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Construction Delivery Method + COVID Impact | Presented to 2PLP by Joeris General Contractors


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Presentation presented to 2PLP by Joeris General Contractors on July 31, 2020

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Construction Delivery Method + COVID Impact | Presented to 2PLP by Joeris General Contractors

  1. 1. CONSTRUCTION DELIVERY METHODS July 31, 2020 Blake Lavender& Chris Corso
  3. 3. CONSTRUCTION MANAGER AT RISK PROS -Early selection of team members -Earlier control of costs -Better schedule control and quality control -Better control of trade partnerselection -Earlier identification of costs savings/value engineering -Results inmore of a collaborative/team approach CONS -Cancreate “Silos” indesign if preconstruction is not approached correctly
  4. 4. ELEANOR KOLITZ HEBREW LANGUAGE ACADEMY New 38,740SF, two-story school that can hold upto 650K-8thgraders. Adjacent to the school is a new 7,442SF gym. Completed August 2019 Architect Lake| Flato
  5. 5. COMPETITIVE SEALED PROPOSAL PROS -Canend up in lower upfront costs -No pre-construction costs for owner -Most Easily Satisfies Public Bidding Requirements -Costs savings remain with the GC CONS -Likely to havemanychanges -No savings back to the owner -Often Creates Division Between GC and Design Team (ex: was it inthe plans?)
  6. 6. CHRISTUS STONE OAK EMERGENCY & MOB Three-story,concretetilt-wall and steel structure shell building project. The project was constructed undera uniquephasing plan, as Joeris was originally contracted to construct the shell only. Once construction began, we were awarded separate tenant finish out packages for all threefloors, each with different completion dates. Overall, the project was completed in 16 months. Completed March2018 Architect MKSAssociates
  7. 7. DESIGN-BUILD PROS -One-stop, turnkeymethod -Strong Cost and Time certainty -Readily financedwith bonding required CONS -Owner doesn’t control design -Higher fees -Higher contingencycost -Higher Bonding Rates
  8. 8. H-E-B SNACK PLANT PRODUCTION FACILITY Thefacility houses the grocery company’smanufacturingof their in-house brand snackproducts including potato chips, corn chips and other packaged snacks. Ourteam modeled the building’s interior and equipment to ensureappropriate placement and sizing, avoiding costly issues since the equipment was shipped from overseas. Thebuilding was built to meet new Food Safety Modernization Act standards and to evolve with new technologies that allow for autonomous operations. Completed March2019 Architect RVKArchitects
  9. 9. ADDITIONAL METHODS Collaborative Project Deliver (CPD)/ Integrated Project Delivery(IPD) CPD/IPD utilizes the“skin inthe game” principal. Inthese methods the Owner is typically heavilyinvolved and forms a collaborative team of prime design professionals, a CM and often Keytradesubcontractors to assist with both design and constructability development. - At Risk Profit Pools vs Reimbursables (office overhead etc.)
  10. 10. ADDITIONAL METHODS Collaborative Project Deliver (CPD)/ Integrated Project Delivery(IPD) PROS - Lower fees due to less risk with the reimbursables – “Pay as yougo” Concept - Major buy in all thewayto keytrade level with incentives to stay on budget - High degreeof certainty in time and budget CONS - Verycomplex to insure - Cannotbe bonded or readily financed - Expose the owner to potentially unlimitedcosts due to delays
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  15. 15. QUESTIONS?