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Nhb Online Ziele Gb

  1. 1. Old Goals Goal Action Status 2009/10 Responsible Management Improve internal organisational structure Introduce a CSR management system and an anti-corruption system achieved Integrate sustainability aspects into quality assurance supplier audits across the Group achieved Set up a supplier training concept on the subject of sustainability A pilot supplier development project was implemented in China in 2008 Improve internal and external sustainability Deploy a “technical capabilities” roadshow at three locations in the Participation in the Hydrogenroadtour communications USA 2009 on the US West Coast with the Touran HyMotion Environmental Compatibility Reduce CO2 emissions and energy Further optimisation of the CCS powertrain to run on sulphur-free, ongoing consumption aromatics-free raw petrol Provide active support for second generation biofuels Partly achieved through the intensed cooperation with our partners lOGEN and CHOREN Take EcoFuel vehicles forward in the direction of TSI engines running Passat, Passat Estate; Touran TSI EcoFuel on natural gas Realise the HT fuel cell in a vehicle ongoing Make more use of fuel-saving model versions More than 130 models emmitting less than 140 g/km CO2, including more than 30 models under-running 120 g/km, half a dozen even less than 100 g/km; q.v. BlueMotionTechnologies Each model to present better environmental properties than its Volkswagen Group Environmental Principles predecessor Products; documented in the Environmental Commendations Extend the range of model versions that use alternative fuels T5 and Caddy EcoFuel; Passat, Passat Estate and Touran TSI/CNG; Sharan and Golf LPG Cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in China by 20% In 2008 a reduction of 15% was achieved amongst other things by introducing modern engine technologies (TSI/TFSI) Optimise environmental management Establish an information and communication platform as a tool for partly introduced a Group-wide knowledge network Inclusion of current topics, such as climate change, sustainability or ongoing biodiversity on the agenda of the Regional Conferences Integration of Life Cycle Assessments into the analysis of various ongoing research and development concepts Use the findings of comparative Life Cycle Assessments in the ongoing achieved, integration in Volkswagen Group development of corporate strategy Environmental Principles Products Social Responsibility Improve human resources development Develop and deploy a Group-wide harmonised HR development achieved strategy focused on: • the talent pipeline • talent selection and promotion • development tracks for wage-earners • development tracks into and within management for specialists and executives Reinforce the overall understanding of core processes and the value ongoing chain through systematic job rotation Entry programmes for university graduates, Start Up entry programme achieved Expand employee surveys Implement the employee mood barometer across the Group mostly achieved (270.000 employes polled, 77% participation rate) Intensify university marketing Direct approach to universities, university fairs, recruiting events at ongoing universities Improve employee health The general health check-up 2007 will be introduced at the ongoing Volkswagen plants in Germany (probably beginning in the autumn). At some Group companies (e.g. AUDI AG) this is already practised
  2. 2. Old Goals Goal Action Status 2009/10 Economic Agility Increasing profits In 2007, increase revenues and improve operating profit compared to achieved previous year’s operating profit before special items. Minimum targe- ted profit before tax for 2007 is € 5.1 billion Breaking up the brand groups restores full autonomy and responsibility for Introduce transparent Group structures all their own business to the individual brands achieved
  3. 3. New Goals Goal Action Deadline Responsible management Establish Volkswagen as a world-leading car-maker, Under Strategy „18plus“, develop new environmental standards covering the entire product 2018 both economically and environmentally life cycle, in accordance with the „Group Environmental Principles, Products“ and „Group Environmental Principles, Production“. Continuously improve productivity and quality based on the key strategic elements „standardisation and reduction of throughput times“, as well as strict cost and investment discipline Enhance responsible supply chain management Extend the concept „Sustainability in Supplier Relations“ to all brands and regions 2010 Develop a regional training programme 2011 Improve sustainability communications vis-à-vis Prepare Environmental Commendations for new models and BlueMotionTechnologies ongoing customers, dealers and the trade Ensure a differentiated and targeted presentation of the environmental characteristics of our products on the Environmental Commendations portal at www.environmental- 2009 commendation.com Introduce an IT-based CSR information system Pilot the system using existing instruments and key indicators; compile into a coherent 2010 CSR information system Environmental compatibility Fleet average CO2 emissions target: in order to meet Develop wide-ranging measures to improve fuel economy under the Volkswagen Group‘s 2015 both the ambitious EU threshold values and the Powertrain and Fuel Strategy expectations of our customers, reduce the CO2 emissions of our new-car fleet in Europe (EU 27) by 20 percent over 2006 levels by 2015 Use renewable and secondary raw materials Develop a partially automated system for calculating the recycled content of new vehicles through 2010 Reduce regulated and non-regulated emissions Achieve early compliance with Euro 5 for all new vehicle models; expand the use of Euro 6- and (for NAR) BIN 5-compliant BlueTDI technologies, also Q7 Clean Diesel, B8 V6 TDI Clean through 2010 Diesel; develop Euro 6 technologies for petrol engines Position the Volkswagen Group as „in best class“ Expand the use of Volkswagen BlueMotionTechnologies, AUDI e-models, Seat Ecomotive, ongoing on environmental issues ˇ Skoda Greenline CO2 targets Achieve early compliance with all statutory targets ongoing Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Expand use of direct injection in combination with high boost pressure 2009 ff. Introduce the dual-clutch gearbox in other vehicle segments (including A0 class (Polo) from 2009 Extend the A00 segment after 2010 Extend the A0 segment (Audi A1) after 2010 Introduce 1.2-litre TSI engines 2009 Introduce 1.6-litre TDI CR engines 2009 Reduce fuel consumption in the test cycle and in Polo BlueMotion: < 90 g CO2/km 2010 everyday operation Golf BlueMotion: <100 g CO2/km 2010 Passat BlueMotion: <110 g CO2/km 2010 A3 1.6 TDI: < 120 g CO2/km 2009 A4 2.0 TDI e: < 120 g CO2/km 2009 Introduce/expand use of automatic stop-start system/regenerative braking system 2009 Support fuel-efficient driving styles Expand use of recommended gear indicators in manual models ongoing Make fuel-saving information available, in brochure form and on Internet 2009 Add efficiency programme to trip computer/driver information system in a wide range 2009 of AUDI models Enable the use of alternative fuels, taking into Take into account sustainability criteria and actively support the development of through 2010 account regional aspects certification systems for biomass as a biofuel feedstock Enable the use of alternative energy storage systems, Actively support electric powertrain development ongoing taking into account regional aspects Cooperate with leading battery suppliers ongoing Improve resource efficiency Take part in BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Research) joint project to optimise through 2012 the recycling of shredder sand from end-of-life vehicle recyclin
  4. 4. New Goals Goal Action Deadline Environmental compatibility Optimise recyclability, making use of innovative Support the wider use of the VW SiCon process for processing shredder residues in the through 2015 recycling technologies European ELV recycling industry Develop and make available alternative Golf Bifuel LPG 2009 powertrain technologies T5 EcoFuel + offer more TSI EcoFuel versions 2009 Touareg Hybrid: <9l/100km; < 210g CO2/km 2010 Conduct joint fleet testing of electric drive technology with German Environment Ministry 2009-2012 (Golf Twin-Drive) Commercialise an electric vehicle (small-batch and pilot production) from 2010 Reduction of limited and non-limited emissions Expand the use of Euro 6- and (for NAR) BIN 5-compliant BlueTDI technologies ongoing from 2009 Q7 Clean Diesel, B8 V6 TDI Clean Diesel from 2009 Develop Euro 6 technologies for petrol engines through 2014 Avoid the use of hazardous and harmful materials; Standardise heavy metal use in vehicle development across all markets ongoing wherever possible comply with the world‘s strictest legislation in this field Minimise interior emissions, including odours Maintain the very high standards already achieved by the Volkswagen Group ongoing Reduce exterior and interior noise levels Further improve interior and exterior noise ongoing Use Life Cycle Assessments as a controlling Further integrate Life Cycle Assessments into the product development process for all vehicles, ongoing instrument in accordance with the „Group Environmental Principles, Products“ Cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions of Implement and follow up already defined organisational and technical efficiency-enhancing 2013 European production plants by more than ten actions and identify and exploit new improvement potential percent Reduce the release of climate- and ozone-damaging Inventory all refrigeration and air-conditioning systems at all plants throughout the Group 2010 refrigerants and introduce a standard leak test management programme for coordinating and documenting statutory leak tests Reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing Approve an energy-saving waste air treatment technology for paintshop driers 2010 process Optimise waste air treatment technologies Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different waste air treatment technologies 2010 for assembly-line vehicle fuelling systems and propose a technology standard for future new installations or upgrading When selecting new/innovative manufacturing pro- Demonstration projects at the vehicle and component plants 2011 cesses, check that they are compatible with the ma- terials flow management system Biodiversity Under the Volkswagen Environmental Management System, biodiversity will be integrated ongoing as an additional element in the environmental action plans of Volkswagen sites in the coming years. In addition, at the regularly scheduled Regional Conferences, nature conservation goals and actions will likewise be incorporated into the environmental action plans of the sites Obtain environmental certification at new sites Obtain environmental certification at new Kaluga and Pune sites 2011 Actively shape the evolution of environmentally Conduct ongoing mobility research in the framework of a wide range of joint projects; ongoing compatible personal mobility develop traffic assistance systems Social responsibility Improve human resources development Improve quality of workforce through systematic skill management, using skill profiles backed ongoing by appropriate forms of skill development Improve leadership skills by introducing a „Leadership Licence“ for all levels of management ongoing Intensify university marketing Make direct approaches to universities, attend university fairs and recruiting events ongoing Improve employee health Extend the health check-up to all plants outside Germany ongoing Economic agility Increasing returns As part of „18plus“ strategy, adopt long-term goal of a return on investment of over ten ongoing percent for the Group as a whole Ensuring liquidity Generate positive free cash flow in the Automotive Division ongoing