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Tech Success Personal Training " Your helping hand in this Digital Age"


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Achieve results using social networking tools is dependent on the ability of the individual to feel confident that they understand the tools that one can use. Successful marketing training gives you the ability to develop, design, create, post and comment anything anywhere. It's about creating simple solutions to complex problems.

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Tech Success Personal Training " Your helping hand in this Digital Age"

  1. 1. Personal Training “Your helping hand in this digital age.” Your Helping Hand in this Digital Age Tech Success
  2. 2. Read the words “Tech Success” and you have the heart of a digital matter in hand. In fact, the “heartbeat” of our company aims to pump success into the pipeline of business and individual endeavors. Tech Success, Inc. truly is “your helping hand in this digital age.” We are a brand that empowers success. By helping our clients incorporate the most sophisticated technologies available today for their personal as well as business needs, we focus on promoting achievement. Let’s take Jane Smith as an example. Jane is computer savvy and well respected in her company, but her new boss wants to embrace the world of social media. He knows that business success today depends not only on cutting edge technology, but also on getting the word out, in as many different avenues as possible. He asks Jane to publicize the company’s latest project by blogging every week and sending regular tweets to her clients. Jane, who has no idea what he’s talking about, has to ask her teenaged son for help. He sets up her blog and shows her how to use Twitter. There are two issues at work here: • Why doesn’t Jane have the background to know how to use social media so she can meet new expectations in her job? • Does she understand that broadening her technical knowledge is essential for her to move forward in her company? Jane must develop her skills to contribute to the achievement of her company as well as her own career. In today’s world, being out of the social media loop can be devastating. Not being able to keep pace means taking several steps backward. Here’s where Tech Success, Inc. comes in. Many people now routinely connect with each other and the world through social media. Formed by professional educators, Tech Success, Inc. provides technological solutions to organizations and individuals looking to enhance their digital presence. Tech Success, Inc. is positioning its brand to be the leader in providing social media marketing for small businesses as well as the individual. Our services target five specific areas: • Training individuals for success using technology at home and in the workplace; • Consulting with individuals and businesses regarding cost saving measures to the bottom line; • Coaching regarding the use of social media as an important marketing tool for branding your identity, either as an individual or a company; • Designing new websites or enhancing your current website to interact with the social media market. • Supporting and Repairing, either at home or at work. Introduction
  3. 3. Training At Tech Success, Inc., you have the opportunity to take advantage of training done right. Our trainers are master educators. We know that everyone learns differently. Some people are auditory learners, while others absorb information best visually. Some need to see the big picture, while others process by doing, through a hands-on approach. We each need to use the sensory modalities that work for us. At Tech Success, Inc., our trainers offer technological assistance by teaching to the individual, addressing the needs, styles and experience levels of each of our valued clients. All classes teach proficiency in social media, blogging, networking, bookmarking, and more. We offer solutions for the workplace as well as options for personal use – at home, on the beach, during your morning commute etc. Social media today is on the go . Two training levels: In Phase I, training is done one-on-one with a trainer at any location (at this point, offered in Massachusetts). Rates are available for individual or small group sessions, for either single lessons or packages. In Phase II, advanced training is offered either one-on-one or online, through video conferencing. Personal Training The growing phenomenon of social media: As of the beginning of 2009 … • Launched in 2004, Facebook now has 250 million users. Of the seventy percent (change to 70%, to keep consistent w/ line w/ 600%) of the users signed on in 2008, half use Facebook every day. • Twitter is two years old and now is comprised of almost 9 million users, representing a 600% growth rate in 2008. An estimated ten thousand Twitter accounts are opened every day. • Over 30 million professionals are connected on LinkedIn. • In 2008, for the first time, communicating through social media usage beat out email. People of all ages, from all walks of life, are engaged in social media, and the numbers are only going to grow. At Tech Success, Inc., we can train you to use every form of social media. Our Phase I training is designed with individual needs in mind. Perhaps you require new skills, such as learning how to use software programs, or you need to enhance office productivity by installing new programs such as Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. Tech Success, Inc. is there for your training needs. We also train individuals in better productivity at home. Learn to use all those remote controls that came with your entertainment system. We will show you how to program your TiVo, DVR, alarm systems, or on-the-go devices such as phone systems, navigation devices, Blackberries, iPhone applications, etc. Why should an individual use Tech Success, Inc. for his or her training needs? •You feel that you are lacking essential skills and fear that you might be the next person to be let go in your company. (Sharpening the skills you possess will make you more effective and valuable to your department.) •You are not familiar with social media tools, RSS feeds, tweets and many other programs that now define communication in the 21st century (e.g., you use your i-Phone as a cell phone rather than as a computer). • Our trainers are cordial and friendly, providing clear and accessible instruction. • Our clients are able to choose when and where they would like training to occur.
  4. 4. Success stories Martin Paley Martin hired you as a IT Consultant in 2009 and hired you more than once Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value “Ariel is amazing. I have had other technicians here before. They all bemoan the sorry state of my computers. Not Ariel, he just went right to work and got the job done. No whining or complaining about the equipment. We have an Apple Power Book that we took to the “Genius Bar” at the Apple store at the mall. Their “Genius” said that our video camera wouldn’t work on their machine. Ariel got it to work in about 20 minutes. We highly recommend Ariel.” July 2, 2009 (client) Ellyn Fishkin Ellyn hired you as a Social Media Trainer in 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Ariel provided a great breadth of information and hands-on training to demonstrate and teach me how social media can help me in my professional life and career development. I highly recommend Ariel for any type of social media training and consulting.” July 22, 2009 (client) Sue Nisbett Owner, Arbonne (business partner) “Ariel has opened my eyes to the social networking opportunity. He has suggested and lead me to a place where I can see things I never would have even known to look for. I am so excited to learn more and continue growing with his guidance I am sure this association will be amazing.” August 30, 2009 (client) | Tel: (508) 965- 8570 | E-mail: | Blog: |