Spy vs Spy - Competitive Analysis


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My presentation from SES London 2013 on Competitive Analysis. This is a case study of two UK insurance companies.

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Spy vs Spy - Competitive Analysis

  1. 1. Spy vs Spy: How toCase study: Zurich vs AvivaAnders HjorthAznos // BDBL MEDIAMD AznosLondon| 18–21 February
  2. 2. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON
  3. 3. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDisclaimerNone of the information in this presentation regarding thecompanies Zurich and Aviva is confidential or unavailable to thegeneral public. No insider information has been used and thepresenter has no affiliation or relationship with the websiteschosen for the case study which has been prepared exclusively forthe purpose of illustrating how a competitive analysis can be setup as well as an illustration of what benchmarketing tools canprovide with an ‘outside’ view only. The author of this documentis not involved in Strategic Analysis for the brands presented ortheir competitors in the UK market. All the vendors in thispresentation have provided their data free of charge and theauthor has no affiliation with or remuneration from any of them.It is scary how easy access to data is in the World of Today.
  4. 4. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDigital Lotus remarketing amplification distribution contents
  5. 5. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON In order to understand my competitors’ onlinemarketing strategy I first look at contents and distribution
  6. 6. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONremarketing Loyalty effects Mediaamplification spend Distributiondistribution audit contents Property exploration
  7. 7. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONIdentify site(s) Organic Top10s Paid Search Nb emailFacebook page Paid Search spend addressesTwitter ID coverage Advertising RemarketingYoutube Channel Shopping engines spend effectsKeyword segments Likes, Friends &Traffic data Followers Property Distribution Media Loyalty exploration audit spend effects MEDIA MONITORINGFOOTWORK REAL SPIES?
  8. 8. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Property Exploration Property Distribution Media Loyaltyexploration audit spend effects
  9. 9. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Property Let’s say we are the Online Marketing manager forexploration Zurich Insurance: zurich.co.uk
  10. 10. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Aviva is essentially positioned on the same segments as Zurich: Car, Home, Life. Just like Zurich, it is a « brand » and has a direct online channel. A great benchmark partner.
  11. 11. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Propertyexploration My Contents (zurich.co.uk) • Website: zurich.co.uk • 14k+ pages found, 14% img ratio (72 word docs + 777 PDFs) • Facebook: facebook.com/zurich • Twitter: twitter.com/zurich • Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, … • Plug-in my own data? (Google Analytics, Google Adwords) • Segments: Generic, Life Insurance, Car insurance, Home Insurance, Business Semantic territories
  12. 12. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Shortcut: Industry keywords…needs categorisation and removal of brands
  13. 13. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON 2 hours later
  14. 14. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Life insurance Propertyexploration Top 25s life insurance life quotes Home insurance life assuranceGenerics home insurance insurance life house insurance life insurance quotesinsurance contents insurance life-insurance quotespublic liability insurance insurance home Business insurance lifeinsurance Car insurancemobile phone insurance insurance for home professional indemnity insurance life standardcheap insurance car insurance home insurance insurance business insurance over 50 life insuranceinsurance coverage cheap car insurance insurance home insurance company insurance life coverinsurance groups car insurance quotes home insurance from insurance for companies compare life-insurancecompare insurance which car insurance insurance house taxi insurance compare life insuranceinsurance companies car car insurance which home insurance trade insurance life insurance calculatorinsurance cheap insurance car house insurance the employers liability insurance cheap life-insuranceinsurance quote insurance for car home property insurance traders insurance cheap life insuranceinsurance compare compare car insurance landlords insurance insurance business life insurance ukcheapest insurance motor insurance buildings insurance insurance for business life policyinsurance comparison insurance motor homeinsurance business insurance companies life insurance over 50insurance company insurance motor car insurance property insurance small business insurance life insurance adviceuk insurance motorbike insurance household insurance business insurance quotes life insurance quoteinsurance co van insurance liability insurance commercial business insurance best life insurancebudget insurance cheapest car insurance building insurance business insurance quote over 50s life insurancequote insurance breakdown cover homeowners insurance cheap business insurance life quoteinsurance for quotes multi car insurance home insurance comparison business contents insurance life insurance companiesgroup insurance classic car insurance insurance for property business liability insurance term life insurancecover insurance car insurance groups home contents insurance business insurance uke111 bike insurance cheap home insurance home business insurancecompanies insurance temporary car insurance compare home insurance liability insurance for small businessinsurance group young drivers insurance compare business insuranceinsurance cover car cheap insurance for small business motorcycle insurance business property insurance car insurance comparison business building insurance caravan insurance * omitted segments: Health, Travel, PPI, Pet, Iphone, Gadget
  15. 15. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Propertyexploration Top20 kw list for Zurich (for organic) car insurance • Site navigation insurance car insurance quotes • Meta keywords home insurance life insurance van insurance • Paid Search keywords public liability insurance house insurance which car insurance professional indemnity insurance motor insurance boat insurance business insurance Public Sector Insurance insurance coverage motor car insurance insurance for car motorbike insurance insurance policy office insurance
  16. 16. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Launch some toolsINPUT OUTPUT INDUSTRY INSIGHTIndustry & Keywords, Spend, TDomain rends Content types &Domain content volumesDomain Brand scan &Social IDs BenchmarkDomain20 keywords Search & social(analytics)Domain20 keywords Site scan &(analytics) Link profiles SEM INSIGHTDomain Semantic territories5 x 25 kws Segment view(adwords)
  17. 17. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Alexa says: Aviva has much more traffic and 4 Propertyexploration Zurich vs Aviva times more links. Zurich population browsing more at work
  18. 18. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Spider says: Aviva seems to have lighter Propertyexploration Zurich vs Aviva pages with more visual elements than Zurich Zurich crawl Aviva crawl • 14k+ pages found, avg 73k • 11k+ pages found, avg 15k • 14% img ratio • 55% img ratio • 72 word docs + 777 PDFs • 3 xls docs + 318 PDFs
  19. 19. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Propertyexploration Zurich vs Aviva gShiftlabs says: 14.700 indexed pages, some Facebook & Google+ activity
  20. 20. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Propertyexploration Zurich vs Aviva: Brandscan
  21. 21. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Distribution Property Distribution Media Loyaltyexploration audit spend effects
  22. 22. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON SearchMetrics overview:Distribution audit Zurich vs Aviva Scores and details SearchMetrics overview: Aviva seems to be ahead on every single parameter.
  23. 23. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva Aviva Zurich Proportion Linkdex says: Links 7720 2487 3,10 Blog links 553 95 5,82 Aviva has 7720 incoming News 280 80 3,50 links against Zurichs 2487. Wiki 5 10 0,50 Directory 175 59 2,97 Forum 134 39 3,44 Significant gap in Blog links & Social 7 3 2,33 PR submission PR submission 22 3 7,33 Article 2 0 n/a Ressource 65 24 2,71
  24. 24. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva Linkdex says: Confused.com provides an interesting « shoulder » effect concentrating significant amounts of incoming links Linkdex says: Aviva has a steep internal links curve and significant depth in external link destination profile
  25. 25. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva: Backlinks profile SearchMetrics says: Aviva has a proportionally stronger link profile from high quality sites
  26. 26. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva: Backlinks profile Linkdex says: Aviva have generic key phrases as Anchor text in incoming links
  27. 27. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva: Backlinks profile Linkdex says: Here are some journalists you may want to provide with some contents
  28. 28. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONSearch presence within segments Property Distribution Media Loyaltyexploration audit spend effects
  29. 29. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Distribution audit Zurich vs Aviva: Semantic territories* Generic 24% Home insurance 14% Car Insurance 53% Life insurance 6% Business insuranceEstimated monthly searches 3%Generic 1 126 082Home Insurance 639 151Car Insurance 2 480 037Business Insurance 134 398Life Insurance 257 035Total searches 4 636 703 @soanders * Built from AdGooroo SEM Insights data
  30. 30. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva: Car Insurance Segment @soanders
  31. 31. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva: home insurance
  32. 32. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva: Life insurance
  33. 33. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Zurich vs Aviva: Business insurance Zurich has some traction in this segment
  34. 34. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONDistribution audit Organic Coverage within Semantic territories Generic 72% 40% Home insurance Car Insurance 72% 24% Life insurance 52% 44% Business insurance * Built from AdGooroo SEM Insights data
  35. 35. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Amplification Property Distribution Media Loyaltyexploration audit spend effects
  36. 36. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON AdGooroo Industry:Mediaspend Zurich vs Aviva Competitive Paid Search space in the Insurance Segment. Zurich the smaller blue circle and Aviva the larger yellow.
  37. 37. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONMediaspend Zurich vs Aviva SearchMetrics says: Aviva has a long running experience in Paid Search and spend significantly. Zurich has just begun
  38. 38. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON
  39. 39. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON
  40. 40. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONMediaspend Zurich vs Aviva
  41. 41. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Conclusions
  42. 42. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONFrom similar content base Aviva multiplies audience amplification Zurich have recently recommenced Paid Search. Aviva have a long history of significant amplification. distribution Both avoid comparison eng. Aviva are actively engaging in social channels and actively building their link profile contents Both Zurich & Aviva have significant quantities of content on their websites. Both have FB, TW & G+
  43. 43. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONTake-aways
  44. 44. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLON Thanks ! • • Anders Hjorth anders@aznos.fr • +33 1 58 05 39 10 • @soandersThanks for tools support to:
  45. 45. @soanders London| 18–21 February 2013 | #SESLONThe data I couldn’t get• Insight into Display spending -> some data exists• Detailed Insight into Traffic -> exists• Insight into the hidden realm of Loyalty Effects (emailing, remarketing) -> does not exist• Qualitative Content Audit -> consultancy deep dive