Finding opportunities for greater engagement using gamification by Ariel Dagan


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This presentation explores how gamiication can increase community lifelong learning and participation at the same time as increasing awareness of programs and services offered in the community. By playing the game and sharing more people will become aware and may choose to engage.

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Finding opportunities for greater engagement using gamification by Ariel Dagan

  1. 1. *
  2. 2. * An estimated 10,000 Jews live in the Central Massachusetts area. The area is served by nine synagogues (three Reform, one Conservative, one Independent, two traditional Orthodox and two Chabad Lubavich) and a wide range of Jewish agencies and programs. Since 1994 I have been an active participant in an amazing community wide program of learning sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Central MA, a 501 C3. The event features a broad spectrum of topics that promote life long learning in the Jewish Community. (Click here for the listing) The evening is divided up into 3 40 minute sessions. A person may choose from about 10 classes in each session. A person can only attend a maximum of 3 sessions. Even though there are close to 30 engagement opportunities in 3 time slots, the current way the program is structured does not provide any additional methods to take advantage of the underlying method and mission of lifelong learning. Users begin learning and engaging at the allotted time and end once the session is over.
  3. 3. * Rabbi Cong. Bnai Shalom Westboro Education Director, Cong. B’nai Shalom Westboro Education Director & Bnai Mitzvah trainer, Agudath Achim, Leominster Master Drummer Alliance for Jewish Renewal Cong. Bnai Shalom Westboro Local Hebrew and Jewish Educator Campus Rabbi Jewish Healthcare Ctr. And Assisted Living and Jewish Chaplain Umass Memorial Med. Ctr. MD. Owner Tree of Life Healthcare Coordinator Harold Cotton Leadership Ctr. Faculty Umass Medical School Holistic Health Coach Rabbi/President New Coalition for advancement of Jewish Education Executive Director Jewish Federation Central MA Educator Yeshiva Achai Tmimim, Chabad of Central New England Faculty Judaic & Biblical Studies , Clark University Rabbi/Chaplain RI/ Hasbro Children's Hospital ASL Interpreter/Judaic Educator Rabbi/ Spiritual leader Chavurah Beth Chai, Westchester, N Y History Scholar Hopkington Folkdance instructor Cong. Beth Israel Jewish Educator, Beth Tikvah Synagogue, Westboro Rabbi Cong. Beth Israel Historian, Beth Tikavah Westboro Recording Artist & Songwriter Mixed Media Artist & Jewish Educator LISCSW Jewish Families & Children's Services, Boston Rabbi/Prison Chaplain Cong. Shaarai Torah West Israeli Emissaries Rabbi Chabad of Westboro Rabbi Temple Emanuel -Sinai Educational Coordinator Cong. Beth Israel
  4. 4. * This event happens once a year. It brings many people from across the region together but offers them an opportunity to attend only 3 sessions: 1 of 10 sessions from 6:40 pm- 7:30 pm 1 of 11 sessions from 7:40 pm- 8:30 pm 1 of 10 sessions from 8:40 pm- 9:30 pm Class space may be limited Limited time before event for people to connect (if they are not rushing to class) Social hour may be too late for those who are tired at 9:40 pm or need to relieve baby sitters. Community organizations have limited time to expose themselves to a wider audience
  5. 5. * How can gamification support the fundamental principals and values that are important to the Jewish Community of Central Massachusetts such as: lifelong learning for all those identified by federation ,not only of those who are able to attend the event on a specific night and time schedule , and increased socialization opportunities , and opportunities to learn more about the program and services offered by non profit organizations serving this faith based community? The Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts is dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of Jewish life. Established in 1948, Federation is the central planning and fundraising organization for educational, social, and cultural activities for the Jewish community of Central Massachusetts. Federation embraces meaningful philanthropy, hands-on volunteerism, and shared commitment. Federation helps support and promote vital programs and services that knit our community together. Federation resources help revitalize Jewish life. Through the Federation Campaign, we stand together so no Jew stands alone.
  6. 6. * Have each of the three sessions become levels with the courses serving as missions that can be explored.
  7. 7. * Starts with Level Aleph Torahthon page with visual hyperlinks to all 10 sessions they could have attended. Complete a minimum of one extra mission aside from the course attended at the event..
  8. 8. * Visual hyperlinks to all 10 sessions they could have attended. Complete a minimum of one extra mission aside from the course attended at the event..
  9. 9. * In the mission / class they will explore independently, with no time limitation, the subject matter *
  10. 10. * In the mission/class they will take a short quiz to earn the badge for the session. (31 badges can be earned over 3 levels). The more they share what they have done and achieved with other like minded people, the more people can become aware of the Torathon program and may choose to engage in the learning experience ( not at the event[since it was time limited] and share with others insights
  11. 11. * Next they will be able to access level Bet with 11 new missions / classes. *
  12. 12. * Next they will be able to access level Gimel with 10 new missions / classes. *
  13. 13. * STEP 1 Design ground floors for levels Aleph Bet and Gimmel STEP 2 Create content for each mission/class reaching out to instructor who is leading the session on that specific date and time. STEP 3 Design quiz to be answered I order to earn badge STEP 5 Create back end rules that will enable reward based on action of quiz (knowledge acquisition) and social engagement with others (increased community socialization and engagement). STEP 6 Embed additional missions (no classes offered that night only display tables) where community members learn about the organizations and services and program they provide.
  14. 14. * 1. Conduct informal (verbal) survey with participants at the event to see if they would go online to take part in this opportunity. 2. Conduct formal (written) survey with all presenters and see if they support being able to present their teaching to more than the amount of people that can fit in one room during the one session 3. Provide data from online gaming platform regarding the onboarding of users and missions completed(quiz taken & Badge earned)in all 3 levels after 1 week, 1 month, 3 moths, 6 month, 364 days. ( This event happens once a year) and administer to executive director of Jewish Federation of Central MA so that he may share it with others.
  15. 15. *  A successful implementation and use will enable more people, of all ages, to learn online and increase their knowledge of areas being explored.  Sharing with others will allow those who have not attended the event, learn about it and engage with other like minded people.  Organization in the community can gain greater exposure than the ew hours they would have with those passing by. Participants would need to read and answer questions to earn “bragging rights”.  No buy in and support letting community members know about the resources.  Older people who may attend this event and do not know how to access the internet will not be able to engage.  Certain people may not be inclined to play, sign up or share on social networks