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Slender the arrival story

  1. 1. Slender The Arrival Read this First 1) Background Story: The main character, Lauren, a 25-year-old woman received a letter from Lauren's sister, Kate, asking Lauren to meet her by Kate's house, in Oakside. Kate has been living there since 1998 but a couple of months later, stripmine operations forced the people of Oakside to leave their homes. Kate was the only one who refused to leave her home… 2) This story is based on documents found in a camera in the woods near Oakside and it is perhaps the last clues in the case of Lauren, Kate and Charles Mathenson, (son of Kate who has been missing for 3 months since the event.) Chapter 1: Prologue. This story began back when I received a strange and unshettling letter from Kate.She wanted me to meet her as soon as possible.I tried to skip a few meetings and I setted of to Oakside.When I was a few hundred meters of Kate's house, my car made a strange sound and suddenly stopped.I was out of gas,though I remember clearly that I had stopped for gas this morning. “Well, I thought, I'd rather reach Kate's house before it is too late...” It was already getting dark and I hoped that Kate had I really important problem to make me come this far.I reached her house, finding all the front door open.I stromed in and started looking for Kate.No traces of her anywhere...I walked into the living room and found a letter marked with the number 1 on the table along with a flashlight.The letter said something about Kate's childhood when she and CR, the guy who writes the letter, used to go ghost-hunting in the woods with only a flashlight and jump on every little sound they heard.But,who was CR and when the hell did he and Kate used to go in the woods at night??? I was too frustrated with this letter that I didn't even checked the room, any longer.I grabbed the flashlight and went into the kitchen.There was a small whiteboard on the fridge.At first, I thought it was a shopping list but when I looked closely a list of oddly strange things was marked on it.
  2. 2. “Things I need: Flashlight, batteries, extra tapes, lighter, kerosene. Lock the doors!!!” On a confusion scale from 1 to 10, I was at 20!!! What did Kate need all this stuff?? Why did she need to lock the door??? I remembered when she told me that if she needed any help at all, she would light the beacon at the top of the mountain, which needs kerosene to light up.But why would Kate want extra tape, batteries and a lighter??? And why did she want to light the beacon??? Is she in trouble??? I walked in the garage. Kate's car was parked in there. I wonder how did she plan to get to the beacon? A pair of keys was there by the table; I grabbed them and examined the label on them. Apparently, I was so unlucky that these keys unlocked the back door and Kate's bedroom. I ran upstairs and made my way to Kate's bedroom. I unlocked the door and stepped in.A weird smell flouded the corridor as closed the door behind me.On the desk, there was a note saying : “To the forest...” I started to get nausea by the weird smell so I walked to the window to get some fresh air.The glass was broken!!! I thought I had illusions when I fcasted my eyes on the back fence.The gate was open, a strange man;wait...that thing was not human...Then he suddenly dissapeared...I stepped back and then I heard a scream!!!That voice,... it was quite familiar...It was Kate's voice!!! I ran down the stairs and I stormed into the kitchen.I unlocked the back door and run through the back gate. I was quite certain that Kate was in some short of trouble and needed my help...I made my way through the narrow road and into the forest.Good thing I brought the flashlight with me!!! I found a generator, and I turned it on, lighting my way through the road. I have been walking for almost ten minutes or so, when I saw an abandonded house at the top of a hill. When I approched the house, I clearly saw that it was burned and there was a strange sound coming from the inside, like somebody breathing.As I went in, I saw a strange humanlike creature, crawled in one of the corners of the room, facing away.I approched it and suddenly he turned around. He was deffenitily not a human, that I can tell for sure. He looked me in the eyes with his red, angry eyes. But, his face, even though it was burned and was bleeding in several spots was, quite familiar.It couldn't be...Charlie???He jumped at me and then a static screen on my camera blurred my eyesight for a few seconds. Until I regain “counsiousness” that thing that look just like Charlie, was gone for good.I found a note in the floor near where he laid saying : “Could this really be the way?”. I was shocked by the events of that night so far, that I needed a few minutes to sit down and think. When I got up, I knew that I HAD to find Kate. I knew that I was the only one who could find her. I ran out and turned on the nearest generator.I made my way up to Oakside Center, an old building left here to rot in time.I had to backtrack my way to the back entrance
  3. 3. which was unlocked and I slipped in .After wandering around the several rooms, I found a way that led to the forest. That was the way Kate must have gone through. There was a letter on the desk beside me marked with the number 2 on it.It was from CR again and it was mentioning a strange thing that Kate must avoid and go to the beacon...I don't know who CR is but I think, I will find out soon enough... Chapter 2: The Eight Pages. Confused from how the events have unfolded so far, I left the building.I hadn't realized yet but I had made my way to the shore, a tiny little beach in contrast with the mountains and the forest leading to the ocean.I felt guilty for blaming Kate for all this at first...I saw a little tent with a fire burning a few meters away from the bank of the tiny river that came all the way down from the mountain to join the sea.I looked carefully inside the tent and I found some batteries as well as a note.The scrumbled letters on it made out th sentence “Always watches, no eyes” and a messy drawing of a head without a face.I picked it up and continued along the river.Strange sounds coming deep from the forest made me jump every once in a while. A weird vibe, that's what I felt behind me, but whenever I turned around nobody was there...I finally reached Oakside Information Center.A very old building used for arranging tours around this majestic place (a lot of years ago).I stepped in with caution, and zoomed my camera to the front desks.No sign of Kate here.I walked into the bathroom to the left of the hallway and checked for anything that might be helpful in finding Kate.When I was about to leave, I saw a torned page pintched on one of the walls that I haven't even checked.I grabbed it and tried to read what it said.“Follows”.I had no idea what was all this until I felt this strange vibe behind me once more.I slowly turned around and saw that creature that I've first seen going through the back gate.For some reason it had no face and it was dressed in quite an odd suit.If you know how a bussinessman dresses like, then you can imagine his clothes. A black smokin, and a red tie.As soon as I pointed my flaslight on it, it disappeared, leaving a static screen on my camera that blinded me for a few seconds.What the hell was that thing???I had no time to waste.Either I was getting crazy and had dillusions or this place had some weird short of dark “mystery” and I had to find out what that mystery is.But my priority right now is to find Kate, I can ask her a few questions when I find her about this madness... I left the building and headed down to the a huge flatland, used to store minecarts.I searched and searched but nothing here was pointing out that somebody has been past here before.On a lampost besides the rightmost of the area was a note similar to the ones that I had collected.I grabbed it and tried to make out the letters. “No”...All over the page the word NO...But why???I couldn't explain why Kate would leave such strange and unshettling notes all over the place...And that guy, CR, what does he want from my sister???And finally, that creature...I can't even descibe this...From now on I felt like I should get moving and not question everything I see.I felt in danger.I thought it would be best to constantly have an eye out for that thing.I started running to the top of the hill, where I found a mini-van.I checked the inside quite fast, there
  4. 4. was a letter in laying on the driver's seat.It was from CR again and it mentioned “The Haunt” and the “only way to stop” and the name of the creature...I guess it's rather similar to its appearance...Slender and tall and human-like but a creature after all.Slenderman. Under the passenger's seat I found the driver's license and an identity card.There were no full name but the initials of the person who owned it were quite familiar.C.R. I checked the rear of the car, an almost torned to pieces page, spelling out the words “Don't look back”...I clearly had no intention to do so, but as far as I now know, both Kate and CR knew what was that thing...I stood up and descended into the small valley at the foot of the mountain.In the middle of the valley on top of a tiny hill, rester a sawmill.I ran there and quickly grabbed the page that was on one of the walls there.I examined it and I'm pretty sure it said, “No escape”...When I turned around, was there.Looking at me in the eyes, except he had no eyes.He then started moving his arms...wait...he moves a tentacle-like thing that started at the top of his back.The tantacle waved a few seconds in the air and then it turned against me...I couldn't think of anything else, so I ran, as fast as I had ever ran, and even faster.A couple of seconds later, I checked behind me, nobody.I saw an almost completely wrecked car a few dozen of meters away so I made my way to it and found another piece of paper.This one said “Leave me alone”...It clearly was reffering to Slenderman, the creature that follows me and might as well have been following Kate when she tried to reach the beacon...And then I thought...What if Slenderman is the thing that haunts Kate??? The thing that Kate want to escape from??? The thing that CR want to save Kate from??? I thought about it and it all now made sense...The notes, the letters, CR, everything...I found two more notes, one pitched on a sign without words but with a drawing of 7 trees...or 6 trees and Slenderman in the middle...The other one, was on the Oakside Cannoe House, a building used for renting cannoes to tourists.The note said “Darkest suit, palest face”...Another refference to Slenderman, I guess...After more minutes of running and searching I came across a mobile toilet, used by the people how work in the mines.I definitely didn't want to check in there but it turned out that I didn't had to.The page was pintched in one of the four plastic walls and it said “Into the abyss”...That one I didn't even bothered examine. I had no clue where the abyss was and why would I had to go into there...I looked at my left hand and I saw a big maple tree with a page on it...I ran to it and I examined the page... “Die”...I couldn't figure out why would Kate curse somebody like that. I turned around and I almost scare myself to death...Slenderman was standing a meter or less close to me. My camera began making static noises and I tries to ran away...I ran down the hill and as I did so, a static screen blinded me for a second. When I opened my eyes, I was near Oakside Canoe House. Slenderman was behind me...I ran and ran but my camera became static and I was once again blinded. I fell down and then Slenderman teleported a few meters in front of me. His tentacles grabbed me and I passed out... Chapter 3: Into the abyss
  5. 5. I woke up laying in the ground.I didn't know where I was.I stood up and suddenly I felt the slight breeze touching my face and the sunlight blinded me...It was daytime...Where was I??? I remebered what had happened last night, right before I passed out...Slenderman stroke me to the ground with his tentacles.But where I am now is a completely different place than where I was yesterday...I grabbed my flashlight and camera and started walking to the nearest path.I reached the center of the area, the mine facility.A gigantic hole drilled into the mountains like a tunnel, but without an exit from the other side...I was not quite sure if I wanted to go in there or not.I searched the little buildings outside the facility, in one of them I found a letter marked with the number 7.Strange...Where the other letters were???I read it carefully...The most usefull piece of information that CR gave to me was, that I had to open all 6 generators in the facility, to operate the big elevator at the main room, which would elevate me up a few hundred meters, up the mountain. If I did so I would be able to reach the beacon pretty fast...I reviewed my options and finally, I walked inside the massive, dark and cold area....Into the abyss she said... A few metal containers were blocking the entrance to the main room, so I had to go through the storage area. That area gave me the creeps as I walked past it...A lot of oxygen masks and other stuff that made me nervous to look at. I found a door leading to the main room, and I ran to the elevator. Of course, the elevator was off and it needed to be powered in order to work. I opened the first generator which was on the main room of the facility and as soon as I did that 3 metal fences blocking the other 3 directions opened, leaving a wide space for me to go through...I went to the right where the bathroom area was. I checked every single bathroom, and in the last one there was a generator. I was confused...why a the bathroom...I don't even know...As soon as I left the room I heard a strange sound and I heard footsteps from the stairs leading to the second floor of the facility. I stayed still for a few seconds and then a woman with a hockey mask covering her face ran down the stairs. She was hooded and I couldn't recognize anything familiar on her. I was lost in a moment there, so all I did was point my flashlight onto her. She screamed and I think the flashlight stunned her for a while so I ran back at the main room and to the left section from there...Going left led me to a storage area with strange wiring system on the floor. Boxes and crates where stockpiled against the left wall leaving a wide space to the right of the room for a generator to be. I turned the valve, which powered the generator and then turned around. I could swear that I saw Slenderman, the creature from the forest. I couldn’t really tell because the room was very dark and I was very tired. What I did see, although, was that freak that almost caught me a few minutes ago. I ran towards the open door behind me and climbed up the rusted staircase. I followed a red light emitted by a flare that was left onto the ground. It was pointing at an open door, leading to a small room where a generator was. After opening that generator as well, I exited the room but, as I did so, that woman jumped at me and started hitting me in the face and the neck. I tried to push her over, and get on my feet but I couldn’t. She was really strong. After a couple of seconds, or hours (I think I fainted) I opened my eyes. I was right there. That crazy thing was gone. I got up and grabbed my flashlight and camera that I had drop down…I started walking and I felt a massive pain all across my neck to my chest. I kneeled down and gather up my strength. I needed to make my way downstairs and ride the elevator up the mountain. After a couple of agonizing minutes, I reached the elevator and I powered it up. As it
  6. 6. started ascending, that woman ran in the main room, sprinted to where the elevator was and grabbed on the platform. I didn’t know what to do so, I slammed her fingers with my foot. A piercing scream, then the sound of her body hitting the cement ground of the facility was enough to convince me that she won’t bother me anymore. I felt kind of guilty for what I did, but it was the only way…A slight breeze hit my face as I reached the top. I walked out of in the open. The sun started to make his way downwards to hide behind the mountain. I had to hurry… Chapter 4: Flashback I walked through the tiny forest, a few trees that had grown to the side of the mountain, and I wondered what did Kate got herself into…Who was CR, that creature from the forest, that woman in the facility, that child in the burned house…What and who was Kate trying to escape from? Why did CR knew how to help her? Why did Slenderman spared my life when he found me in the woods? What if Kate is already dead? I came across a really weird rock formation, placed there, creating a small cave, protecting the path to a small house. I stepped into the house and saw a message written all over the wall : “Do you see IT?” It was written with a piece of chalk, same as the one in Kate’s house. A small monitor was on a desk and a camera tape was left on the floor. I picked it up and put it in the DVD-Player that someone had adjusted on the monitor. Kate was lying on her bed, writing something that looked like a letter of some short. I assumed that she had recorded this by herself. Suddenly, the camera went all blurry for a second and Kate grasped her flashlight along with the camera whispering “He is here!!!” I figured out that she was referring to Slenderman…She then said “I have to close all windows and doors, just don’t let him inside…” Her voice was cracked up and she almost cried. Then, she started closing all doors and windows in her house. When she reached the backdoor and closed it, Slenderman showed up, bending to look through the window…Kate screamed and said “I need to HIDE!!!” She went upstairs and ran to her room. She entered and turned around to close the door. But, Slenderman was there…He grabbed her with one of his tentacles and brutally throwed her against the wall. The camera stopped recording as soon as Kate’s head smashed the window behind her, knocking her unconscious… I was really lost…If Slenderman did kill Kate, then, who found the video? And what if Kate survived? Did she try to fulfill her promise to CR and meet him at the beacon? And why did she leave that tape here? Did she want me to see this? Did she try to protect me or warn me? I had to find her… Chapter 5 : The Arrival
  7. 7. I picked up myself and exited the small house through the back door. As I did so, I stepped onto something…I picked it up and examined it carefully. It was a piece of duck tape. I remembered finding a small whiteboard back at Kate’s house that mentioned “extra tapes”… What did Kate do with all that stuff? I followed the narrow path up the mountain, leading to a cave system. I was really nervous but pretty confident that this would lead me to the beacon up the mountain or even to Kate. As soon as I stepped inside, everything seemed so quiet. In front of me, there was an old crate with a note on it. I picked it up and read it. “Kate, It’s important to do as I say! I left a note with all the thing needed. Meet me by the house in an hour! P.S. Don’t tell Lauren about it. CR” I couldn’t believe that! All those things listed in the whiteboard were crucial for something that CR wanted to do. To free Kate from whatever-the-hell was haunting her. To redeem himself. Then I understood…Slenderman was hunting Kate and CR knows a way to save Kate from Slenderman? Is that it? I cannot know for sure until I confront CR or find Kate. The only thing in the cave was the sound of my steps. As I walked I started hearing a distant sound…From outside the cave. From the forest. I ran towards the exit only to find out that the whole forest was one fire. “Kerosene” I thought. I had only one option in order to reach the beacon…Run through the burning forest… I started running to cover a big part of the distance between the cave and the beacon. I thought it was a matter of time to reach the beacon until a saw a black tentacle floating right next to me. I turned around and saw Slenderman, spreading his tentacles to grasp me… I tried avoiding a couple of them that tried to grasp my legs but soon enough I realized that I had to go. I had no choice but to keep running now…Logs were falling behind me, shattering as they smashed to the ground. I could mess up now; I had to reach the beacon. After a few moments of struggling through the forest maze I reached the old building with the gigantic beacon on top of it. I turned around and saw Slenderman teleporting away…I would be happy if I didn’t look down at the cave exit and saw that thing from the burning house. That ugly monster was quickly making his way up the mountain. Only viable was one; lock myself inside the building. I ran in and locked the door behind me. I found a pair of keys lying on top of a crate. I grabbed them and unlocked the door to the beacon. I locked the door behind me as I entered the next room. The “next room” is my description for a series of long corridors leading to the beacon. As I walked past it I realized that my flashlight has died…I didn’t really noticed when I rushed up the mountain…Fortunately a distant fire was showing me the way to the beacon room. As I stepped in I recognized a nasty smell. The smell of burned flesh…I looked at the far end of the room and saw a burned body. I looked at it closely and figured out that it wasn’t Kate. A military ID hanging from his neck revealed his identity. He was CR! Next to him there was a
  8. 8. camcorder. I picked it up and played the last recorded video… It was a video of Kate wrapping CR with duck tape and then burning him with kerosene…At first Kate refused to do that but CR told to her “It’s the only way…” The rest of the video was the “sacrifice” of CR who screamed painfully as the flames burned through his body and slowly killing him…I was shocked and disgusted by what Kate did to that man. As soon as the tape ended I heard loud noises coming from the corridor. Then I remembered. That thing had probably busted through the doors and it was coming for me… I lowered my head accepting my luck as well as the twisted turn of the events…The monster busted through the last door and ran towards me. After that everything went dark… I woke up in a strange room. It was dark and I realized that my flashlight was dead and my camera was almost out of battery. A flickering light coming from up the stairs was the only source of light around me. I walked towards it… I had realized that I was inside the burned house near the backyard of Kate’s house…I started walking trying to find the exit through the ruins of the house when I heard Kate’s voice…She whispered “What have I done?” and then started crying…I made my way through the house following her cry. After a couple of minutes I reached the room where she was. I approached her but when I did so she attacked me and dropped me unconscious… Epilogue The camera was found by one a worker of the mining-team along with Lauren’s journal, flashlight and Kate’s letters and notes. The police investigated the case for almost a year to conclude that it needed to close due to lack of evidence. Since the case closed nobody ever found Lauren’s and Kate’s belongings or where the evidence of the case ended up…Four months later the worker who has discovered the camera went missing and never found ever since…The police described the “abduction” similar to the ones in Marble Hornets (Original Slenderman’s Footage). a) Chapter 1: b) Chapter 2: c) Chapter 3: d) Chapter 4/5: