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Anders CV eng


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Anders CV eng

  2. 2. Anders Fälldin In brief Experience 15 years’ experience from heavy industry. Multi- disciplinary and complex projects Education Master in science, Royal institute of technology.KTH Benedictine College, Kansas. Stockholm University. Pro bono Mentor KTH mentor program Mentor Almi mentor program Kurser och utbildningar • Project management PRINCE2 Practitioner • Project management PMI • Auto CAD High lights • Production ramp up • World leading machine measurements • Laser scanning and design • Production analysis • Patent • Epoxi undergjutning • Layout- • Strategy for project ” Beyond State-of-the-Art”.
  3. 3. Multidisciplinary Experience Production Project production comes down to micro management and to create a productive climate. Site manager team handles safety, quality and delivery time. Dealing with details and problems are part of the daily work. To see opportunities and take action on taskes that will benefit the overall project deliverables are also part of the daily work. Work environment work are included as a natural part of the project and increases the out put quality of the delivery Large projects have hundreds of workers over several months or longer. Laws and regulations Industry • CE • Directive • PED • AFS Construction • PBL • BBR • BSK Tenders Write and answer RFQ and tenders EPCM Design Piping design PED Burner system Control systems Handling equipment Lay-out Cost calculations
  4. 4. Sectors A selection Pulp and paper Process improvements in paper mills in Europe and North America.. Productivity increases in pulp mills and decreasing of maintenance stops. Energy Refurbish of district heating plant Design of power plant Construction of power plant Project strategy for new process Tender work for energy projects EPCM Construction Certified EHS Construction work public school Construction work hotel in cultural heritage Rebuilding after fire damage Steel New factory 12 000 m2 Refurbish factory 2000 m2 Refurbish press 300 ton Relocation of process 2000 m2 Design propane system Refurbish new production line
  5. 5. Project Positions Project director Customer contacts with new and old clients. Educate both clients and coworkers. Stay in the technical front edge. Strategy Tenders Project manager Depending on project and supplier or purchaser position in the project. Planning and managing design and execution of the project. Time plan Tenders RFQ Risk assessment EHS Project production Site manage, responsible for project execution at the work site, project deliverables, as quality and time. Co- ordination between all stakeholders working on site. Work environment always in focus. Design manager Design drawings in 2D and 3D environment. Scanning and design in point clouds.
  6. 6. PROJECT DIRECTOR Anders Fälldin 070 651 39 00 Employments Chronologist order Linde AG/AGA AB 2002-02 to 2005-11 Project manager pulp and paper Refurbish of district heating plan Process improvements in paper mills in Europe and North America Productivity increases in pulp mill and decreasing of maintenance stops . GEP Group 2005-11 to 2008-08 Project manager steel energy, pulp and paper Refurbish of district heating plan RFQ for clients t PEAB 2008-08 to 2009-05 Supervisor Rebuilding of cultural heritage to hotel Rebuilding of public school MW Power 2009-05 to 2010-05 Project manager energy Project production New power plant Concordance 2010-05 to 2012-02 Project manager Steel Project production New factory 12000 m 2 Refurbish of factory 2000 m 2 Rejlers 2012-02 - Project director mechanical Tenders Helping customers to solve problems using my contact net of consultants. Project management Relocation of production Project production Refurbish of 300 ton machine Refurbish of production line