Zotero introduction by Erik Schwägermann


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Zotero introduction

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  • Presentation Subject specialists in the areas of: Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology
  • Remember to download the languageadjuster for Zotero via Firefox ”Quick local switcher”
  • Forget everything about standalone editions for Chrome, Safari etc
  • Zotero – right corner: login or register Gain access to the Cloud and above… Syncronization ” Rule and divide” or the brutality of absolute power (also called co-operation)
  • 3 columns – Collections – the gathered material – the finding in question
  • New Collection New group
  • Zotero controls you or You control Zotero its a question of preferences
  • –– New entry, manually inscribed
  • New entry based on isbn/doi/issn
  • Advanced search
  • Synchronization– Full sreen – close
  • Download pdf-material Change preferences
  • Synchronizing and Zotero.org account
  • Remember installment of ”search” in order to be able to index pdf’s etc.
  • Output Styles at a glance
  • Zotero introduction by Erik Schwägermann

    1. 1. Introduction to ZoteroIntroduction to ZoteroZotero in english 1Erik Schwägermann
    2. 2. Agenda:• What is Zotero?• How does it work!• www.zotero.org• Zotero and REX• Zotero and electronic resources• Zotero and Word / Open Office• Help and tutorials for Zotero• Installing ZoteroZotero in english 2
    3. 3. What is Zotero?Zotero in english 3It is a Firefox application!Made by George Mason University Reference Management SoftwareCollect literature and/or referencesOrganize your literatureMake foot notes and bibliografies
    4. 4. Zotero in english 4
    5. 5. Zotero in english 5
    6. 6. Zotero in english 6Collection in foldersThe saved entriesThe actual entrySeeTags!SearchTags!
    7. 7. Zotero in english 7New collectionYour foldersGroup folders – share your bibliographiesAction! – see nextslide!
    8. 8. Zotero in english 8Preferences – control Zotero!See slide 13 on.Link to Zotero help – Opens a newwebsite! See hjelp menu!Actions
    9. 9. Zotero in english 9Ny entry – make onemanually here!Zotero has manydifferent standardtemplates!
    10. 10. Zotero in english 10New entry – based on thewebpage firefox is on!Add entry via ISBN, DOI mm.Add notes – both stand alone andfor an entry (child note)Attach something!
    11. 11. Zotero in english 11Two ways of searching. Search the metadata and the attached files or webpages.Quick searchAdvanced searchMake a new folder based on a search I searched”hobsbawm” -cheese
    12. 12. Zotero in english 12The last two…!Synchronize your local bibliography with Zotero’sserver – this way there is always access.You can also work on more than one pc and stilljust keep one bibliography!Close Zotero.Zotero is alwaysactive in thebrowser in Firefox.Full screen.
    13. 13. Zotero in english 13Control Zotero.Tick this box if you want to savethe PDF’s!
    14. 14. Zotero in english 14Synchronization between the Zotero library with Zotero web!
    15. 15. Zotero in english 15By PDF Indexing Zotero can do full text searches in attached pdf files e.g.articles! This is not installed by default – remember to do it yourself.
    16. 16. Resolver!Zotero in english 16•http://sfx.kb.dk.ep.fjernadgang.kb.dk/sfx_local/Used to locatematerial.
    17. 17. Zotero in english 17
    18. 18. Adding entries to Zotero!Zotero in english 18Next to the web adressURL zotero makes an icon
    19. 19. Zotero in english 19The yellow folder – means that Zotero has read andunderstood that the web page has more than onebibliographic unitThe web adress from last slide!Click the folder – andyou open this window.Mark the desired unitsto import them!
    20. 20. Zotero in english 20Examples of three icons:A book:An article:
    21. 21. Examples of pages Zotero reads:Zotero in english 21PubMed tested 24 October 2011Amazon.com tested 24 October 2011arXiv.org tested 24 October 2011, extracts PDF’s from siteBBC News tested 24 October 2011Cambridge University Journals Online tested 19 February 2008Cambridge Scientific Abstracts tested 24 October 2011PubMed tested 24 October 2011WorldCat tested 24 October 2011Energy Citations Database tested 24 October 2011Google Scholar tested 24 October 2011See more: http://www.zotero.org/translators
    22. 22. Word and Open Office• To use Zotero’s way of working with Word orOpen Office you need to install a file. Moreinfo on:– http://www.zotero.org/support/word_processor_plugin_installationZotero in english 22
    23. 23. Zotero in english 23Word and ZoteroWindowsMac
    24. 24. Zotero in english 24Choose citation style!
    25. 25. Zotero in english 25Choosematerial andwrite thepagesnumbers!
    26. 26. Zotero in english 26The foot note inWord:Zotero can also generate thisbibliography at the end.
    27. 27. Usefull links:• http://www.zotero.org/support/• http://www.worldcat.org• http://bibliotek.dk/Zotero in english 27
    28. 28. Installing Zotero.• First install Firefox – find the newest version bytyping ”firefox” in Google.• Open the browser Firefox – find the page:www.zotero.org• Click here: in the right side• The programme is now installed and youareready to use Zotero. Remember to chancethe two things in Preferences. See slide 13 and15!Zotero in english 28