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Ancestry central detailed information for fhs and ons

Detailed information for ONS and FHS groups

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Ancestry central detailed information for fhs and ons

  1. 1. A New Age for Tomorrows History Detailed information for Family History and One Name Study Societies
  2. 2. History Ancestry Central and is currently housed in a domain space no longer required and had been occupied by a national magazine since 2007. The magazine had a monthly distribution of 30,000 copies and the web space was visited by 5000 unique users each week. The database, search and key word building facilities of the web site have since been utilised by Ancestry Central and with some slight design changes, this has facilitated a provision that enables the ‘unlimited’ uploading of data and images. This is something that sits well with collections of data and imagery suitable for sharing amongst other researchers of family history. Establishing a web site in this way helps to ensure it is embedded in the search engines from day one and that the back room systems have already been tried and tested. Ancestry Central dominates the ‘unpaid ‘ search results on page 1 of a search on Google.
  3. 3. Commitments At Ancestry Central, we are committed to providing a platform for new collections of genealogical data and imagery for researchers worldwide and we invite Family History and One Name Study Societies to become involved by adding their listings to our directory pages and by contributing to the existing collections on display. Initially our collections will extend to between 2-3000 items, including as many as 10,000 names and this will take time for us to completely upload, and as we do this, our visitors will increase in number. Development of this initiative will be ongoing. For these reasons we are inviting contributions from others for inclusion. Together we can make Ancestry Central the number one location for these and other collections of family history data and imagery.
  4. 4. Our offer to your organisation We offer you three ways to promote your society or organisation A Directory Listing. A Monthly promotional Listing Unlimited uploading of Family History Collections. Directory listing A relatively simple concept consisting of your organisation name on a tiled space of 200 x 20 pixels and a hypertext link taking visitors directly to your web page. A simple but effective method that also contributes to your ranking within search engines. The Directory Listing will be uploaded to the web site by Ancestry central.
  5. 5. Monthly promotional Listing Each month your organisation will be able to submit a ‘general’ item for inclusion in our latest information stream. This could be a listing of your services or publications, a special offer, news of an activity or a notice to remind your members about renewal. In fact, as long as it is lawful and relating to an element of family history, it could be about almost anything. The listing may include links such as web addresses, contact information such as emails and telephone numbers plus one image or logo. The key words generated by this monthly item will add benefit to your own listings in search engines as well as bringing you visitors directly from Ancestry Central. The Monthly Promotional Listing will be uploaded to the web site by Ancestry central.
  6. 6. Family History Collections. Probably the most beneficial of the three aspects of the package available to you. If you list with us, you can upload an unlimited amount of items. You can upload anything suitable, proving it is either copyright free or that you have the permission of the copyright owner to do so. You will upload your own Family History Collections to Ancestry Central, though Ancestry Central will manage them and guide you through our simple to use content management system. It really is a simple case of uploading your image and adding some simple text. It’s as easy as that! We will manage your text entries to ensure you have effective links and have applied the appropriate credits. We will also help you with any technical matters you might encounter. If you wish to upload a small collection and use the space to promote publications or other products we can facilitate that too. Contact us and get listed today !
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