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The Interweave enriched Design Journey and Design Process


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The Interweaving enriched Design Journey and Design Process. The Interweaving phase is a crucial step before implementation. Emphatic, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, Interweave, Implement.

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The Interweave enriched Design Journey and Design Process

  1. 1. Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test Interweave Implement ! Explore how the design fit, work, & evolve with present situation and the desired future. Translate findings and insights into actionable guidance and advice for implementation. What bridges things, people and their work with others across boundaries? What are the strands that keep it all together? Or apart? What are the impacts on implementation? Transform ideas, prototypes and insights into a reality that has an positive impact on organisational outcomes, customers, and peoples lives. Align with organisation. Engage people. Are we doing the right things? Are we doing the things right? What do we need to adjust? Observe, engage with, and learn about people or organizations that can affect, be affected by, or perceive themselves to be affected by the design challenge. What is important for them? What do they do, say, think, and feel? Bring clarity to, frame and focus on the right challenge. Define an actionable point-of-view based on gained insights. What are their needs? What are their problems? Where are the opportunities for innovation? Be creative, generate idea’s and as many solutions as possible that meets the interests, needs, and solve problems. What are in and outside the box, known and unknown, conventional and creative, limitations and freedoms? Build real, tactile representations or artifacts of your ideas to experience and explore with others. Feed back insights and learn. How does it work? What are the impacts? Is it desirable, feasible, suitable, and sustainable? Test your prototype(s) with your original people to solicit feedback. Learn about you, the design and the users. What worked? What didn’t? Why? Does it accommodate their interests, needs, and problems? What are the perceived and real benefits? The Enriched Design Journey Copyright © 2009-2017, WorkEm Toolsmiths, Anders W. Tell, All Rights Reserved, <www.>