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DSS ITSEC Conference 2012 - MobileIron MDM, MAM & Mobile Security


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Presentation from Riga, Latvia. "Data Security Solutions" Ltd. ITSEC Conference.

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DSS ITSEC Conference 2012 - MobileIron MDM, MAM & Mobile Security

  1. 1. The Platform for Mobile ITDaan HakaartEMEA Sales Director
  2. 2. Mobile drives a fundamental shift in behavior Desktop as primary Mobile as primary Salesforce Task workers Knowledge workers Industry-specific roles2
  3. 3. The birth of Mobile IT Mobile IT User-led Cross-functional Consumer speedMulti-OS Consumerization Security,UX-driven management, Short lifecycles and apps are intertwinedInnovation-centric Micro apps “The more the CIO says no, the less secure the organization becomes.”3 Vivek Kundra, U.S. Federal CIO
  4. 4. Mobile IT transforms business Financial Services Professional Services Retail & Consumer Goods Government & Education Technology & Manufacturing Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Devices Travel and Hospitality4
  5. 5. Mobile IT requirements in the post-PC era Prevent data loss Mobilize apps and documents Preserve user experience and privacy Support mobile OS and device evolution Deploy at scale across global organizations5
  6. 6. is … 2 (Tunneling and Access Control) 1 End-User Services Enterprise Infrastructure Intelligent Gateway3 Mobile Policy & Configuration Engine DEVICES APP CONTENT RULES & USER CERTS & 6 STOREFRONT REPORTING SELF-SERVICE DIRECTORY
  7. 7. MobileIron advantage Purpose-built for Architected for Mobile IT scale Most trusted Best at apps cloud 3,000 customers in 24 months 97% customer support satisfaction 60+ customers in print Focused on Best at security customer success7
  8. 8. Industry recognition Gartner: Leaders Quadrant of 2012 MDM Magic Quadrant (May 2012) Info-Tech: Champion in 2012 MDM Vendor Landscape (Aug 2012) IDC: Largest and fastest growing mobile enterprise management specialist (Sept 2012)BusinessWeek: One of five hottest enterprise startups (Sept 2012) 2012 Magic Quadrant for Mobile 2012 MDM Vendor Landscape Device Management Software (Reprint available from MobileIron) AirWatch MobileIron Zenprise BoxTone SOTI Fiberlink Sophos SAP RIM Good McAfee Symantec Gartner, Inc: “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software” by Philip Redman, John Girard, and Monica Basso (May 17, 2012). This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available August 2012 upon request from Info-Tech Research Group, Inc., Vendor Landscape: Mobile Device Management Suites, August Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not 2012. Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications the technology marketplace. Assessing vendors by the strength of their offering and their consist of the opinions of Gartners research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. strategy for the enterprise, Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscapes pay tribute to the Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category. warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose 8
  9. 9. MobileIron across the Mobile IT lifecycle 6 Monitor risk1 Configure securely Email and apps 7 Control access Policy and identity 5 Manage inventory Connectivity (Wi-Fi, VPN) By group, individual, or ownership 8 Enforce identity Security2 Integrate tightly 9 Automate workflow Email Across OS AD/LDAP For apps and devices Certificates BES For BYOD and corporate programs 10 Access and protect docs Docs3 Protect privacy 11 Deliver apps at scale BYOD programs Regional regulations 12 Protect app container Apps4 Roll out at scale 13 Tunnel app data Group-based User self-service Multi-tier management 15 Wipe corporate data 14 Limit roaming costs 9
  10. 10. MobileIron architecture: Deployment Multi-OS Delivery Network DatacenterInternet Apps@Work (Enterprise app storefront) Docs@Work (Secure document container) Secure data (Privacy, identity, compliance) MobileIron Apple Google Trusted apps (Secure app containers) App Delivery Network (High volume delivery) Note: MobileIron VSP, Sentry, and Atlas can be deployed behind the corporate firewall if desiredDMZ Sentry (Intelligent gateway) VSP (Publishing, policy, config, identity, automation) (Physical or virtual) Atlas (Central console, reporting, multi-tier mgmt) (Physical, virtual, or cloud)Corporate Network Enterprise Certificate LDAP Administrators End Users Applications Authority Email/PIM Apps/Content Security Users10
  11. 11. Mobile IT challenge: Two unstoppable forces App Storm Content Wave CIO mandate: Create value Protect data Move fast11
  12. 12. MobileIron across the apps lifecycle Distribute Containerize Tunnel Protect data-at-rest Protect data-in-motion App SDK App Private App Tunnel Storefront Wrapping App Delivery Dynamic Policy Network Authentication Authorization App Control Configuration Usage Tracking Deletion Apps@Work AppConnect AppTunnel12
  13. 13. MobileIron architecture: Full app lifecycle Components Apps@Work • Private app storefront • Tied to device identity and posture • Selective wipe of app data • Industry-leading user experience App Delivery Network (AppDN) • Highly scalable app distribution App Control • Blacklist and whitelist AppConnectApp requirements: • Data protection: encryption, single sign-on• Secure app distribution • DLP: secure app-to-app communications• Scalable downloads • App-specific data wipe• Data loss prevention for data-at-rest • Security wrapper or SDK• Data loss prevention for data-in-motion• Protection from rogue apps AppTunnel • Secure tunnel for app traffic through Sentry 13
  14. 14. MobileIron architecture: Content management Components Intelligent gateway (Sentry) • Protection of email attachments Secure content hub (Docs@Work) • Secure viewing of email attachments • Secure access to SharePoint docs • Secure on-device storage • Cut/copy/paste restrictions • No “Open in” access for rogue apps • Doc selective wipe if out of compliance Context-aware policy and identity • Tight integration with existing group-basedContent security requirements: security and remediation polices• Data loss prevention for email attachments• Secure distribution of SharePoint Enterprise architecture• … without new repository or storage cost • Tight integration with existing content systems • No new content repository required • No new storage required 14
  15. 15. MobileIron architecture: Layered security Components Intelligent gateway • Email access and attachment control • Secure tunnel for email, apps, docs Secure containers for apps and docs • Distribution, deletion, data protection BYOD groups and controls • Privacy policy and selective wipe Compliance and automated remediation • Posture detection: OS, apps, encryption • Workflow: notification, access, quarantine, wipeMultiple layers of security requirements:• Email access and attachments Identity• Apps and docs • AD/LDAP integration (group, OU, user)• BYOD data separation and privacy • On-board or external certificate authority• Rogue app access • Secure multi-user with fast switching• Compromised devices Baseline security and configuration• Lost devices • Lock, wipe, password, secure Wi-Fi/VPN… without damaging user experience 15
  16. 16. MobileIron architecture: Real-world scale Components Operational scale (on-premise and cloud) • 100,000 devices per appliance • 20,000 registrations per hour • Biggest single certs site: 150,000 certs deployed Apps scale (App Delivery Network) • No limit on app size • No impact on corporate network • Fast download performance for user Low total cost of ownership • Easy installs and upgrades • No DBA, Windows patching, server licensesLarge enterprise requirements: • 1 FTE can manage 10,000 to 20,000 devices• Deploy 100,000+ devices• Deploy 100MB+ sized apps Scale testing• Deploy 100,000+ certificates • TRUST – Test Reliability Under STress –• Manage with low total cost of ownership automation system – unique in industry • MDM/MAM loads of 100,000+ devices 16
  17. 17. MobileIron investment in customer success World-class global technical support and services Domain expertise around mobility best practices Training and Best practice Evaluation Peer certification toolkits companion community BYOD, Apps, Android, Large Deployments Prepare Develop Roll out Sustain17
  18. 18. What customers are saying … MobileIron provides As the Director of Information Technology, I have been working with great support and technology solutions providers and their associated vendor support actually listens to personnel for many years. Ms. B’s knowledge, professionalism, customer feedback. client relationship skills, and mentoring capabilities far surpassed the abilities of the technical representatives from other vendors. My staff and I were extremely impressed with Ms. B’s performance This is hands-down the most and believe that her capabilities and those of her team help comprehensive set of BYOD distinguish the MobileIron solutions from the competition.documentation I have seen from a single source to date. MobileIron University in general is just awesome— The MobileIron team is extremely responsive to its been an incredible customer needs. I have seen the platform resource for me growing from Beta all the way to become aI learned more leader in the Gartner Quadrant. That happensduring the sessions because MobileIron listens to its customers.than I did duringthe last 6 monthsrunning ourmobility project In this day and age of bad customer service, my experience with MobileIron has been consistently great and this last request for help was the best yet. 18
  19. 19. Companies are building a new Mobile IT stackIdentity Credentials SSO PersonaContent Distribution Data Authoring (content hub) security CollaborationApps Distribution Data App dev (app store) securitySecurity& mgmt Global mgmt Security AccessNetworkservices Voice Data Wi-Fi VPN CDN 19
  20. 20. MobileIron focusIdentity Credentials SSO PersonaContent Distribution Data Authoring (content hub) security CollaborationApps Distribution Data App dev (app store) securitySecurity& mgmt Global mgmt Security AccessNetworkservices Voice Data Wi-Fi VPN CDN 20
  21. 21. Next set of Mobile IT challenges OS turbulence is the norm: Must support 3+ OS Boundaries blur: Content vs. app, mobile vs. desktop Shadow IT explodes for apps: Innovation or chaos? “I am my own CIO”: Help-yourself-desk Identity becomes strategic: Glue for mobile enterprise21