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How to Paint in Watercolor - Women in Fashion


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I recently read an artist write "I'm addicted to watercolor paintings" and I can honestly say that I feel the same.
Once I started to paint in watercolors I continued until I perfected the skill.

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How to Paint in Watercolor - Women in Fashion

  1. 1. Anat MondshineThe Beauty in Fashion via MannequinsOriginal Watercolor Painting of Women in Fashionanatinfo@gmail.com
  2. 2. Watercolor Paintings• I am a lover of watercolor paintings• I love the way the watercolor behaves once ithits the cotton paper• I love the way the color spreads – like marble -as it hits the water• I love the surprise watercolor offers as it fuseswith the water or other watercolors• I love the smoothness of the painting sincebrushstrokes are not
  3. 3. Watercolor Painting of Woman – TuxedoBlack Tuxedo with Red Highlights.This lady mannequin is dressed for thenight out. Look at the detail of the skirt;look at how it gives the feeling of highquality fabric.Woman fine and dainty in BlackTuxedo.Perfectly sculptured for a night out.Watercolors and ink on cotton
  4. 4. Watercolor Painting of Woman – WalkingWoman Walking with OvercoatThe woman is walking toward ... sheis exposed and the overcoat is thereto protect her in case of need. Thiswatercolor painting holds intrigueand poise.Notice the intricate work dedicatedto the panties…This is done with watercolor and inkon
  5. 5. Watercolor Painting of Woman – Blue BurqaThis painting of a woman very much brings tomind the Afghan Woman that is hidden behind aBurqa.Here also the woman is hidden except that herbody is not hidden at all. The outline and thecurves are well displayed.The way the watercolors blend with each otherrenders a beautiful combination ofblue, purple, yellow, red and pink.Yet the watercolor painting is still transparentespecially in the threading of the undergarment.Watercolor paints and pencils on cotton
  6. 6. Watercolor Painting of Woman – Blue DressBlue DressI am calling these painting as Blue Dress but what stands out the mostis the woman’s nude body.You can read different things into the facial expression…Both paintings make heavy use of ink. The background is totally
  7. 7. Watercolor Painting of Woman – Blue GloveBlue GloveShe is looking away; she is waiting…The blue glove is watercolor and ink onpaperLook at the different shades of skin coloras they are capturing her skin tone. Herbuttocks are perfectly sculptured.Watercolor and ink on cotton
  8. 8. Watercolor Painting of Woman – Prom DressProm DressThe lady is dressed for the prom.Her silhouette is sexy and inviting. Her dress isa mixture of blues yet it is transparent and airy.Just beautiful and sexy.Watercolor paints and pencil on cotton
  9. 9. Watercolor Painting of Woman – OrangeOrange Front & Orange BackThe painting of Orange Front depicts a beautiful Orange jacket that everywoman would love to own. It takes self confidence to wear an Orangejacket of this magnitude.The Painting of Orange back again depicts the beautiful Orange jacket butalso shows off her sculpted
  10. 10. Woman Knit Dress - M & Ms ColorsM & Ms DressThe evening gown is made up of layersof colors. The shells are so colorful thatthey can be seen as layers of M & Ms.The top looks and feels exactly like aknit. That is not an easily accomplishedin paintings. Texture is very difficult todisplay.Via this technique of watercolor and inkon paper it comes across brilliantly.The background is totally
  11. 11. Watercolor Painting of Woman – Lady in ArmorLady in ArmorI chose to paint this mannequin in semi-transparent armor. You see thearmor; the defense she puts up but as always she is still quite
  12. 12. Watercolor Painting of Woman – Potted CactusPotted CactusThe cactus is a plant the gives fruit – prickly pear. This watercolorpainting that heavy use of ink gives the impression of the cactusplant with its wide prickly leaves.The skirt of the dress that is like the pot of the cactus gives theimpression of
  13. 13. Watercolor Painting of Woman – ArmorWoman in ArmorWoman in Armor is usually very mechanical and very cold buthere in the watercolor presentation of the sensual womanwarmth comes across very well.Two presentations of the same pose. In the painting thebackground is totally
  14. 14. Anat Mondshine• Original Watercolor Painting of Woman inFashion via the Mannequin• email:• Shop:•• Contact me for any information or