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Organic agriculture erophili bougga 2015-16


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Project based english language learning, 2015-16

Published in: Education
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Organic agriculture erophili bougga 2015-16

  1. 1. Organic Agriculture EROPHILI BOUGGA
  2. 2. •The organic or ecological agriculture is the environmentally friendly agriculture, in which chemical pesticides and fertilizers aren’t used
  3. 3. Advantages of organic agriculture • a) increases soil fertility • b ) prevents the plant from diseases impinging • c environmental pollution coming from agriculture • d ) protects plants and animals . • e) reduces energy consumption • f ) improves living conditions thanks to the production of food with nutritional value
  4. 4. •Outside areas shall be managed either without any use of pesticides or according to organic farming principles
  5. 5. Advantages of organic products • They have nutritious value • They have a guarantee.They are checked and certified. • They are fresh because they have been collected and sold only in time naturally grow up. • They protect the human body from the development of serious diseases. • They don’t poison water, soil, beneficial insects and birds.
  6. 6. Organic products are ideal for: • Children and old people:They provide the nutricients needed for life and growth, without containing toxics • Women in pregnancy
  7. 7. •The Community logo is the symbol for organic products which is understood throughout the Community .It indicates that the products have met strict Community production criteria and have undergone some checks.
  8. 8. EROPHILI BOUGGA • • •