7 films in Italian you've got to see


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Recommended Italian films

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7 films in Italian you've got to see

  1. 1. Anne Woolmer, Director chooses her top selection of Italian films... How do you chose ‘the best’? Here are some of my classic favourites:
  2. 2. “Ladri di Bicicletti” – Bicycle Thieves (1948 – Vittorio de Sica) A story about a father whose bicycle is stolen. Without it he can’t get to the work which he needs to do to support his young family. Italian neorealism ranked 6th best-ever film in 2005 by Sight and Sound. Click here for more info: IMDB - Bicycle Thieves
  3. 3. “La Strada” – The Road (1956 – Federico Fellini)The story of Gelsomina, a poor girl from theItalian coast who is taken away by the cruelstrongman Zampano to become a circusperformer is so well told, acted, and shot, thatit’s almost impossible to resist.Click here for more info: IMDB - La Strada
  4. 4. “La Dolce Vita” – The Good Life (1960 – Federico Fellini)A week in the life of a journalist seekinghappiness and love. Generally considered amasterpiece of cinema, it won the Palme d’Orin Cannes and an Oscar. Well ahead of itstime.Click here for more info: IMDB - La Dolce Vita
  5. 5. “Il Gattopardo” – The Leopard (1963 – Luchino Visconti)The film recreates, with nostalgia, drama, andopulence, the tumultuous years when thearistocracy lost its grip and the middle classesrose and formed a unified, democratic Italy.Winner of the Palme d’Or.Click here for more info: IMDB - The Leopard
  6. 6. “Cinema Paradiso” (1988 – Giuseppe Tornatore)A young boy – Salvatore – falls in love with themovies at his village cinema in Sicily where hebecomes the projectionist when the holder ofthat job – Alfredo – is blinded. He comes toterms with his past when, at Alfredo’s funeral,he receives from Alfredo’s widow all the cutpieces of film which the former priest hadcensored! Oscar winner. Tender and moving.Click here for more info: IMDB - Cinema Paradiso
  7. 7. “Il Postino” - The Postman (1994 – Michael Radford)Set on an island off Naples, a simple postmanlearns to love poetry when he is befriended bythe Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The postman– Massimo Troisi – postponed heart surgery tocomplete the film. He died the day after it wascompleted.Click here for more info: IMDB - Il Postino
  8. 8. “Pranzo di ferragosto”– Mid-August lunch (2010 Gianni di Gregorio)A man unexpectedly finds himself taking careof four women, three of whom he barelyknows, in this sunny comedy from Italy.Click here for more info: IMDB - Pranzo di ferragosto