UGP Chrysler Brochure from Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge


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UGP Chrysler Brochure from Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge

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UGP Chrysler Brochure from Ancira Chrysler Jeep Dodge

  1. 1. YOUR DAIMLERCHRYSLER PARTNER Welcome to United Group Programs, Inc. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution Providing Old-Fashioned Customer Service The Way It Should Be. United Group Programs, Inc. Florida ● Georgia ● Pennsylvania 2500 North Military Trail, Suite 450 Boca Raton, FL 33431 Toll Free: (800) 842-8770 Website: E-Mail:
  2. 2. United Group Programs is Your Unique, Single Source Benefits Provider United Group Programs was founded in 1968 with one major goal in mind. Simplify the administration of health benefits for Employers and Employees. With over 4,300 corporate clients worldwide and thirty-seven years of experience, UGP has grown into an organization that serves clients in every state in the nation as well as internationally. Additionally, we have five corporate offices where our Employees have become a team devoted to providing customer service that is second to none. Our goal is to provide tools, training and motivation to create a unified team who have the desire, attitude, integrity, confidence and sincere commitment to provide a partnership internally within our organization and externally with our clients in order to exceed their expectations. We provide service with heart, and take responsibility and ownership to seize every opportunity to make our clients feel they have not only been served but also cared for. We will be pleased to offer you a cost-free analysis of Because of these principles and the efforts of our your current plan in comparison with the personalized Employees, United Group Programs, Inc. has options we offer. Our experience gives us the added become one of the most prominent third party confidence of steadfast relationships with insurers administrators in the nation. We possess the and reinsurers, which leads to remarkable savings for expertise, experience, resources, and commitment Employers. UGP offers a host of options from fully required for superior health benefits administration. insured and self-funded medical and dental plans to group life and disability insurance. Through the use of National and Regional PPO networks, United Group Programs, Inc. can offer Employers the plan of Our specialization is in providing Employers with very choice that fits with their needs and values. We also successful alternatives to control the increasingly specialize in executive benefit packages. In addition high cost of providing healthcare benefits to to Third Party Administration Services, UGP provides Employees. UGP’s Third Party Administration COBRA, Cafeteria Section 125 plans and HIPAA services are tailored in design to a particular services to assist Employers and human resource Employer’s benefit needs and implemented with departments. The result is a comprehensive old-fashioned personal customer service and proven benefits package that is cost effective and administration techniques. stress-free. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 2
  3. 3. Our Goal is Customer Satisfaction Performance Guarantee Consistency and Reliability When you choose United Group Programs, Inc. for Using a detailed proposal developed with the client, your Employee benefits needs, you can be assured our specialists manage the implementation that we will provide you with outstanding service and of the benefit program from start to finish. Our unmatched performance. We aim to build long-term representatives are qualified, accessible and relationships by keeping our promises and earning your accommodating. Our staff consists of Employee trust. Many of our first clients 37 years ago are still our benefit consultants for self-funded plans and mini clients today. medical plans, in-house counsel, in-house Certified Public Accountant, and a registered nurse. You can count on our specialists to know what needs to be done and how to do it efficiently. 24 Hour Claims Processing Policy Our efficiency begins with our 24-hour claim processing. Our staff proactively solves claims problems immediately and effectively, with as little client or human resources involvement as possible. For example, a claims processor may contact the provider directly if a statement of account, rather than a bill, is received, saving time for the human resources department. Reinsurer Negotiation Policy Creating Memorable First Impressions UGP's approach is not to “shop” the Employee benefits reinsurance as others do. Our approach is to At United Group Programs, Inc., we realize that making negotiate with qualified and stable “A” rated a change in your insurance plan seems to be a difficult Reinsurers with professionalism. With our 37 years of decision to make. However, difficult decisions must be experience we are able to negotiate the most made for your company to run efficiently and prosper. advantageous Aggregate and Specific Stop Loss For this reason we offer a cost-free analysis of your Reinsurance contracts for our clients, providing us current benefit plan versus those alternatives offered by with an advantage over our competition. UGP. This analysis consists of benefit plan design review, viability of self-funding, and a review of disability and life insurance policies for adverse limitations and appropriateness. When Employers select a program through UGP, we take that decision very seriously. As such, we want our new clients to experience a smooth and comfortable transition. Therefore, we offer reliable and consistent consultation with Employers’ Human Resource and Risk Management Departments. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 3
  4. 4. Our Proactive Organization Registered Nurse Internal Organization Our in-house Registered Nurse is available in her capacity for our clients when needed. As a Third Party Administrator, we are proactive. While we are free to meet for consultation at any given time, we request informal meetings each quarter, allowing discussion of secular trends in the industry, claims experience (including actual and potential shock losses), proposed changes in legislation, the interpretation of Employee benefits legislation, and possible utilization abuse. At the conclusion of the meeting, we will discuss the client’s alternatives, renewal options, as well as important Human Resource and Risk Management issues. Integrated Claims Administration UGP provides an integrated claims system to streamline administration of multiple benefit programs in a managed care environment. Our clients enjoy enhanced data integrity and the most efficient claims operations available. We have built in the flexibility and adaptability we need to handle unique client requirements. Our commitment to service excellence Benefit Plan Design and Review creates timely and accurate claims administrative Whether your plan is fully insured or self-funded the services for our clients. design of your plan is crucial in affecting your costs. United Group Programs, Inc. provides a review of Strategy and Legal Review your current benefit plan to determine whether your plan has excess and unnecessary benefits that Upon request, our in-house counsel will work jointly increase the cost of your plan, or limitations on with client’s corporate counsel at no additional cost for benefits that negatively affect the Employees and services within the scope of his profession. Our executives. Studies have found by offering certain counsel will guide your company through HIPAA benefits the Employer’s cost for health insurance privacy issues and guidelines and advise you as to the goes up, while those specific benefits in no way appropriate course of action. assist in the health of the Employee or provide a true benefit. Due to significant increases in the cost of Financial Reliability healthcare, the implementation of Plan Design changes now, allows Employers to save on Our in-house Certified Public Accountant will work healthcare costs for years to come. jointly with our clients to address all tax law and related issues promptly and professionally at no additional cost We at UGP are pleased to offer you a cost-free for services within the scope of his profession. The analysis of your current plan in comparison with the billing support staff is trained to work with each client’s personalized options we offer. Our experience gives specific accounting practices and bookkeeping needs us the added confidence of steadfast relationships to facilitate the production of easy to read monthly with insurers and reinsurers, which leads to statements, to troubleshoot any problems if they occur. remarkable savings for Employers. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 4
  5. 5. Our Services At the same time, we take the burden of keeping up Free the Human Resource Department with new tax and legal legislation off of the Employer. Our in-house counsel and Certified Public Accountant The human resource department for any Employer are up to date on all issues that may affect your should be focused on core business competencies and company’s Employee benefits programs and we make company strategies, not on minor administrative issues. changes where needed to assure compliance with the new regulations. United Group Programs Call Center provides a full range of services and benefits to Employers. UGP has the experience, management and staff to handle routine Payroll Services Employee inquiries freeing Human Resources to focus Whether a small or medium sized business with payroll on more important issues. processing needs, UGP has an affordable and Our Toll Free Call Center provides a centralized access comprehensive payroll solution for each Employer’s point to resolve all Employee issues. UGP’s Call Center specific needs. UGP simplifies your payroll process. can also be utilized for enrollment and re-enrollment. At UGP, we directly contact the health care provider, requesting the itemized bill by fax in order to process the claim immediately. In this way, the claims examiner Asking all the right questions proactively intercedes to insure prompt servicing of the Our case management is an integrated process that claim. The Employee is not confused and no time is assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, taken from the workday to resolve this problem. and evaluates options and services to meet an Therefore there are no dunning notices and no phone individual's health needs. UGP communicates with calls. The plan runs smoothly for all involved, healthcare providers and utilizes all available resources particularly for Human Resources. to promote a quality yet cost-effective outcome. When approved by the client, UGP's case management program targets individual members with catastrophic Coordinated Billing & Carrier Invoicing - diagnosis and/or high cost procedures. Our case One List Bill for Multiple Products management team "steers" members through the complex medical considerations to maximize the UGP’s services allow Employers to display invoices member’s health. from multiple carriers into one consolidated report/bill. Our billing reports can show the Employer the cost of Getting all the right answers benefits for an entire organization or broken out by location or subdivision. Normally, when an insurance company or Third Party Administrator (TPA) receives a claim from an Employee By utilizing UGP’s administration services, Employers that consists of only a statement or “balance due”, or in reduce the time wasted in manual reconciliation some other way incomplete, the insurance company or of multiple invoices from multiple insurance carriers. TPA, would return the bill to the Employee with This immediately reduces administrative costs and instructions that the Employee obtain the itemized bill eliminates the human resource department’s from the service provider. A confused Employee often involvement in reconciling bills. brings this problem to their supervisor, who then Among multiple carriers offering health, dental, and involves the Human Resources Department. other voluntary and non-voluntary Employee benefits, UGP not only coordinates billing, but also eligibility, enrollment, and termination. Unique Administration Services Unlike most Third Party Administrators, United Group Programs, Inc. offers a host of extra administration Coordinated billing allows Employers to receive services to make your company more efficient and to monthly a single invoice from UGP and to make a reduce your overall administration costs. single payment to UGP for all of the Employers’ insurance policies. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 5
  6. 6. Claims Processing Customer Service We strive for 100% accuracy. Our audit procedures, training programs and system controls are designed United Group Programs, Inc. maintains a toll-free to accomplish this objective. Mandatory pre-payment telephone number for the convenience of clients, plan audits are conducted for claims that exceed participants and healthcare providers. During normal designated dollar amounts. business hours (9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST), the participant may speak directly with the person Our system also reprices In-Network claims in responsible for managing the day-to-day accordance with the negotiated fee schedules and administrative activities of the plan. Most inquiries contracts. Non-Network claims are subject to the are answered accurately and immediately. There is usual and customary fee data. When appropriate, convenient voicemail or e-mail for after-hours charges are negotiated to obtain maximum savings inquiries. for both clients and their employees. United Group Programs, Inc. is proud that our claims Reporting our Success turn-around time is among the fastest in the industry. Our system permits adjudication of many claims within 24 hours. Electronic and paper clean Accounting & Financial Reporting claims that are identified for review by the built-in controls are processed within 3 business days. At UGP, our accounting and financial reporting systems interface with all other administrative systems, such as Our quick turn-around policy results in a number of eligibility, claims, payables, and collections. This desirable effects: integrated system allows us the flexibility to individually define and maintain accounting procedures and • Employees perceive their health plan as a controls to meet the distinct needs of each client. true benefit. Thus, morale remains high. • The need for calls by Employees and Custom Client Reporting providers to check claim status is greatly reduced. Timely and meaningful information is critical. UGP furnishes certain standard reports to each client • Prevention of harassment of Employees by monthly, quarterly, and/or annually, and clients may providers demanding payment. choose from numerous other reports. Our self-funded clients can choose to receive up to seventeen reports Benefit checks along with detailed, easy to ranging from a monthly enrollment census or claims understand, explanations of benefit forms are issued detail history report to a network discount report to the covered Employee and/or provider, accurately showing the discounts saved in-network for all claims and efficiently. processed. Stop-Loss Claims Reporting UGP maintains an experienced and dedicated Stop Loss Department that monitors potential stop-loss claims and files all appropriate claims with the reinsurance carriers on behalf of clients. The efficiency of claims submission and follow-up to assure quick reimbursement results in a favorable financial impact to the plan. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 6
  7. 7. A-Rated Management & Negotiation Disease Management People are living longer lives than ever before. This is Utilization Management not because there is less disease in the world. With today’s science and technology, people are able to United Group Programs, Inc. works with Utilization live with otherwise deadly diseases for many years to Review and Case Management programs to assure come. For an Employer, this has only been financially quality patient care delivered in a cost-effective possible through high-cost insurance. Now, as part of manner. Our integrated database and software the Case Management Program developed by UGP, systems allow our claims examiners, auditors and health care costs can be decreased through proper stop loss department to share information on a disease management. real-time basis. UGP first provides all members access to information Case Management to educate themselves about their disease, thereby providing the necessary tools for the members 80% of the health care costs come from 10% of the to manage their own conditions. By providing population. Unpredictable catastrophes and poorly information about diseases such as asthma, diabetes, controlled serious diseases are a very large source congestive heart failure and hepatitis C, for example, of these costs. At UGP, Case management members may proactively manage their condition and opportunities are quickly identified and aggressively episodes in a quality manner. pursued, by focusing on members with serious or chronic illnesses. Claims Negotiation The nurse case manager works closely with UGP has designed its programs to encourage members, family, and physician to assess the in-network care. However, out-of-network care member's health care needs and to coordinate will occur throughout the plan year. In order to save services. Our case management team works to our client healthcare dollars on care accessed determine quality and cost-effective treatments of out-of-network, UGP proactively negotiates the claim. services by identification of alternative treatment UGP has developed a proprietary database for this plans, price negotiation, or both. purpose. In situations where a member accesses As an essential component for effective case care out-of-network, UGP will negotiate discounts for management, case managers maintain a positive, physician and facility claims. professional relationship with healthcare providers to assure the patient's healthcare needs are met. The goal is to assist the member to reach their optimal level of wellness through high quality, cost-effective care, while reducing potential claim and minimizing the current claims impact and overall costs. Prescription Drug Management UGP is a national leader in prescription drug management. We offer our clients the strongest and most aggressive prescription drug discounts and networks across the nation. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 7
  8. 8. Making Life Easier & More Efficient Eligibility & Enrollment Services United Group Programs, Inc. can readily provide guidance and is prepared to assist the Employer in the Employee enrollment plays a critical role in the success preparation of these changes. We will also distribute of any voluntary benefits program. the appropriate communication to Employees in the form of booklet inserts or payroll stuffers. Participant enrollment, coverage termination, and other changes to eligibility information are made using the unique enrollment systems process by United Group Auditing & Subrogation Programs, Inc. This information may also be submitted electronically or via fax. Upon receipt, all information is UGP takes seriously the accuracy of its performance reviewed for plan compliance and immediately entered on every case. Each claim is audited for errors or into UGP's eligibility database. inconsistencies during the first month of the plan. Thereafter, ongoing audits are performed based upon a UGP provides the following services: random sample of claims. Additionally, all high dollar claims (over $5,000) are audited and approved before One-on-one enrollment being released for payment. Quite often, bills presented for payment contain Group enrollment charges that are inconsistent with a patient’s condition, or they contain duplicate charges. Our staff is trained Enrollment by Phone to look for these “errors” and to challenge the health Internet Web Enrollment care provider regarding suspect charges. We are often able to reduce hospital bills by up to 25%, resulting in Outbound Call Enrollment an overall reduced claims experience for the Employer. We also will subrogate claims as needed to protect Employers’ or Employees’ interests. Reduction in claims experience is paramount to the long-term goal of Case Setup and Management reducing health care costs and in preventing industry premium increases. Payroll Stuffers and Communication Materials Employee Education Eliminate Cookie-Cutter Benefits Professional Enrollment Counselors As a premier national Third Party Administrator (TPA), United Group Programs, Inc. understands the need Employer Enrollment Reports for flexibility and creativity in Employee benefits programs. Reducing costs, therefore, requires We specialize in enrollment customer service that something other than a “one size fits all” approach includes communication and education services before to obtaining quality care at affordable prices. We and after enrollment. These areas are quite often evaluate every situation, create a plan design specific overlooked. Through our proprietary and innovative to Employer’s needs, and provide unmatchable system, we are able to communicate to Employees customer service to members, while assuring exactly how a particular benefit will impact upon them compliance with all applicable regulations and laws. and their families. Amendments & Modification ID Cards From time to time, you may wish to modify your Plan United Group Programs, Inc. provides a custom ID card Document for benefit or eligibility changes. There for plan participants designed to assure that the may also be times when the Employer Plan Document healthcare providers receive the complete and current will need to be amended or modified to comply with information needed for quick and effective patient legislative changes. processing. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 8
  9. 9. Self Funded Health Plans, Dental, & Short Term Disability Plans Advantages of Self-Funding Self-Funding is a successful alternative for Employers The advantages of self-funding are numerous! to control rising healthcare costs. While flexibility in making key decisions on benefits, administration and Flexibility in Benefits funding, is attractive to most Employers, limiting Most importantly, the Employer is able to develop the liability can be problematic. Partial Self Funding / Self flexibility it desires in making key decisions on Insurance with Stop Loss Coverage is an attractive benefits, administration and funding. Decisions as to alternative for cost conscious Employers in choosing what will be covered and what will not become easy, an Employee benefits plan. allowing the Employer to exclude certain vaccinations, drugs, behavioral diseases such as The goal of every insurance company in a fully obesity or alcoholism, or infertility. The key here is insured program is to make the most profit. This the ability to tailor the plan to meet the specific needs profit can reach up to 60%. Under a fully insured and budget of the Employer. plan, the Employer pays a fixed premium regardless of the amount of claims paid by the insurance carrier. Flexibility in Carriers Annual rates are often increased based upon the industry standard, otherwise known as “trend”, and Another major advantage to self-funding is the not based upon the Employer’s claims experience. flexibility in choosing a reinsurance carrier. Unlike fully insured plans, a shift from one carrier to another In a self-funded or partially self-funded program, does not affect the choice in doctors, impose waiting everything provided in a conventionally fully insured periods, or require the issuance of new I.D. Cards program is duplicated in the partial self-funded plan. and booklets. All services provided by the insurance company in a fully insured plan are provided in the self-funded or Multiple Locations partially self-funded program. The only difference is that the Employer retains the funds used to pay Also, for Employers with multiple locations, the same benefit claims. plan may be offered to everyone in every location with no administrative difficulty. By Self-Funding, an Employer can utilize one national network or multiple local PPO networks with the same benefit plans. Executive Benefits Self-Funding provides the unique ability to class out the executives to provide 100% of all of their benefits where named executives and their families pay no co-pays, deductibles or coinsurance. Employers therefore can afford to provide ultimate benefit protection for executive personnel at a much lower How Does Self-Funding Work? cost. This is important in creating Employee longevity in a competitive job market. The Employer purchases reinsurance for protection, and pays a small fraction of the conventional premium The bottom line is that Self-Funding saves costs. In a to the reinsurance carrier. The remainder of the good claims year, the best scenario would be that conventional funds (claim funds) is held by the profit formerly enjoyed by the insurance carrier under Employer who then invests them, segregates them if a fully insured plan, now is enjoyed by the Employer desired, or uses them for general business purposes who can choose to put it back into the company. But until they are needed for the funding of claims. even in a bad claims year, maximum liability is in When claims do not materialize, the Employer keeps place to protect the Employer. the balance of the unused claim funds, hence making a profit. In this way, the payment of claims is directly correlated to the premiums paid and the Employer keeps the profit instead of the insurance carrier. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 9
  10. 10. Stand Alone Prescription Drug Consumer Driven Health Plans Carve-Out Plans Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHPs) are an One popular means of reducing group health increasingly important alternative to the current insurance premiums is to eliminate prescription drug way of providing medical health insurance. Under plans, leaving Employees footing the bill for elevated traditional health care programs, Employers are faced drug costs and financially unable to do so. There are with double-digit annual cost increases with no alternatives. relief expected in the foreseeable future. Employers cannot absorb the rising costs alone and in turn UGP offers several Prescription Drug Carve-Out have begun reducing benefits and raising Employee options for Employers who need to reduce their group contributions. UGP specializes in providing health premium by offering reduced Rx benefits. By Employers with very successful alternatives to control replacing the current prescription drug plan with a the increasingly high cost of providing healthcare Generic-Only Plan, Employers can save up to 20% on benefits to their Employees. their health insurance premiums. Sometimes using a Stand-Alone Plan is all that is needed to cut costs. Multiple Options & Custom Design: • $5 Generic/$30 Preferred Brand Drug Cards • $5 Generic Only Rx Card • $10/$20/$40 Copay Discount Rx card • Discount Generic/Brand Rx Card. Fully Insured Group Health, Disability & Life United Group Programs offers a host of fully insured The effectiveness of consumer-driven plans is Preferred Provider Programs, Point of Service and controlling costs which rests on the ability and Health Maintenance Organization options. Many of willingness of Employees to manager their medical these programs may be adapted to different regions care costs. The solution is contingent on raising the and areas of the country. UGP also offers a host of awareness of Employees to the actual cost of Short and Long Term Disability options, along with healthcare. Employers who attempt to cut costs by many coverages of Life insurance, such as Term Life lengthening probationary periods, raising deductibles Whole Life, and Optional Life. or co-pays or severing benefits altogether are only offering short-term fixes. The majority of Employees Dental Plans have no perception how much a doctor’s office visit actually costs. If the co-pay is only $20, the UGP provides a single source solution for your dental employee will use the service as frequently as he or insurance needs. We offer a nationwide network of she sees fit, with the end result of increased utilization fully insured and self funded options to make your and increasing the cost of the employer’s plan. dental plan a success. By educating employees about the correlation DHMO * Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) * between utilization and costs, they become partners Indemnity Plan * Fee for Service Plans * in the solution and are more accepting of benefit Voluntary Dental Plans – Direct Assignment/ changes and increased employee contributions. Reimbursement Plans. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 10
  11. 11. Gap Plans Worksite – Payroll Deducted Policies Gap Plans help pay for employees’ out of pocket Today’s workforce is made of a diverse population expenses for Hospital and Outpatient services. They with each employee having his or her own individual fill the “gap” caused by higher deductible or higher needs and circumstances. By offering Employee paid coinsurance plans. Gap Plans are an excellent tool Voluntary benefits, Employers allow Employees to for employers who have or are going to implement purchase coverage in addition to what the Employer higher deductibles and coinsurance. The Gap plan may or may not offer based on that Employee’s picks up the difference caused by the new plan needs. At no cost to the Employer, these Voluntary design and can significantly save the employer Payroll deducted policies have a value added benefit money on their health plan. for Employees. Voluntary policies available are: •Disability •AD&D Policies •Term Life •Accident Plans •Critical Illness •Hospital Indemnity •Cancer Protection •Gap Plans •Dental Plans Mini Medical Plans - Limited Health For example, Employees may wish to purchase life Benefit Plans (Guarantee Issue) insurance or disability insurance in addition to what the Employer offers to suit their individual needs. Or No Pre-Ex Clause $49.99/month an Employer may not offer benefits to Employees, and by offering Employee paid voluntary plans, Health Plans for the American Worker, Part Time Employers allow Employees to get policies not Workers, & Independent Contractors: otherwise attainable. UGP offers fully insured and self funded “ mini Your One Source Solution for Worksite Payroll medical plans” which offer health insurance benefits to Employees starting at under $50 a month. Deducted Policies “Voluntary Plans” These plans are guarantee issue, with no pre-existing UGP provides the Employer with a one-source conditions clauses or evidence of insurability. All solution for all of his worksite solutions. UGP offers a Employees are accepted regardless of health unique in-house solution found nowhere else in the conditions and are eligible for benefits. With limited, marketplace: In-house enrollment firm, In-House TPA capped benefits the monthly premium is substantially for billing and a In-House TPA directly contracted with reduced. Worksite Carriers. Employers & Employee benefits consultants can have one source for customer Benefits offered are: service, enrollment, and billing for all their worksite products. They no longer need to outsource their •Doctor’s Office Visits •Skilled Nursing worksite products to multiple parties (enrollment firms, •ER Visits •Substance Abuse billing entities, and insurance carriers) who then have to coordinate amongst themselves. They now have a •Accident Coverage •Mental Illness Single Source Solution! •Daily Hospital Indemnity Benefits •Life Insurance •Intensive Care Benefits Also included are national medical, dental, and vision PPO networks. Monthly premium can be paid solely by the Employee or the Employer can contribute. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 11
  12. 12. We take a unique approach to our cafeteria administration in that we perform the discrimination tests monthly, even though IRS rules require that they be run only once per year. Therefore, if any of our clients fail the test, we can move immediately to bring the account into compliance before the annual testing date. UGP is customer service oriented; we have established an excellent rapport with our clients’ Employees and we work closely with them when issues arise, from questions about what is covered in their Flexible Spending Account, to easing the burden on human resources. Reimbursement checks can be issued based on the Employer’s desire to accommodate their Employees’ needs. Flexible Account Administration- Flex Debit Cards Section 125 Cafeteria Plans Also known as Section 125 plans of the IRS Code, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) offer tax With a Flexible Spending Account Debit card, your advantages to both Employers and Employees. Employees can enjoy the convenience of paying for These plans offer Employers a way to save taxes on office visit co-pays, new glasses, prescriptions, and their group benefit plans and offer Employees a way other eligible expenses with a Debit Card that is to save taxes on money spent out-of-pocket for linked directly to their FSA account. Using the debit dependent care and medical expenses. card, no paperwork is necessary to file a reimbursement claim. Money allocated to a Section 125 Plan is subtracted from the Employee’s taxable income and held in a dedicated account. Employees benefit by using the Section 132 Transportation Accounts pre-tax income to pay eligible medical and dependent care expenses. In reducing the Employees’ taxable Section 132 of the Internal Revenue Code allows income base in this way, Employer-paid Social salary reduction and reimbursement for qualified Security (FICA) and Unemployment taxes are parking, transit passes, and costs associated reduced by approximately eight cents on the dollar. with commuter highway vehicles for transportation These savings can offset the cost of administrating from an Employee’s residence to his place of the FSA program. Health care cost sharing becomes employment. United Group Programs offers Section less painful for the Employer and Employees. It also 132 transportation accounts that allow money to be improves morale by reducing Employee taxes, subtracted from the Employee’s taxable income to be enhances your organization's image and attracts new held in a dedicated account. Employees benefit by Employees. using their pre-tax income to pay for any eligible transportation costs. UGP offers both medical reimbursement and dependent care FSA programs, along with premium Transportation accounts operate much like FSAs in a only plans (POPs). way that health care cost sharing becomes less painful for everyone involved. Administration services can be interfaced with the medical and dental plans to allow for automatic filing and payment of eligible spending account allocations upon processing of the group benefit plans. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 12
  13. 13. Health Savings Account (HSA) – Plus Debit Card A HSA is a health savings account that has certain tax advantages to Employees and their families covered under a high deductible plan. Like the FSA, an HSA provides that an Employer may subtract a certain amount of an Employee’s taxable income to deposit into a dedicated account. The difference is that these plans are only applicable for Employees under current health plans that have a deductible between $1,000 and $2,600 annually for individuals and $2,000 and $5,150 for a family. The maximum amount that may put away is $2,000 a year. Distributions for qualified medical expenses are tax free, and an HSA account can earn interest tax-free and funds in the HSA may be eventually rolled over into a 401(k). The HSA is owned by the Employee Debit MasterCard and is portable. Unlike a Cafeteria account there is no “use it or lose it” provision and funds can be rolled For Cafeteria Plans, HSAs & Payroll over year to year. Employers who choose a health care plan with high deductibles to decrease costs The UGP debit card is an excellent and attractive may lessen the hardship on the Employee by benefit for both Employees and Employers. The debit instituting HSA accounts. At the same time, because card is used to pay for qualified medical expenses of high deductibles, Employees experience the true such as prescription drugs and copays at doctors’ cost of healthcare and start becoming cost conscious offices and hospitals for both Cafeteria Flexible health consumers. benefit plans and for Health Savings Accounts. It can also be used as a payroll debit card where Employees payroll is deposited into the card for Employees that may not have bank accounts or who cannot wait for paychecks to clear. The card increases Employee participation in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), because this increased Employee contribution and participation means more FICA tax savings for Employers and more take home pay for Employees. The card reduces the need to file claim forms and since it can eliminate the need to pay cash for eligible expenses, it makes the plan much more attractive and easier to use for Employees. Employers love it because the debit card drives FICA tax savings by increasing Flex account participation and contributions needed to manage the qualifying events, track and manage changes to coverage, provide ongoing communication, and ensure regulatory compliance. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 13
  14. 14. HIPAA Administration HIPAA administration requires specialized knowledge of how governmental requirements relate to individual plans. Special notice requirements concerning pre-existing conditions, exclusion periods, rights regarding prior credible coverage and certificates, along with the necessary calculations can be an area of great confusion. United Group Programs, Inc. is able to eliminate this confusion and assure compliance with HIPAA provisions. We prepare the Smooth Sailing Benefits Administration necessary notifications, and work with eligible participants to gather prior coverage information. We COBRA & HIPAA Administration verify all information received, calculate periods of credible coverage and pre-existing exclusion periods, COBRA Administration then track those periods within our eligibility and claims adjudication systems. United Group Programs, Inc. offers complete administration of your COBRA requirements. UGP This added service provides assurance of HIPAA will perform the following COBRA administration compliance without the associated confusion and functions: time-consuming administrative tasks. • Receive COBRA elections from eligible participants and process application forms Compliance can be risky business • Track coverage periods as dictated by law and maintain proper documentation of COBRA activity As a national Third Party Administrator, we understand that one small mistake could spell • Provide expert advice on COBRA related issues disaster. Every single detail — from initial notifications • Collect participant payment to retention of proof — must be handled correctly the • Answer inquiries from qualified beneficiaries first time, every time. UGP employs a staff dedicated • Handle monthly reporting to assuring that your plan remains in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. There are COBRA administration is both complex and time numerous regulations that apply to group health consuming. By allowing UGP to administer your plans, and these legal requirements change COBRA coverage, Employers are assured of frequently. Our in-house counsel keeps abreast of adherence to the ever-changing regulations the new legislation and court decisions that may governing it. Like all of our programs, our unique affect your plan and the administration thereof. system design provides for the integration of claims management and COBRA eligibility. Employers are UGP will consult with you to develop plan language to relieved of the liability and the burden of staying on meet both your criteria and legal requirements. Our top of changing legislation. UGP will handle all experienced staff, using our unique system, can member notifications. design and prepare your plan document and summary plan description to meet your requirements Full-Service Administration – Because we manage and to assure legal compliance. a large number of clients in our system, we are able to spread the fixed costs to achieve economies of scale that an Employer could not. Employers avoid the expense of the staff and technology associated with administration of COBRA. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 14
  15. 15. Association - Affinity Benefit Programs No More Referrals UGP provides “open access” to its Preferred Providers that represents an extensive spectrum of care including all medical specialties. With the belief that referrals only cost clients more, Employees can avoid the visit to the primary care physician merely for the purpose of obtaining a referral. This saves the Employee’s costs for the visit, time away from work, and reduces claims liability. Our knowledgeable customer service staff is available to provide information on the specialists appropriate for the UGP tailors to the Association’s unique organizational Employee’s condition. needs UGP's National PPO Networks address our clients’ healthcare needs through a flexible and innovative approach. Our networks are the best for your UGP specializes in the design, administration and Employees, while offering discounts up to 37% and marketing of custom private label insurance programs more nationally. for Associations and their members. Branding and private labeled services for association Primary Networks: benefits is one of the key elements to maintaining and expanding overall member participation. It will also • Over 550,000 providers and more than 2,000 increase the association's image by enabling them to hospitals offer a total benefits program that is "exclusive" to their organization and only available to their • Centers of Excellence members. • Online customized PPO Network directories Supplemental Networks: Our PPO Networks • Over 600,000 providers and more than 4,000 A key to our success, United Group Programs, Inc. hospitals offers choice, flexibility, quality and ease of access with its established relationships with the largest PPO • Online provider locations through our website. Networks in the country as well as strong local and regional PPOs. In today's Employee benefits environment, Employers are often faced with a trade-off between providing comprehensive benefits For Agents & Consultants: packages to their Employees and controlling costs by limiting or eliminating excellent provider networks. Employers turn to their Employee benefits consultants UGP’s network discounts enable Employers to for guidance in their benefit and administrative enhance their existing benefit package by offering solutions. UGP provides a winning formula for significant healthcare savings without limiting choices Employee benefits consultants: for providers. Excellent Customer Service & Quality Product Choices = Opportunity to Grow Their Business and to Retain It. Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 15
  16. 16. UGP Overcomes Common Employer Misconceptions UGP’s Customer Service At UGP, we understand that making a change in Customer Service “the way it should be.” Employee benefits plans seems like a difficult decision and that implementation will be arduous. UGP has one customer service philosophy. To excel Knowing this, we specialize in overcoming these in customer service and provide the most responsive perceived obstacles. and personalized service for Employers. Here are some common misconceptions: Clients are assigned a dedicated account team that is cross-trained on the Employer’s plans, so that the “We do not have enough payroll slots to offer Employer always has someone to call for immediate other voluntary or non-voluntary products.” answers and solutions. By offering a consolidated bill, UGP can combine different products and provide the Employer with one list bill with one payroll deduction for Employees for multiple products. “We cannot offer more insurance products to my Employees nor are we willing to switch insurance carriers because we don’t have the support staff to take on additional work and the stress of a move.” Choosing United Group Programs services will immediately release the client’s staff from administrative burdens they previously had with other products or carriers. UGP provides a seamless Worldwide Insurance & Financial Specialists solution with the support staff to assist and take over Florida Georgia Pennsylvania some of human resource duties, so that human National Headquarters resources can focus on what’s most important – United Group Programs Increasing the Bottom Line. 2500 North Military Trail, Suite 450 Boca Raton, FL 33431 (800) 842-8770 x 2922 Your Complete Employee Benefits Solution 16