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  1. 1. FilmA film,also called a movie or motionpicture,is a series of still or movingimages.It is produced by recordingphotographic images with cameras,or bycreating images using animationtechniques or visual effects.The process offilm making has developed into an artform and industry. Types of filmAction film:is a film genre where one ormore heroes is thrust into a series ofchallenges that require physicalfeats,extended fights and frenetic chases.
  2. 2. Adventure film:is a genre of film.Unlikeaction film,they often use their actionscenes preferably to display and exploreexotic locations in an energetic way.
  3. 3. Animation film:is the rapid display of asequence of images to create anillusion of movement.
  4. 4. Biographical film:a biographical film orbiopic is a film that dramatizes the lifeof an actual person or people.
  5. 5. Cartoon:a cartoon is a form of two-dimensional illustrated visual art.Whilethe specific definition has changedover time,modern usage refers to atypically non-realistic or semi-realisticdrawing or painting intended forsatire,caricature,or humor,or to theartistic style of such works.
  6. 6. Comedy:comedy,in the contemporarymeaning of the term,is any discourseor work generally intended to behumorous or to amuse by inducinglaughter,especially intheatre,television,film and stand-upcomedy.
  7. 7. Documentary:documentary filmconstitute a broad category ofnonfictional motion pictures intendedto document some aspect ofreality,primarily for the purposes ofinstruction or maintaining a historicalrecord.
  8. 8. Drama:a drama film is a film genre thatdepends mostly on in-depthdevelopment of realistic charactersdealing with emotional themes.
  9. 9. Horror:horror film is a film genreseeking to elicit a negative emotiona;reaction from viewers by playing onthe audience’s primal fears.
  10. 10. Romance:romance films are lovestories recorded in visual media forbroadcast in theaters and on televisionthat focus on passion eomotion,andthe affectionate involvement of themain characters and the journey thattheir love takes throught courtship ormarriage.
  11. 11. Musical:the musical film is a film genrein which songs sung by the charactersare interwoven into thenarrative,sometimes accompanied bydancing.
  12. 12. Romantic Comedy:romantic comedyfilms are films with light-hearted,humorous plotlines,canteredon romantic ideas such as that truelove is able to surmount mostobstacles.
  13. 13. Science Fiction:science fiction film is afilm genre that uses sciencefiction:speculative,science-baseddepictions of phenomena that are notnecessarily accepted by mainstreamscience such as extraterrestrial lifeforms,alienwords,extrasensory,perception andtime travel,often along with futuristicelements such asspacecraft,robots,cyborgs,interstellarspace travel or other technologies.
  14. 14. Thriller:thriller is a broad genre ofliterature,film and televisionprogramming that usesauspense,teusion and excitement asthe main elements.
  15. 15. War:war films are a film genreconcerned with warfare,usually aboutnaval,air or land battles,sometimesfocusing instead on prisoners ofwar,covert operations,military trainingor other related subjects.
  16. 16. Western:the western is a genre ofvarious arts,such asfilm,television,radio,literature,paintingand others.