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Digitala Era 2017 - NotAKey - Janis Graubins - Mobile technologies for single digital identity


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Jaunā Eiropas Savienības personas datu aizsardzības regula teju ikvienā uzņēmumā kļūst par arvien apspriestāku jautājumu, jo tās spēkā stāšanās termiņš (2018.gada 25.maijs) strauji tuvojas. Tādēļ jau ceturto gadu pēc kārtas, sadarbojoties ar “Latvijas Sertificēto Personas Datu Aizsardzības Speciālistu Asociāciju”, viens no vadošajiem kiberdrosības uzņēmumiem Baltijā “Data Security Solutions” 26.aprīlī rīko Latvijas lielāko personas datu aizsardzības regulas pasākumu (EU GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation) “Digitālā Ēra 2017”, kurā vadošie speciālisti no privātā un valsts sektora dalīsies pieredzē un zināšanās, aplūkojot jaunākos un inovatīvākos risinājumus, kā arī jaunākās tirgus tendences un regulatīvās normas kā Latvijā, tā visā Eiropas Savienībā. Vairāk:

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Digitala Era 2017 - NotAKey - Janis Graubins - Mobile technologies for single digital identity

  1. 1. Mobile technologies as a cornerstone for single digital identity Janis Graubins
  2. 2. Digital identity is an extension of our physical id.
  3. 3. European Commission introduces stricter privacy rules. Not complying will lead to penalty - up to 4% annual worldwide turnover. #shithappens
  4. 4. It's time to make the EU's single market fit for the digital age – tearing down regulatory walls and moving from 28 national markets to a single one. - The Juncker Commission The actual goal of the regulations
  5. 5. Some hacks are found to overcome this – N26
  6. 6. “While many efforts are underway to solve parts of the identity challenge, there is a need for a coordinated effort to build a truly transformational digital identity system.” -World Economic Forum But the problem still remains
  7. 7. In the last 15 years, 52% of Top 500 Companies have disappeared. 1957 Average life expectancy 55 years 2017 Average life expectancy 15 years vs.
  8. 8. Our lives are becoming more digital
  9. 9. *Singapore
  10. 10. Some of the eID business cases: - to sell KYC process information; - to sell attestation services; - to provide digital signatures. Executive summary
  11. 11. Business case 1 providing KYC data
  12. 12. With eID we can allow to buy restricted items online. Like items, which would require age verification.
  13. 13. Users are linked by using identification number The person could choose to share certain attributes from one bank and certain from other (see next slide). The person is always asked only the minimum information needed to proceed. Optional fields person can decided to share or not (see HP Online case).
  14. 14. Choosing addresses from a set of addresses
  15. 15. Person now can pay for the desired item.
  16. 16. Business case 2 providing attestation as a service – bank’s processed data about customer
  17. 17. Person goes to HP shop and decides to buy laptop by paying now or later.
  18. 18. If decides to buy now he or she then is sent to fill a lengthy form about personal info…
  19. 19. and continue with billing information..
  20. 20. so many steps for a person, who just simply wants to pay.
  21. 21. But it can be done differently.
  22. 22. By choosing one of the identities and paying for goods after received
  23. 23. Again only the minimum information is asked and person can decide to disable sharing of attributes, which are not mandatory. Users are linked by using identification number
  24. 24. Changing attributes to share.
  25. 25. Person receives interest rate 9.9%.
  26. 26. Business case 3 providing digital signatures for contract signing
  27. 27. Person wants to get a contract with mobile operator.
  28. 28. Person first shares information and then signs contract with advanced signature.
  29. 29. Instead of advanced signatures, qualified signatures will be provided in the production system (unlocking even more use cases). Users are linked by using identification number
  30. 30. Ganu street 3-12 Phone +371 22033942 Riga, LV-1010 Thank you, let's change the way authentication and identification works. Janis Graubins