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About Ariel Dagan


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My approach to education is both dynamic and diverse. I believe that learning is about engaging the learner through use of their senses. When planing units one must take into account the entire community of learners in order to stimulate multi generational participants.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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About Ariel Dagan

  1. 1. Dynamic and Diverse
  2. 2. Ariel is a strong advocate for use of interactive public displays that give the community a chance to reflect, share and read comments placed by others.
  3. 3. Ariel keeps tradition alive by respecting and honoring those who have experiences to share and giving them opportunities to come and teaching the younger generations about the experiences they had. Ariel strongly emphasizes that learning has no age restriction.
  4. 4. Ariel strives to create opportunities for community collaboration which brings everyone together Leading to a good feeling and a sense of togetherness and unity.