MDM Security Management - MobileIron - August 2012


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The overall introduction presentation of MDM Security market leader MobileIron.

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  • As you can see from Michaels qoute, we are all focusing on Computers, Servers, networks laptops etc. But, some of us haven’t yet realized the upcoming problem.. And with upcoming I mean – It is already hear for quite some time, we just tend to ingore it so that we have less to bother.But! There is a problem and it is growing like a snowball that is rolling down a mountain full of snow..
  • So, as we can see it is all about gadgets nowdays.. Here you can see what IDC and Fortune magazine has to say about the statistics.. As we can see over the last 2 years Android has jumed Magically high comparing to it’s compettitors. iOs, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian and IDC is presuming that till the year of 2015 Android , together with iOs have the leading positions in the market and this means, not only in smart phone market but also in everyday market. Because, we know that technologies develops and in the upcoming years, there won’t be many possibilities to buy phones like Nokia 33 of Siemens S40... There will be smartphones and tablets everywhere. This also means that the threats to our gadget technology will be rising like mushrooms after rain.. And if we look at the Fortune magazine report, the growth of application downloading into our smartphones has rised and will continue to rise because, I would say that this is in human nature to have more if it is for free.. 
  • As we can see in the Mobile phone operating system evaluation chart .. In 2007 we all were using Palm, Windows mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry, The situation changed a lot when in 2010 Android and Ios steped in the picture.. Judging by everything that we can here in the news and see in everyday life, Symbian is slowly dying out and leaving free market for ..... And the summary – Touch wins, Consumers want more things to play with and in the end our IT department has to support 3-5 OSSo,.. The migration is constant and this is a huge problem because we all want to be able to use our smarthones for everything... Receiving and sending out work emails, playing games, checking maps, measuring our heart rate and so on..
  • And , Why shouldn’t we? Most apps are for free, and some are actually very usefull. On Saturday me and my colleague were in Vilnius and late at night we had to get home.. All this time we were using Vaze and App for Androids to know where to go.. In the end.. His phone died and we had to do this the old fashioned way.. The moral is.. We didn’t actually need a map or any knowleadge of the city untill our smartphones died.. :)So and if we look at the global scale.. IT continues taking the lead in business and also in everyday life.. Everything is suddenly going E.... E- government, E-trafic, E-Bay, E-pay, E-donate blood.. etc.. The mobility is growing ... And also with that the Security problems are growing.. Some say that the current IT world is like Wild wild west.. Who has the biggest gun and and/or quickest hands – win... Very few laws that very few people obay, too few sheriffs on the Multiquadrillion data teritorry.. And the same problem is with Mobile security...
  • Title.. In most cases, The threat to our companies security is made by our own workers with simple not knowing and curiosity.. So let’s imagine that we put a big red shiny button on each of our employees tables.. With a sign.. DO not push..  You all know, it is just a matter of time..  But what it means to the comapny.. Spyware, companies and personal data leakage, huge finansial losses, new security measures and policies, investing more money in precousions, time spent in recovering and so on and on.. And in the end.. Who is responsible? ??So I am here today to tell that we have a solution for the existing and rapidly growing problem..
  • MobileIron, fonded in 2007 and launchedfirst product in August 2009.Since then they have achieved global reach, selling MobileIron in over 30 countries, and acquired over 1200 new enterprise customers in just the last 12 months, including close to 100 of the Fortune 500 and Global 250.Their underlying vision is that mobile becomes the go-to platform for accessing enterprise systems, and the phone or tablet becomes the preferred interface for the end-user.Their taret is to eliminating the obstacles that come in the way of mobile adoption. As a result of this focus and the success of our customers, Gartner placed MobileIron in the Leader’s Quadrant of their first ever MDM Magic Quadrant in April 2011. MobileIron at the time was one of the youngest companies ever to be placed in a Leader’s Quadrant by Gartner.
  • Trusted devices, Trusted users, Trusted apps..In a world of this much change, enterprise IT struggles with how to provide end-users the services they demand, like apps, without sacrificing data security. This needs to happen over multiple operating systems, unlike the single OS days of the desktop.The Mobile iron solution is to ensure that only trusted devices used by trusted users for trusted apps gain access to enterprise data, networks, and resources. And the level of access depends on the level of trust.Trusted Mobility is a strategy for business enablement and transformation. MobileIron is a software platform that provides the foundation for this approach.
  • The MobileIron platform covers the full enterprise lifecycle and is available on-premise or in the cloud.When we put on Mobileiron First Devices must be configured to set the the company policy..This can be done to a specific individual or a whole group.. Let’s say, your boss doesn’t give a .. «Penny».. For the company policies and wants full access and control of everything and all apps enebled etc. Etc.. No problem.. ;)But for all the rest, we set strict or not so strict policies.. The devices must also integrate tightly with back-end enterprise systems. When it does.. What happens..MobileIron… protects corporate email… uses the same authentication mechanisms and groups as your existing directory services… connects to your enterprise certificate authority … triggers commands through the BES (Back end services)for management and security… archives SMS messages with your existing archival systemAlso, MobileIron provides granular privacy controls, so you can decide whether to track data like location or application inventoryAnd of course, all these configurations, policies, integrations, and controls can be send out to thousands and tens of thousands of devices in an automated wayNot only that but also there is the posiblility to push out applications.. Let’s say your company just decided to use CRM and to put it on all employees who are in the financial department... A few clicks and you employees, where ever they are at the moment will get a notification that a new app has been put on remotly on their device and that they should use it from now on..Another special possiblitity is to split the phone in particions...Once your policies are set, you need to make sure they continue to remain like that..You must monitor posture.. It is the security state of the device – is it jailbroken? Is it out-of-policy? Has the user turned encryption off by mistake? And so on..Based on the trust level of the device, MobileIron Sentry controls access to enterprise email. If a device is not trusted, email is blocked. And these actions are automated, so that IT can focus on managing exceptions, not the details of every device. This allows MobileIron to secure and manage the device fleet with limited people resources. Now let’s talk apps!And finally, when the employee leaves or the device is lost, MobileIron allows you to wipe the entire device or selectively wipe just the enterprise persona, which includes corporate email, VPN and WiFi settings, and business apps.Tracking.. Producitivity, safety, costs..
  • From day on, MobileIronwas built with five goals in mind:Give users choice of deviceSecure mobile dataDrive business enablement through appsIntegrate into existing enterprise systemsScale quickly and cost-effectively to global rollouts
  • Only existing for more then a year but already up in the leaders..
  • MDM Security Management - MobileIron - August 2012

    1. 1. 2012 - Mobile DeviceManagement & SecurityMartins RudzitisKey Account Managerheadtechnology Baltics SIALatvia, Lithuania and Estonia
    2. 2. headtechnology
    3. 3. Company business card Founded in 2000, Germany Core business – IT Security Offices in Ludwigsburg, Warsaw, Riga, Kiev, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Minsk, Baku, Almaty, Sofia More than 100 employees More than 25 vendors in portfolio Official distributor (for many cases exclusive) in Eastern Europe and Asia for number of products / solutions / vendors Participant of many IT exhibitions, road shows, business forums, ENISA IT Security Awareness program – local IT Security
    4. 4. Headtechnology for Partners Innovative product portfolio Partnership programms (Authorized, Bronze, Silver and Gold) Partner / Customer protection International knowledge base Multilanguage technical, sales and marketing support Product, Partner Trainings, demonstrations, webexes, certifications etc. More than 500 partners world
    5. 5. Headtechnology – choice of portfolio World class IT security names (best in class) Fits International laws regarding IT auditing (EU, NATO directives) Regulation compliance (HIPAA, SOX, BASEL2, GLBA, PCI, etc.) Best Price / Performance Close and good relationships with vendors for years Local competence
    6. 6. Operations in The Baltic States Mobile Security Gateway Security Endpoint Security Network Security 700 global reseller partner network, 2nd level technical support & local competence
    7. 7. Mobile Device Security You wouldnt think of leaving your computer open to viruses and hackers, but your smartphone probably doesnt have the same protections... Michael Finney - Bay Areas consumer problem
    8. 8. Starting questions…. • Do you have a smartphone or tablet? • What kind of mobile device, OS? • How many app’s your device has? • Are they connected to your company’s data? • What’s your highscore in «Angry Birds»???
    9. 9. Old technologies Old
    10. 10. Gadgets, gadgets,
    11. 11. Mobile operating system evolution continues 2007 2010 2013 10 • Touch wins • Consumer UX wins • Global IT will have to support 3-5 OS • Migration is 11
    12. 12. What do local companies say?1. Up to 60% of new phone buyers choose smartphones 2. Most bought smartphones at the moment - iPhone4, Nokia 5230,iPhone4S un Samsung Galaxy S23. In our network there are 150 000 smartphone users.By Jānis Vēvers1. We predict that in 2014 the internet on mobile devices will be over 100 Mb p/s2. On year 2015 from all sold mobile phones 75% will be smartphones3. All-in-one plans and solutions will be the dominating choice for buyersBy Valdis Vancovič
    13. 13. Local smartphone
    14. 14. Background - technology development IT continues taking the lead in business (ERP, CRM, document management, digital prototyping etc.) Importance and development of e-World (e- Health, e-government, e-services, social networking, Web 2.0, unified communications and tools for that etc.) Mobility and borderless enterprise Cyber culture develops faster than cyber
    15. 15. When Angry Birds Attack Hmmm…
    16. 16. When Angry Birds Attack Ouch…
    17. 17. End users – the weakest link Security researchers still label end users the biggest threat to enterprise security.“Unlike applications that can be patched or systems that can be hardened, endusers -- whether through naive, carelessness, or malicious intent -- continue toexpose IT resources to serious security threats.” Amy DeCarlo - Principal Analyst at Current
    18. 18. Corporate overview Vision: Mobile becomes the primary communications and computing platform for the enterprise Mission: Deliver the best security, management, and enterprise app storefront for mobile devices and apps Founded in 2007 Global reach 2011 Leaders Quadrant for Mobile A New Paradigm for Mobile Device Market leadership Device Management Management 1400+ MDM 18
    19. 19. Market demands on… TRUSTED USERSTRUSTED DEVICES TRUSTED APPS Multi-OS S E A C P U P R S I Work Personal T 360 Y Multi-OS Business transformation for company and 19
    20. 20. Comprehensive lifecycle 6 Monitor posture 1 Configure securely Email and apps Security and identity 7 Enforce identity Wi-Fi and VPN 5 Manage all devices … by group, individual, or ownership 8 Control access 2 Integrate tightly 9 Automate workflow Email AD/LDAP Multi-OS console for employee- and Certificates company-owned mobile devices BES Archival 10 Keep out rogue apps 3 Protect privacy 11 Publish apps (IT) BYOD programs Regional regulations 12 Discover apps (user) 13 Secure app data 4 Roll out at scale By group or policy 15 Wipe corporate data 14 Limit roaming costs
    21. 21. MobileIron MobileIron Confidential
    22. 22. Competitive advantage MobileIron product advantage User choice Purpose-built for multi-OS and BYOD management Deepest insight into endpoint risk Security … tied to automated workflow for data loss prevention Apps Most complete apps security, discovery and management Integration Tightest integration with enterprise systems, like LDAP Global scale Large-scale rollout with lowest TCO (appliance or cloud) Core advantage: MobileIron investment in customer 22
    23. 23. MobileIron a Leader after just one year of operations Gartner comments on MobileIron: • “[MobileIron] has seen rapid growth in sales, mind share and market share, outselling most MDM platforms during the past year. Built from the ground up, it is solely focused on mobility management.” • “Strong presales and postsales support and programs are particularly effective at building client relationships and reinforcing credibility” • “The company emphasizes comprehensive life cycle management” • “It offers strong support for corporate and personal devices” • “… superior management interface … sleek UI … Gartner, Inc: “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software” by full-featured tool … great reporting and dashboard Philip Redman, John Girard, and Leif-Olof Wallin (April 13, 2011) capabilities”This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a largerresearch note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report. The Gartner report is available upon request from MobileIron. MobileIron - Confidential 23
    24. 24. Possibilities – future steps and HT offers Own evaluation (HW / SW) Webinar / Demo Training / Certification Vendor / Partner involvement Refference visit
    25. 25. Questions &
    26. 26. Contacts headtechnology Baltics SIA Innovative IT Security Solutions Value Added Distributor Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia 31 Cesu str. 3 floor, LV-1012, Riga, Latvia Phone: +371 674 21 021 Fax: +371 674 21 024 eMail: Internet: