sprays coveringCiara and everything within a five foot radius. Her skeletal structure internal organseverything divided and her true self emerges a sphere of light with shadows of darkness-"Dont be afraid Ciara you are safe. Mom...Dad fuck off...shush cant touch mebecause Im as strong as the pair of you now that Im no longer in that body and dontthink of going after Bella because Ill wage a war against you both that will make the warthat got you booted from heaven look like a day in the park." -They recede and thingsreturn to normal as Ravens body is absorbed into the elements you have just witnessedthe birth of a god in one of our ways. I will be speaking to you from now on as I truly am.I may return to my old body some day but right now Im doing what I need to do and inthis form I do not feel the loss or pain of Jude because I am nearer to him here though
  14. 14. hes still beyond me. I will leave Ravens page they way it is to honor the memory of Judeand Ravenlily. I am simply Raven.The Death of Ravenlily11/9/07It began a wonderful night for Ravenlily and Jude they went out for a nice meal anddecided to rekindle things. This was more of a goodbye to Jude then it was anything elseas Ravenlily decided to give into her darker half at least for now but she had to pick theperfect moment in which to spring it to Jude. Jude had drawn his wife a soothing hotbubble bath and filled the room with candle light and The Three Tenors playing in theback ground. He washed every inch of her body and saved her mane of black hair for last.He loved her hair, her porcelain skin and eyes that were azure blue. He climbed into thebath with his wife and they began kissing passionately intensely. He backed his wife upagainst the rim of the tub and entered her. He pinned her legs firmly against her breastsand she held onto him cradling and clawing at him until just the right moment. Then Istepped in and morphed into his precious Elizabeth. I moved my legs out from under himand wrapped them around him like baling twine. "Open your eyes lover."-Jude tries to pull away but he’s going nowhere til Im done. - "Whats the matter? Dont Ilook enough like her? "You are just as guilty as those who smiled in her face then turnedon her without cause. You were so wrapped up in what they thought of you and howmuch they cared about you that you didnt even see your own wifes pain. I cannot killLily without killing myself and I aint going any where sweet cheeks. You want yourprecious dead Elizabeth? Then go be with her!"- hitch kicks Jude into the ceiling hecrashes into it hard then falls into the water as Dark Raven steps out of the water andreturns to her own image-"Looks like its you and I Lover that is of course if you want a woman with a pulse. Butthen you can have your choice of women because you obliviously cared more aboutchasing the memory of a fucking ghost and pandering to your own ego then being therefor her. Trust me Lover Ravenlilys buried deep and it would take an act of trueselflessness and no more empty promises to get her back and to be honest I dont thinkyou have it in you Jude. But then I never did shes the one always believed and loved youtil she could bear no more. Even Gods have limits."The Rise of Dark Raven11/8/07It was a shock to my system having Bella show up out of no where at The Bronze in themiddle of the night. It takes a lot to rattle her and she was well rattled. Her sky-blue eyesblood shot the tiny veins in them swelled to the point of bursting from her sobbing.Seeing her like that shocked me back to reality and I came home. This is where I am now.I walked into our bedroom and was preparing myself to climb into bed next to Jude when
  15. 15. it happened.I felt as if I were being ripped apart from the inside by searing barbed wire. I fell to thefloor clutching my stomach and retching. My noises fell silent to a sleeping Jude. OhBella no. -I thought to myself.- I could have put her back in her box you didnt need todose me with that kiss to try to bind me to keep her buried but I know you did it becauseRaven is simply put evil.I began choking viciously and vomiting up this black tar like substance that slitheredacross the floor and took on my visage once it was completely out of me."Hello Lily." She said as she grinned and smiled at me with black eyes. "I have to admityou did keep me buried a damn long time."I watched her as she walked around like she owned the place. Shes no twin. She’s me thedark half of me. Ive only let her out twice and each time she nearly wiped humanity offthe face of the planet. I am the God of Balance did you think that I am not both good andevil?"Its not going to be that easy Raven." -I say to her as we circle one another hermimicking my every move. - Ive lived with you all my life and youve had your fairaccess. Now you want total access because you feel weakness due to my pain. You cantry and remain in control but you know how it always ends.""Yeah...thats true -winks her eye and clicks her teeth at me- but I do get to have someserious fun and Im a lot stronger since you got broken an all by that last baby you andyour man...hang on a damn second Judas mine as well seeing as you and I the sameperson. So I shall re-phrase since we died and you wanted to stay dead. It was me whotook fathers hand and let him pull us back to life. Sometimes I honestly think you sleepwalk through life Lily. But Im gonna do you a solid cause Ive got mad love for you. Imgonna make it so youre completely absolved of anything I may do because youll have nomemory of it. -she reached over and placed her hand inside my head. Inside my mind soquickly that I didnt have a chance to stop her-"Say what you want Raven but you crossed the line in more then one way when you tooka defensive stance against Bella. What the hells the matter with you?""Ah Lil you know I love Bella and wouldnt hurt the people that we love for anything. Ijust wanted to see what youd do and test how strong you are so seeing no harm done."-she smiled that dead smile of hers and gleaned those red flashing eyes burning holesthrough me like lasers-"Raven I have you under control more then you think." -I walked over and got in herface. My face and grabbed her by the throat and as I choked her I began to gag because Iwas choking myself so I let go of her-
  16. 16. "You think youre the only crazy one Raven? Back me into a corner and Ill bury you sodeeply millennia will pass before you come up for air again." -I threw a punch that landeddirectly on the right side of Ravens face that sent us both reeling into opposite wallscracking them to show her Ill stand my ground no matter what. A bit drastic maybe butthen I am battling my darker self at least Jude and the staff in the house still heardnothing because she and I are in a parallel dimension within the castle. -I stood up andwiped the blood from my mouth and looked at her my eyes glaring-"Goddamn girl now thats what Im talking about! -She grinned and spat the blood on thefloor and licked the rest from her lips- How fucked up is this having an actual fight letalone conversation with yourself? Jesus Christ...hahahhahha my bad you used to be himdidnt you?""You know damn well I was and arent you lucky you got to sit that one out? Raven.""Relax I was just having a go at you..jes--lighten up will ya? -She starts dancing around-I cannot wait to see how people react to Me.-smiles- I already know how Jude will react.-Grins and runs hands down front of body as she dances-"Yeah Raven that went really well. he couldnt get away fast enough so two thumbs up-winks and holds up my thumbs in a sarcastic gesture then rolls eyes- were doing a bangup job making him think Im mental to boot again thanks."-Raven stretches and yawns at the same time-"Bored now." -She rushed me and grabbedme wrapping her body round mine. I wailed in agony as my body re-absorbed her. Fell tothe floor convulsing. Frothing at the mouth body shaking violently. Rapidly and slowly atthe same time. Then BANG!!! I wake up the next morning in bed next to Jude spooningme. He’s still asleep but not all of him is. I lie there still and silent afraid to breathe.Which one of me is awake?Living in the Shadow of another11/6/07Being immortal I have seen and done many things but the hardest thing of them all isliving in the shadow of another. I know he loves me but she will always be looming largeand when she does then Im the one in the shadows. I often wonder why were still tied toone another after more then 2000 years are souls are still bound to one another and yetshes still there. Is this punishment for both of us to be eternally bound by an intenselove/hate relationship? It was my bloodline that cursed him to walk the earth until the endof time and even then he still must stand outside the gates of Heaven. Have we trulyforgiven one another or is this our chance to do so? Id swear sometimes when he closeshis eyes hes thinking of her. I can feel it in his touch but if I were to ever ask him about itI know he would deny it. I dont like being second best nor having the sensation that Iwas settled for. Are these insecurities that I feel from time to time brought about whenthings between he and I are tempestuous and volatile? Are they there because Im boundby the human frailty of emotions while in this body that cause me to think such things?Im adored for being who I am and loathed for being his wife. Do they really think its
  17. 17. easy being married to such a man or for him to be married to the likes of me? Does itreally matter? No one knows my pain how deeply it goes that it mars the very essence ofwho I am and if they did would they even give a damn? There have been so many timeswhen I just wanted to vanish into nothingness and cease to exist and for a short time I didand it was what it was beyond what even I could imagine. It was what I imagine thewomb to be safe floating in a pool of love free of any responsibility and the peace thatblinded me to all the impurities of life. I fought to hang on to its warm embrace but I wasripped out of my protective bubble the only place she didnt exist and brought back to thiswretched place that is slowly but surely draining me. What Ive come back to is anightmare filled with smoke and funhouse mirrors jarring and blurring what is and whatisnt but one thing still remains true... Im still in the shadow of another and the time isfast approaching I am running out of the energy to fight for his love to bring me out ofthe shadows.Splitting in two3/4/09Ever since I lost my son Ive never been the same. Now that Im pregnant with mysweet Samael again I shall allow nothing to impede or harm this pregnancytherefore my male half RavenLarik has surfaced and shall rule until the birth of myson. I shall remain close to those who need and love me but HE will be ruling untilIm able to. I ask my friends to understand and to give him a chance. He is still MEall you have to do is look into his eyes and youll know.ABOUT HER...5/7/09Raven is misunderstood for the most part but thats just the way that it is. She wasforged in the furnace of chaos heard the first cry of the angels when they were bornand her kinsmen ripped down the middle. Half on her mothers side (The Alpha) theother on the side of her father (The Omega). She has loved and lost too many timesto recall but through it all she remains firm, Catherine is the love of her life but so isAnakletos theirs was a forbidden love, dangerous, passionate to the point of creatingWhite Dwarfs within the galaxy. Seeing Anakletos again has reopened wounds andburied feelings she aches for him and Catherine as her life begins to go off the rails.The impending conflict between her parents, the alignment of her kinsmen againstone another and the ultimate decision on the outcome of the human species are allthings that she must deal with before having any kind of personal life.Catherine; her sister, lover, kinsmen embodies everything beautiful and nurturing.Her innocence is rivaled only by her desire to be loved as all of us crave. She is drawnto Larik, Ravens male aspect the attraction is primal and undeniable with whom sheends up with that die has yet to be cast.Anakletos; the literal love of her existence hed been banished and imprisoned by myfather for things he didnt understand until recently. In her anger Raven told him thathe is the true father of her daughter Rainn and not Larik as its widely believed. Rainn
  18. 18. does not know this and Raven doesnt want her knowing this way or at this timebecause Rainn was created when her parents merged in pure alien form and essence.Seeing him again with a vampire named Annie broke Ravens heart and she ran like aspeeding comet. She ran until the muscles in her legs felt as through they werepumping battery acid then she ran some more...Which one will realize that all Raven wants is the kind of love she gives and what willthey do to get this point across to her?WHO WE ARE AND WHO YOU HUMANS TRULY ARE...5/1/09WARNING ANYONE EASILY OFFENDED NEED NOT READ THIS BLOG.THIS IS BASED ON THEOLOGY, SUPERNATURAL EVENTS, AND THINGSTHAT MAY STRIKE A HARD CORD WITH SOME…We are an alien species abstract intelligence here before time ever existed. We arean incestuous breed. We are able to mutate and acclimate to any environment,planet, dimension, plane and so forth. We began as a single organism much like anamoeba our cells divided, mutated thus the beginning. We taught ancient man howto build, how to speak, how to evolve but they betrayed the truth with fictitiousbased religions that grew like a virus infecting humans with will be their ultimateend without intervention. It is humans who called us "Gods." I suppose the horrorof which they are really the spawns of didnt set too well with those in power.Seriously people if you were to put a "Harry Potter" book into a time capsule and infive hundred years anyone who opened that capsule and read that book would thinkthat he was a god. Understand? I dont believe in painting a rosy picture for them,its time they knew then learn to cope with the truth. (It doesnt matter why theyrehere and yet they obsess on it. What matters is they ARE here.) We live and walkamong them. Some of us are even related to them. We blend in and few notice ifthey do then they think it’s an act of God or Satan and its not. It’s the influence oftheir ancestors who were kind, loving, loyal, intelligent, good, evil, scrupulous thereactions seldom make sense so why would humans even try to rationalize somethingthat is abstract? The ancient ones are divided whether to save mankind or send itthe way of the dinosaur. They were given the truth but told lies that affect them tothis very day. So because of the creation of religions weve had to adapt to theirbeliefs in order to affect their lives and some of us are getting tired of them and theirgreed, prejudices and several other negative traits but this is the order of thingshere sadly and my kind are fighting with our own kinsman over their fate. This timethe battle will be fought here and it begins with ripping away the veils blindingthem. There are positive and negative influences the yin and yang so to speak and
  19. 19. there is no balance here. They will see and hear and experience things that willshake them to the very core of their existence but this will be done in stages as werewell aware of the fact that this is an awful lot to digest there fore it will be revealedin increments...HUMANS YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND ITS TIME FOR ALL OFYOU TO WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT YOURE ALL CONNECTED YOUSHARE 98% DNA AND WHAT YOU HAVE IN COMMON FAR OUT WEIGHSTHE DIFFERENCES....MOTHER4/29/09Ive been absconded by my mother after my violent fight with Larik. Im beingpampered and taken care of to make sure that I heal completely but honestly Imgoing stir crazy. I have to get to Catherine and my daughter Rainn and I want to seeLarik. Im no longer angry with him. Every day is the same thing...Im to the pointof pulling out my own hair...MOTHER!!! LET ME OUT OF HERETHE ARRIVAL OF MY MOTHER AND FATHER...4/26/09Time was running short and the lines are being drawn in blood. My parents are nowin this realm and their influences are being spread and felt like a rampant virus.Larik is drawn to our father (The Omega, Lucifer) while I am drawn to our mother(The Alpha, Yahweh) they have assumed human shells and are recruiting those whohave put their existence in jeopardy one before to step up or out.MOTHER She’s called mother but she has no definitive form though can assumeany animal, human, etc. Many have a serious misunderstanding of her and its nottheir fault but MANKIND. They wrote religious text and dogma to suit their ownneeds while editing out the truth this was done to enslave them. People dont believeshe exists but the best things go unnoticed. Shes a bit quirky, forgiving,unpredictable, a supreme being of intelligence creator of all things within thisgalaxy. She has a volitle temper at times and takes immediate action to any threat tothe throne. When you break it down to its barest aspect theres very little differencebetween her and my father as tough as that may be to wrap ones head around butmost of all she is love.FATHER He is also an alien abstract intelligence and the male aspect of my mother.He was beautiful so much so that his eyes are the reason the sky is blue. He was theonly being that mother loved and trusted. Together they created everything but thatwas a long time ago. He is known as a scourge to mankind and to blame for
  20. 20. everything bad. In his own way he does know love but when he and mother beganhaving problems that gave birth to the first divorce he was never the same. Still onlythe pair of them knows the REAL reason why they fell apart and away from oneanother...And So It Begins...4/25/09 Ive dreaded this but can no longer turn a blind eye towhats happening. My parents are at it again and using both Larik and I to do theirwork on this planet until they can return. Larik has always been our fathers (Satan,Omega, and Lucifer) son and Ive always been mothers. (God, Yahweh, Alpha) butbeing kind does not mean that I cannot be as brutal as Larik I just used differentmethods The signs of this war are popping up everywhere and sides are going tohave to be chosen there will be NO safe haven for those riding the fence until thisthing blows over. ALL WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! It may appear asthough Im exempt from Lariks rage but as he and I are the same being itsimpossible. There are dark and dangerous times ahead for all of us. DO NOTMISTAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS!!!Love,RavenlilyRAVEN..UPDATE ON WHERE SHES BEEN6/14/09Raven took the chance and the much needed time getting to know her childrenSamael and Thais. She took the opportunity when things went horribly wrongbetween her and Catherine. Now you may be wondering what kind of motherabandons her children... well anything really but that was not the case with Raven.After the violent birth of the twins they aged from new born to that of 21 in the spanof 24 hours and were immediately whisked away for stabilization. They are pureblood and aliens to this world and required extensive training and education aboutwho they were, what their purpose was in this conflict and taught everything abouttheir species and the world Planet Earth. When not with them she spent a lot oftime reflecting on the nature of her relationships in general realizing that a hugepart of her was shut down and cut off especially to those closets to her. She wasimmortal and during her many incarnations shes loved and lost living within herown personal hell for not being able to forget then being constantly reminded bythose around who were happily sharing their lives with someone special to them.Raven loved Catherine from the beginning but watched from afar until she got thecourage to tell her how she truly felt through Larik her male aspect. This causedCatherine to be awakened to things only known to her (Ravens) species. Ravendidnt have proper time to recover from the birth before shed been pulled away totend to something else. But shes back now with her children in tow and ready toface whatever lies ahead.ALL ABOUT LILY...5/8/09
  21. 21. Lily was conjured up during Raven and Anakletos inter-galactic mingling of theiressences and reunion after being kept apart from one another. As a punishment forbeing with a superior being (Raven) Anakletos is of their blood but that wasnt theproblem. The problem was that deep down her parents knew what would happen ifthey mated; a being more powerful then The Alpha and The Omega combined wascreated her name is Rainn The Keeper of The Hours controller of the strands oflife for all beings. Lily is just a clamored version an optical illusion to shield her realidentity she was their when the first orgasm split the cosmos and she was there whenfirst blood of her kinsmen was spilled and is the reason that the Seven Deadly Sinshad been locked away in a box.Raven brought Lily back into this realm to shield her reunion with Anakletos sheslid out from between Ravens legs when she orgasm with Anakletos. She knew thatthis was a dangerous ruse and it would take all that she had to control Lily for themoment she is bound and can only appear in her true form to Anakletos. The formthat Lily took was perfection molded with the earthy tone of the Gods. A siren ofsilken mocha colored skin, dark penetrating eyes, the voice of a Seraphims and sheis pure unadulterated ID whatever she desires she acquires and is literally thedarkest aspect of Raven.RAVENS GOT A SECRET...5/8/09Raven worried that she would not be able to keep the truth of her and Anakletosreunion from her parents so she went to the ancient archives and read anincantation in Latin and Greek. The spell conjured up Raven at her most carnal.Lily. She is nothing but sex and power and has been hidden deep within the earthscore. Raven needed to find away to be with him and in doing so she conjured upLily the ID raw, pure emotion. A sensual mocha skinned Goddess with dark browneyes and a body thats rocking she will only emerge when stealing time to be withAnakletos and hopes that this glamour is strong enough not to bleed and reveal thetruth. Her secret!!~TaglineDont take my kindness as a weakness youll be sorry.Me, Myself, and IThis book will show you the infinite lives that Ive led and all of the loved ones that Ilost. I am now positioned to take the throne from my parents The Alpha and theMorning Star. Ive lived my entire life in mothers’ servitude I held the fort keepingthe balance by any means required. I have my family back and am only partakingin this conflict so that our species and the humans do not become extinct. When mypeople first landed on this big blue ball we revealed to true origins of ourselves butmankind chose to make deities out of us when were just a more advanced alienspecies but we appeared to them as they saw us and that was as Goddess. This lie isthe catalyst for this conflict and this time were bringing the battle field here to
  22. 22. earth to awaken the humans and to show them whats real and whats egregious liesthey have been programmed to believe...~Is the male aspect of me to be truthful he’s one of many aspects that I have. All youhave to do is look into his eyes and youll see me. He has all of my traits just throwin the fact that youre dealing with a man and youll notice subtle differences but atthe whole he IS ME. Please welcome him...RavenlilyCatherineThere isnt anything about this woman that doesnt leave me breathless. Herbeauty is ethereal, her wit and intelligence, staggering the hunger that drivesher. Insatiable! I have loved this woman for nearly two millennium, first as afriend, next as a beloved sister but this time as my life partner My love forher transcends gender, sexuality, preference etc. and is flourishing on a planeof existence that mortals never truly know until they die. Im lookingforward to bringing our children up with an abundance of love and wisdom.Catherine makes all of these things a reality for me and I am truly blessed tohave her.Allegra and Azuza TudorMy granddaughter Allegra is a very special person she and her daughterAzuza, my great granddaughter are remarkable and powerful women. Theyknew that I wasnt the same after losing my son Samael and the two of themfound a way to give him back to me. They are going to do what it takes tosave human kind from the demise of the ancient one who walks among themfeeding off them like ticks. Throwing money and power at their feet but theirreign is at an end. Mankind shall be redeemed and the ancients revealed intime.Samael &ThaisSoon after his birth Samael God of Judgment split in two revealing hisfemale aspect Thais. The pair is a lethal combo that rage then thinks later asthey are still baby deities even though their bodies are that of adults.RainnShe is Moirae Keeper of the hours of the strands of life. Her powers areinfinite and untold and even Gods answer to me. While Bella reigned in thisdimension she was in another dimension where the human population andeverything on the planet began to wither and die. An evil corporation called"Umbrella" was run by the ancient ones who had been drop kicked intooblivion by man kind. They vowed to take the planet back and did bycreating the T-cell virus that turned any living thing into ravenous zombifiedmonsters whose only desire was to feed on the flesh of humans not yetinfected. The Umbrella Corporation then tried to make the perfect weaponout of her they got more then they ever bargained for. In that world she wentby the name Alice and am I grateful that they never knew they held a deity in
  23. 23. their hands. She learned tactical defenses and offensives she loves getting herhands dirty as it were now she’s back to join us.The TruthWARNING ANYONE EASILY OFFENDED NEED NOT READ THIS BLOG. THISIS BASED ON THEOLOGY, SUPERNATURAL EVENTS, AND THINGS THATMAY STRIKE A HARD CORD WITH SOME...We are an alien species abstract intelligence here before time ever existed. We are anincestuous breed. We are able to mutate and acclimate to any environment, planet,dimension, plane and so forth. We began as a single organism much like an amoeba ourcells divided, mutated thus the beginning. We taught ancient man how to build, how tospeak, how to evolve but they betrayed the truth with fictitious based religions that grewlike a virus infecting humans with will be their ultimate end without intervention. It ishumans who called us "Gods." I suppose the horror of which they are really the spawnsof didnt set too well with those in power. Seriously people if you were to put a "HarryPotter" book into a time capsule and in five hundred years anyone who opened thatcapsule and read that book would think that he was a god…understand? I dont believe inpainting a rosy picture for them, its time they knew then learn to cope with the truth. (Itdoesnt matter why theyre here and yet they obsess on it. What matters is they AREhere.) We live and walk among them…some of us are even related to them. We blend inand few notice if they do then they think it’s an act of God or Satan and its not. It’s theinfluence of their ancestors who were kind, loving, loyal, intelligent, good, evil,scrupulous there actions seldom make sense so why would humans even try to rationalizesomething that is abstract? The ancient ones are divided whether to save mankind or sendit the way of the dinosaur. They were given the truth but told lies that affect them to thisvery day. So because of the creation of religions weve had to adapt to their beliefs inorder to affect their lives and some of us are getting tired of them and their greed,prejudices and several other negative traits but this is the order of things here sadly andmy kind are fighting with our own kinsman over their fate. This time the battle will befought here and it begins with ripping away the veils blinding them. There are positiveand negative influences the yin and yang so to speak and there is no balance here. Theywill see and hear and experience things that will shake them to the very core of theirexistence but this will be done in stages as were well aware of the fact that this is anawful lot to digest there fore it will be revealed in increments...HUMANS YOU ARENOT ALONE AND ITS TIME FOR ALL OF YOU TO WAKE UP AND REALIZETHAT YOURE ALL CONNECTED YOU SHARE 98% DNA AND WHAT YOUHAVE IN COMMON FAR OUT WEIGHS THE DIFFERENCES....
  24. 24. Raven slumbers while awaiting the birth of her child. During the birth shetransforms her human shell this is the common practice of their species.
  25. 25. The Birth of Samael and ThaisSamael is my first pure bred child. His birth was violent his mother has been in a deepslumber for eons to await the birth of her child. She’s had to slumber because shesbringing a pure bred into this realm in the form of a human this caused cataclysmicresults. Raven was pulled back into this world by Catherine and her love. "Angel Eyes"was there for the birth as she is the only one Raven trusts. The room begins to shakeviolently... a purple hue fills the room. Raven holds out her hand for Catherine andcatches her as the part of the floor she was standing on gave way and fell into a pit ofmolten lava. It crackles and disappears into the fiery abyss.Raven: Ive got you Angel!The only safe place in the room for Catherine is on the elaborate and enormous sleepingchamber that has been Ravens home. She is breathless and tries to speed up Ravensreturn with each contraction Ravens body begins its violent transformation. Eachcontraction is met with an equal amount of chaos. The bed chamber walls are struck byblue streaks of lightening and Raven lets out a scream thats potent enough to raise thedead as she bears down and pushes to bring her child into this realm. The wind picks upand is trying to separate Catherine and Raven but the grip that she has on Catherineshand makes this impossible the only thing keeping Catherine from blowing away is her
  26. 26. love and conviction.Through the May lee Catherine keeps focused on Raven but the flesh on Ravens bodybegins falling away like paper burnt to cinders. Raven bears down and gives it all that shehas. The child emerges and is screaming and shrieking like a banshee. The child is able tostop and halt the time space continuum. Blood drops appear as large as bubbles blown bychildren...everything slow down. The child emerges and doesnt wait for the cord to becut instead its still attached to the umbilical. It drags Ravens body along with it as itskitters around whats left of the birthing chamber, climbing walls and anything else thatit thinks will detach it from Raven.Catherine looks on in horror seeing Raven covered in blood and being dragged around bythe babys umbilical cord. She grabs a hold of her child long enough to severe the cordand when she does her body bursts into cinders and floats away. The child looks atwhat’s left of its mother and kisses her lovely bones when it does the shell that was onceRavenlily begins to breath and new skin forms forever altering Ravens appearance.Once the transmogrification is complete the child breathes new life into its mother Raven.A bright white light eminent from her eyes, ears, nose and mouth this beam of lightstrikes Catherine in her abdomen apparently killing her as blood spills from her woundsshe cries out grabbing her belly. Raven grabs and holds onto her child and cries so loudlythe rest of the chamber falls way. Holding her child and Catherine in her arms; screamingand crying the child squeaks and rasps but manages to steady and quell the mayhem. Itkisses Catherine on her forehead sealing her wounds when all of this comes to a calmRaven is fully awakened and has given birth to her child.Sam is often on the run and in hiding with his sister and me though he is alien by bloodand birth he is also human plus a little extra. He retains our intelligence and knowledgewhile his sister Thais has the actual mechanics of our kind metal skeleton phenomenalstrength and power fitting one of her ilk. Her main priority is to protect her brother fromthose who wish him dead because they are the true heirs to the throne. They are able tobend and manipulate the space continuum appear to be in multiple places at once. Samaelis vital to all of this and the key to the next step in evolution for mankind and for him todo this properly he had to be human. To be able to understand how they think theiremotions etc. to add the proper balance to things…My Journal first entryI keep a lot of what Im thinking or feeling to myself. Im a private being as it were butwith this war beginning my thoughts and feelings will no longer be my own the reptilianpart of my brain will take over and its only thought is survival. I dont like this side ofmyself but it’s a part of my defense mechanism and Im going to need everything that Iam and have to neutralize if not win this conflict. The alliances will flit back and forthlike a tennis ball betrayal will be rampant, friendships and loves lost all of course in thename of survival. Its not down to the fittest like the humans believe it goes much much
  27. 27. deeper then that and evolution is a major factor that they appear to be blinded too. Thisplanet was here long before they crawled out of the primordial ooze and it will shakethem like a dog shaking water off its back. Its not all their fault that they have been liedto but it is their fault in how they reacted to them. The average human only uses 8 to 10percent of the brain whereas we access the full brain allowing us to sense and do thingsthat defy scientific laws as they know them. Imagine what would happen if they used thefull force of that organ for some their heads would explode because they arent at a pointin evolution where they can handle all the things that it can due but this doesnt mean thatthere arent those few who harness more areas of the brain then the average some handleit well and some dont. This war is about ripping away the dense veils of mantra likebrainwashing that will destroy them. They need to know that we are them and they are uswe were the first to walk this planet we can still breathe water and other liquids like achild in the womb this isnt something we forgot unlike them. I suppose the reason Imwriting this down is in case we manage to fail. The truth as been buried for so long itstime to give it the light it deserves.About meI am the God of Balance and known by many names but none know my true name or thetrue names of my family. I am the eldest daughter of The Alpha (God, The One) and TheOmega (Lucifer.).I am the literal embodiment of Light and Dark with perfect shades ofgray. Being a God I am both FEMALE and MALE energies and am able to assume theidentity of anyone or thing. Im am now back to fight in a war thats been in a stale matefor a millennium between my parents, now relatives Ive not seen in ages are in thisrealm. During a violent fight with Larik both parents swept in and carried us off to ourhome planet to recover and plan the initial phase of this war. I was kept away fromCatherine when she needed me the most (not my choice) as soon as I was strong enoughand I came back for her and nothing and I do mean nothing will keep us apart on pain ofdeath...My family origins are a very guarded secret as are most of my powers. The reason forthis is it gives your enemies temporary control and that isnt something that can EVERhappen. My family is members of an ancient and believed to be extinct race but we arevery much alive. There are a few humans and other beings that know we exist but to theworld we do not in the sense that they think. One day well be able to show the humansthat we exist but the time has not yet come.JUDEMy love for him is endless it knows no bounds no restrictions. My love for him is deeperthen the core of the galaxy. My love for him would incinerate mortals as though theyve
  28. 28. danced on the surface of the sun. My love for him transcends even the highest realms ofthe heavens and the unyielding depths of hell. My love for him would make me murderthe world and many other planes of existence if I were to every lose him. My love forhim lies within the passion of him giving me apart of himself by allowing me to share inhis happiness and his pain...for allowing me to be there when he just wants me to holdhim in my arms and run my fingers through his hair and being able to look into his eyesand knowing without a doubt Im am in love with him beyond any comprehension. TheVampire God and King is the lover, friend, confidant (even a God needs to be and feellove) that I have been searching for. My love for him is powerful, gripping and allconsuming and I am even in love with him more then I love him and knowing that hefeels the same about me that hes in love with me his wife and mother of our two a feeling that mortals could neither handle nor understand they would lose theirminds and many of them have. Do I really need to tell you who this man is that have socaptured me? MY JUDE.JUDE’S BATTLE AND OUR RECKONINGMy heart is heavy and my mind is a whirl. I have only recently known that my husbandJude wasnt asleep while I was away recovering from my death. He swore Nicolas tosecrecy and then went to my father Lucifer whom I call Samael for a spell to blind mefrom the truth. The price for my father’s assistance was all of the bickering and infighting between Nicolas and I to the point of having me on the verge of killing him. Youcannot dance with the Devil without paying the price and now Jude knows this. I watchhim from a far as he lies in the sand bruised and bloodied wondering what awaits himnow. He need not wonder anymore as I take on the form of air and enter his body as heinhales me deeply and he feels me inside of every cell, every tissue, in his soul and mostimportantly he feels the memory of me. Of us and all that we made and are together in hisblood. All of this plays out before him like a movie. I take on my human form longenough to Kiss him deeply, passionately and for him to drink me in. My body shuddersand I begin to crave him more. The more he feeds from me and I want him to take meright then and there but me pull away to leave. Why you may wonder because it has to behis choice to return to me but before I go I whisper "Come back to me Jude I love andmiss you so."Catherine and Raven: Their StoryFor a while now Raven has been slumbering waiting for the right moment to return to thisworld. She was tired and drained of all love for humanity until given the gift of bringingback her children and until shed finally been able to reveal her true feelings forCatherine. They have been friends, sisters, and now will be taking their relationship onestep further. There may be some that are shocked by this revelation but you see it takessomeone incredibly strong and one with uncorrupted love to bring Raven back to thisrealm of the apparent world (meaning what you can see, touch, taste, and know) and after
  29. 29. nearly two millennium the love she was looking for had been with her all along itsCatherine! Her love reached Raven and is bringing her back to this realm and out of herslumber and it is "Angel Eyes" as Raven calls her that is waking this "Sleeping Beauty."soon very soon Raven will be able to give birth! Soon shell be able to have a real life andlove with Catherine the days and clocks are ticking until the day when a fully recoveredRaven can be there for her amazing Catherine.Catherine IrisBy Catherine Iris Thaumantos~Catherine was a lovely young woman who was "almost too pretty to be trulybeautiful, for her prettiness overcame any sense of majesty or deep mystery."Underneath her physical beauty, Catherine is a fundamentally dark, empty,nihilistic person; her actions are almost always based on her insatiable need to fillher own inner emptiness.She has wavy black hair which she often interweaves with pearls and sharp greeneyes and is often described as a woman painted by Botticelli.While not with Raven she lived a life with her fellow vampires until they died andshe was forced to depend financially on her evil kinsmen who were bankers. Theyprovided amply for her as long as she killed those who they instructed her to kill.She did this by opening her house to virtually all as an amicable and gracefulhostess and secretly placing poison in the wine cups of those whom her said kinsmenwanted dead.
  30. 30. She was a renowned Venetian courtesan at this time when a vampire came to knowher. His vampire immediately fell in love with her and became obsessed with her.The two stayed together for nearly two hundred years, before her lover Catherine inDresden. He left because when talking to Raven, Catherine said that she would leaveher lover if it meant having Raven with her once more. Catherine also didnt tell herlover that rumors of Raven in Dresden were the only reason they were movingthere. It is not known where Raven went after leaving Catherine but it would not tillRaven was in deep slumber with child that they would find each other again~Catherine discovered through Ravens male aspect Larik that Raven LovedCatherine since their first encounter in Rome. Raven was in slumber with childbut soon awoke to the most violent pains of Childbirth. Raven went through amost vile birth Experience but soon enough the child was born. Raven died ofthe pains but the child rein bodied her soul back within her human form, soonafter some talk Catherine and Raven had the night alone they were waiting forsince that first sight. Larik was of Raven so he too shared in this heated night.Within Days, He soon turned in a most evil beast, violently attacking Catherinewith his pricked organ. She has now been inflected with his intense liquid, as ittravels through her bloodstream. It seems she been morphed again becomingmore than a vampire but into an Alien Snake and God! ~My OriginsMy family origins are a very guarded secret as are most of my powers. Thereason for this is it gives your enemies temporary control and that isntsomething that can EVER happen. My family are members of an ancient andbelieved to be extinct race but we are very much alive. There are a fewhumans and other beings that know we exist but to the world we do not...notin the sense that they think. One day well be able to show the humans thatwe exist but the time has not yet come until it does we remain hidden...
  31. 31. The Keeper of the Book of the Dead.Ive found the Book of The Dead and am now its keeper and executor...10/6/09Tagline~Who ever has it as the power~Me, Myself, and I~During his grief and sense of haplessness while his daughters Rainn and Bella laydying he stumbled upon the ancient Book Of The Dead If your name is in here thenexpect a visit from him shortly. The secrets contained within the pages of this bookhave shown him that death doesnt always mean the death of the body, spirit or thesoul but is death to something old so that it may be renewed or reborn intosomething different. It doesnt stipulate whether this is a good or bad thing itdepends on the intention of the person reading these incantations and the purity ofthat harm or heal thus explaining the difficulty in finding it. If this fellinto the wrong hands there’s no telling the amount of chaos and carnage they couldbring down on the heads of us all. I will lay my very essence on the line to keep thisbook and its knowledge safe. ~UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A TRUE GOD.3/7/09Where do I begin? Well I suppose Ill just jump right in and bear in mind that thereare things that Im bound to keep secret. You see Ravenlily and I (RavenLarik) areone in the same. With deities we can assume the identity of anyone. Larik chose toemerge in the image of my late husband Juda but he can like myself shift intoanyone or thing. I want people to understand that Im not her brother, I AM HERAND SHE IS ME! Im here to rule while she rests and gives birth to her child...theson she lost in battle. Our great grand daughter Azuza and her mother our grand
  32. 32. daughter Allegra came and visited Ravenlily in her dreams and together they wereable to give her back the son she lost in battle. This child is pure god and completelyhers he has no father...just Ravenlily and I deities DO NOT NEED TO ENGAGE INSEXUAL ACTIVITY TO REPRODUCE. I am not her brother or lover I AM HER.I will rein will she slumbers as it is dangerous for her to be carrying a god while sheis in human form so we are taking no chances with the health of our belovedRavenlily or her unborn son Samael. I shall be perfect gentlemen to her friends andloved ones and shall try to get to know them all. And I will slay without haste thosewho break the laws of Balance. I thank you for your time.RavenLarikAbout me I am the God of Balance and known by many many names but none knowmy true name or the true names of my family. I am the eldest of The Alpha (God, TheOne) and The Omega (Lucifer.).I am the literal embodiment of Light and Dark withperfect shades of gray. Being a God I am both FEMALE and MALE energies and amable to assume the identity of anyone or thing. I am going through a change literally.Raven separated dividing her male and female aspects that was a jolt to me as Id beeninside of her for so long. She recently gave birth to a pure bred deity and I wasnt there tohelp so Ive been stricken with a shape shift into a black cougar that as of yet Im unableto control. He represents my primal, animalistic, base. I know that in time Ill be incontrol of this aspect of me. I hope that those who love me understand and give medistance while I complete this process....Some think that they are the original "bad boy." but where do you think they inheritedthese traits from? Thin fucking air? I dont think so! Im more like our father (TheOmega=Lucifer or as he was truly known Samael) Raven is more like mother (TheAlpha=God). Ive had many many many names, more spawn then I care to remember butthe one constant has been this drive nay urge that overcomes me like an angry storm ofkiller bees. Im able to charm at will. Seriously its too easy at times you could even saythat Im a sincere being regardless of the situation. I long for a partner to share in myescapades to push the realms of reality and venture into the darkest heart to find thepurity of the light. I watch, listen and learn about my prey be they potential food orpartner my tastes is discerning. What is it they say? "Its always the bad boys who make agirls heart beat faster." In my case I have literally caused a stilled and stoned heart tobeat........The Rise of Larik Im the male aspect of Ravenlily Goddess of Balance, myname is RavenLarik. I dont normally appear in this realm but I was summoned herewhile my female aspect lay slumbering. She is now wakening up and though she and Iare the same being Im building a life with my wife Anne and children Samael and Tigerlily. All of this is an alien concept and Im finding my way as I go a long. Its taking metime to acclimate myself and Im worried that while Im in this transition of isolating mywife Anne. There are some things that are hard to explain. Hard to decipher Im in thishuman shell and feel every emotion a thousand times more then humans and at times thelight is blinding and I seek refuge in the darkness and shadows. Comfort in the arms ofmy beloved Anne.
  33. 33. Larik Hidden Secret He was sitting and talking with his beloved wife Anne when all ofa sudden he was violently blown across the room by an unseen force. The atmosphereoutside instantly goes from sunny and cloudless to thunder storming and pitch black butwith the exception of the bolts of lightening striking whatever it pleases. Larik is soonabsorbed into the walls structure like a slick of human waste then disappears beforeAnnes horrified eyes. Hes pulled back into the core of his existence and shown thedismal light of who he truly is. Images of him and his former incarnations play out beforehim like and endless reel of film.He is the counter balance of Ravenlily. He is the one who exacts justice with extremeprejudice. He is the one who lives in the shadows of your wildest nightmares. He is thebringer of death. All of these facts blind and broad side him as he swells with a new senseof purpose but how will Anne deal with him and his purpose? Will her love for him keephim grounded or will he return to his old ways?Finding myself Ive been in this cage for days trying to control this beast until I realizedthe beast is ME! Ive always been a shape shifter but this is different. This one takes meback to my primal urges, raw, brutal, quick and dirty. Ive always fought my fathers pettygames to convert me over to his side (My father is Satan) he knew that I was happy withAnne and our children but for him that was just the chance he needed to attack me withthis strain.Many people believe us to be Gods but that is a human name to conceal the fact that theywere spawned by higher intelligent species of Aliens. All of them are aliens born andbred on this blue ball. We come from a different realm and time a place that hopefully thehuman race will live to see. This cougar aspect of me is lethal, finds the weakness inothers and uses it to his advances. Right now the only thing that will save me frombecoming a mass murderer is nearly as unspeakable and it will be a test of just how muchAnne loves me. Ill understand if she wants nothing more to do with me. Im split rightdown the middle and I dont know which side of me will win out.As soon as I acknowledged the fact that I had no control my transformation back to myhuman form was painless. I reached through the bars on the cage and held Annes hand asI lie naked and ashamed.Moving Forward Dearest Anne it was never my intention to hurt you but I realize thatwe both want and need different things out of life. I will always be close with you as youare the mother of my children. I want you to be happy and find someone whos right foryou and less complicated. I did what I could to protect you from me and my actions and Ifailed. Do not be angry with Catherine as it was me who went to where she and Ravenwere making love. I never touched her with my skin only with my mind (transgenic liketelekinesis) I was being pulled in deeper by the beast within that’s fighting to get out andhaving ritual sex was the only thing that halted the proceeding.I want to set up visitation with the children and provide you with whatever you need toraise them. Id ask you to forgive me but Ill understand if that is something that neverhappens.
  34. 34. The Beast Within With each quickening I feel this thing inside me grow. The hungerand bloodlust is no longer manageable, Ive found myself hunting under the shadows ofthe moonlight. At first my prey remained with animals but the more I had the more Iwanted. No NEEDED! Each kill makes my transformation less painful as I no longerstuffer the agony of bones cracking and reforming, flesh ripping and falling by the wayside like that of a snake shedding its skin. I still go through the process but the pain hasbecome my darkest pleasure. Seeing the fear building in their eyes when I pounce andlook them in the wide eyes that usually are looking back at mine. Feeling the bloodheating up with dread coursing through their veins and heart pounding pleas of "God saveme!" I tell them "I am saving them." in a vicious guttural tone that’s laced with anotherworldly growl right before ripping their faces off. I feel such a rush and elation thatrivals my best orgasm and believe me I have and give earth shattering ones. Lately Ivebeen playing with them giving them the hope of survival which feels much like foreplay.The build up is indescribable sometimes I keep them around for days seeing if theydeserve to die or not. Looking for the slightest glimmer of wrongness that makesdevouring them a ritual in and of itself. But alas, its only hunting alone and am lookingfor a partner whos love of all things carnal and losing themselves in a smoky haze ofdebauchery and explorations in exquisite dark and dangerous pleasures match my own...Iwonder if such a creature exists.The Origins of Evil There is a serious misconception about the reasons behind evil andwhat exactly true evil is. Evil is an aggressive intelligence and life force driven to surviveas any organism constructed of carbon.My fathers love is as pure as that of my mothers he just goes about getting what hewants in a different manner from mother and on the odd occasion they work together butoften its something to pick at the scabs of their break up. I fought with Raven becauseshe attacked me (because of what I did to Catherine but its up to Catherine to come intoher own and make her own decisions as to what to do and how to use the gift I gave her...bound by our laws neither Raven or myself can tell Catherine this) but neither of us caninflict any fatal injuries upon one another without destroying ourselves. I was dazed andhurting badly when Rainn appeared flinging me to one side like a paper bag caught in thewind and Raven the other direction in the very same manner.I felt a dramatic shift in the earth and alignment of the planets as I lay there bleeding andbadly injured from my fight with Raven. I must have blacked out somewhere because thenext thing I knew I was cradled within my father’s arms as his massive wings carried meto safety. I heard my fathers’ voice reverberating through me like a speeding bulletthen...nothing but silence and blackness...where am I?Anna Imprisoned within the body of my brother Anakletos this beautiful creature wasdestroyed as he made his re-emergence. I saw what was left of her lying in a rotting heapon the floor and said "Come back to me Anna. Come back.” At which time her flesh re-animated becoming soft and pale pink the crumbled and broken bones becamereconnected and workable. At first my reasons for bringing her back to life was a way ofadding insult to injury to my brother Anakletos but once I gazed into the eyes so
  35. 35. innocent. So pure I decided to make her mine. I showed her my home planet and took herto my safe haven there. She brings out all that is good in me and accepts who and what Iam without question and for that Im beginning to know what love is. I never want to hurther but I know myself and am bound to screw it up somewhere down the line but for nowshe is MY salvation.THE BOOK OF THE DEAD During his grief and sense of haplessness while hisdaughters Rainn and Bella lay dying he stumbled upon the ancient Book of the Dead Ifyour name is in here then expect a visit from him shortly.The secrets contained within the pages of this book have shown him that death doesntalways mean the death of the body, spirit or the soul but is death to something old so thatit may be renewed or reborn into something different. It doesnt stipulate whether this is agood or bad thing it depends on the intention of the person reading these incantations andthe purity of that intent. To harm or heal thus explaining the difficulty in finding it. If thisfell into the wrong hands there’s no telling the amount of chaos and carnage they couldbring down on the heads of us all. I will lay my very essence on the line to keep this bookand its knowledge safe.My Grief~During my grief and sense of haplessness while my daughters Rainn and Bella lay dyingI stumbled upon the ancient Book Of The Dead If your name is in here then expect a visitfrom me shortly. The secrets contained within the pages of this book have shown me thatdeath doesnt always mean the death of the body, spirit or the soul but is death tosomething old so that it may be renewed or reborn into something different. It doesntstipulate whether this is a good or bad thing it depends on the intention of the personreading these incantations and the purity of that harm or heal thus explainingthe difficulty in finding it. If this fell into the wrong hands there’s no telling the amountof chaos and carnage they could bring down on the heads of us all. I will lay my veryessence on the line to keep this book and its knowledge safe.This book has been buried within the bowels of the forbidden region on my home planet.A place where even those known to be brave and courageous fear to tread there. I findsolace with the dark icy cold that burst into a brilliant shower of liquid fire at a momentsnotice. Have you ever seen fire at zero gravity? Its beautiful, it glides consumingeverything foolish enough to be caught in its path. I on the other hand would come hereas a child when I wanted to hide from who I was and from the beast that lurks howlingbeneath the surface of my human form. I had sought it originally to save my daughtersbut while away looking for it they were both healed. Now I have the ultimate weapon touse in this conflict and shall not fail or falter. ~
  36. 36.  Lucifer Omega~ Thats right we disagreed on what to do with them and I have to say that they aremore inclined to follow me then theyll even admit to themselves. I am blamedfor all that is wrong in the world and in their lives but truth be told all of theirwounds are self inflicted. If evil is what they want then Ill show them what trueevil is what they’ll get. ~ Anakletos Cerberus Lee~ Anakletos had been part of Anna since the dawn of human Existence. She wastransformed into this alien creature within the depth of the ocean by her father,Lucifer. He need such a creature to carry his demons creations but Lilith got
  37. 37. wind of this, also using her vessel to carry her pure essence in the form of a newcreature which the human named Fairies. She would carry such creatures whenThe Alpha and the Omega saw fit to place their essence into this realm. But Oneday as she was out saying goodbye to her new creations a man came upon her,they spoke when he transformed into a wild cat and chased her away from hersafe Location. When the chase was over he Invoked Anakletos who was soonattacked, left to near death. His attacker was Larik. They were both part oftheir fathers essence but of completely different sources and so whenAnna/Anakletos become a vessel for their fathers Demon creation, Larikbecame an unknown species, and no one truly knew what he was within TheFamily.TaglineThe Invoked!Me, Myself, and IAnakletos Cerberus Lee the male aspect of Anna Medusa Lee. They were born asone being but like our older siblings later split into two different aspects of theoriginal person. He only came about when Our Father (The Omega) gave up allhope of Anna being the mother of a new superior race, which would have been ofa higher make-up than man. Anna was submissive to all his outrageous demandson her but still she was angered within by the vile treatment she was enduring.Anakletos emerged from her blackened heart and became flesh. He is the fleshembodied built on her hatred. The best way to describe this inner Rage to thosewho have not seen it is that it is a sudden and violent out of control explosion ofbuild up temper. It usually happens very suddenly with no real warning that it’scoming. Once started it cannot be stopped by anyone. It must run its course untiltill then he is untouchable..Because he spilt from her body, he absorbed the hatred she felt she hadexperienced from their Father. This was not healthy state for her continueimmortal existence, as they are higher deities must feel all emotions there is tofeel around the. This absent emotion soon became even greater then before, itshidden presence soon made her be known as The Medusa.His appearance cannot be truly described but shall try he has a brazen voice likethat of a wild dog is relentless and strong and is as horrid to all who have themisfortune to see him. Anakletos is the first true Cerberus his very name means toinvoke when Anna wanted to rid herself of this rage he took it on and acted outtheir darkest emotions..He appears to most as a wild animal whose physique represents of them in theirmost basic state. He excels in hand to hand combat, employing acrobatics that hepassed onto is daughter Rainn while she was in the womb. His animal aspectgives him super alien strength, speed, reflexes, agility the lot. He is equallydangerous on all fours as he is graceful but there are times when he is more bestialable to crush the bones of his kinsmen. All his senses are enhanced to a hundredtimes that of others of his Race. In addition, he’s developed an accelerated healing
  38. 38. factor that allows him to repair mild to moderate injuries within the span of a fewhours. , making him more indestructible than any other of his blood..Catherine’s soul is in complete torture (over her love for Raven) as she loves hersister more than life itself but their union is forbidden and the ripples of its effectswould spread quickly among the solar system causing unpredictableenvironmental reactions which could easily cause a planet to die. This occurredwhen they first formed as one being eons ago; Earth began to quickly coolcausing a worldwide freeze to occur, causing all life to be in frozen animation forhundreds of years. They realized their love was wrong and went their ownseparate ways. However, one night of carnal desire created the one and onlyRainn. The person who will save them all from this end of world battle which isto come!.Larik is my brother, and the male aspect of Raven. He maybe the original BadBoy but Anakletos is the original male Bitch. He may be a second copy of TheOmega, their father but Anakletos is more of his father’s son then his brotherLarik and he’ll stop at nothing to prove this. He processes the same anger filledblack heart of his father. He may have been created from an incestuousrelationship but he is still a strong part of their father and no one can deny that heis his son..When the Civil War does break out among his people, Anakletos must assume aneutral stance in it all. However, he might secretly violate this stance so he canprovide his people with advice on how to fight without fighting himself. Despitehis personal feelings about the cause for this war, he will enlist his services totrain Anna’s many minions, to assist them in the training to fight The Omega.This war is the final one.My Alien Mutation5/25/09 ~It is possible that my mutation is a result of geneticatavism. However, as I also possesses neotenous characteristics, which may explain whyI have super genius intellect despite my animal physique.I am excellent in hand-to-hand combatant; employing a unique style of acrobatic combat,from combat training I received by Rainn.This mutation gives me superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, flexibility,dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance. I have equally dexterous in all fourlimbs; able to perform tasks with my feet or hands with equal ease. Because of my talentsand training, I can outperform any Olympic-level athlete, contorting my body andperforming aerial feats gracefully easy.I have claw-like nails and fang-like teeth, and my overall appearance becomes morebestial. With this physique, I use my claws to climb vertical surfaces .I gained the abilityto emit mood altering pheromones, causing sexual attraction in women, and I becomestrong enough to withstand falls that would crush the bones of a normal human. I
  39. 39. developed extremely powerful limbs, allowing me to make astounding leaps and to run atgreat speeds for a short duration.MY strength, speed, stamina, sturdiness, and senses increase further with this change. Igained cat-like agility, flexibility, coordination, and balance, and all my senses areenhanced to twenty times that of a normal human being. In addition, I developed anaccelerated healing factor that allows me to repair mild to moderate injuries within thespan of a few hours. I also no longer need full sleep.THE LEGEND OF THE BLIND DRAGON5/20/09 The world is darkness, butthere is Fire... and Shadow, to illuminate the path...There are many legends, shrouded intime and shadow, about a winged creature, of life and fire, dying in flames, rising fromdeath. From the ashes of its former life. Again and again, unending to the end of time andbeyond. It’s the myth of each and every human, of humanity itself, defying the life that isdeath, the death that moves and breathes. We are Phoenix, the incarnation of life and fire.We always have been and always will be, reborn from the ashes. The Phoenix will flap itswings and leave the green rainbow earth in its wake...Lilys Birth5/20/09Raven had used an ancient spell to create a glamour that would shield her relationshipwith Anakletos and in this spell she conjured up Lily. A sensual, seductive bronze andcopper colored demon who invented sex, lust, desire with the ability to sate even theinsatiable, she’s a deadly foe. This demon and her carnal appetite for Anakletos willsurprise even him it was the power of their love that Raven used for the basis ofconjuring Lily and for now he will be the only person who can invoke her. She is Ravensunbridled ID and is ruthless to the core. Highly volatile but Raven felt it was a risk worthtaking. When the kindred embrace with Anakletos was coming to an end Lily slid out ofRavens vagina like a liquid unformed puddle that soon took on a shocking new formAnakletos5/20/09 Anakletos was a troubled soul but hide it well from everyone whowas close to him. He knew nothing really of his birth. How he became to be this LifeForm. He knew he was nothing but dust and then he was man! He knew his Sister Annawas of the same Dust as he. They had no childhood as they were never children. It was asif they had bypassed this and just became adults, knowing all that you would know whenyou became of this age. He knew much on how his parents fell in love but knew nothingreally of them. He knew that they were different but also the same like he and Anna.He soon fall for an other of his kind, his sister Raven, which was not against any law intheir world but it was their parent who did not agree it was best for them. They did notlisten and fused as one, mixing their essence , forever connected but it was not to be andshe so went knowing that what they had shared was more special that the creation ofearth. She soon became involved with an other brother Larik and bore him a child, theynamed her Rainn. Anakletos became heartbroken by this and knew it was time to lie. Hewas not willing to live this life anymore and left to lie in the dunes of earth.
  40. 40. More to come. Anna Medusa Lee~ I am not of the same species as my other siblings but of a subclass of my fathertrue image. One day, when my mother revolted over the matter of the humans,my Father ordered I be created to serve his need for other beings to roam theearth surface; those who would rule the seas and skies, as humans would rulethe land. As I produced unknown devil creatures upon the earth for my father Ifelt my mother’s divine spirit consumed my flesh. She had set the seed withinme to produce beings that were caught in between my father and motherscreations; they became known as fairies and werewolves. I give birth to mysemi-brothers and sisters souls. They are of me and of The Alpha and theOmega. So are half bloods but are not fully divine like my siblings and parents.~TaglineThe Mother of All that is evilMe, Myself, and IAnna Medusa Lee is seen as the mother of all demonic creatures. She was notalways as vile as she’s become to be known she’d rather be the person she wasbefore her true origins were known. A being completely damaged beyond repair itwas through the love of Larik she remembered the being she was, a loving, joyouscreature he brings out the best in her though the beast is still writhing within herand can be called into action with or without her permission. Larik helped her torediscover the lighter loving side of her and she is deeply in love with him. To