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Acoustic Duet

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Acoustic Duet

  1. 1. Miss M & Gershman Acoustic Duo Playing together since January 2014
  2. 2. They strum people's souls and don’t let this vibration end. There are always unforgetable emotions and great energy on the stage. They have a large repertoire of english, italian, french worldwide famous songs.
  3. 3. When she whispers a lyrical melody, his fingers make the strums of his guitar sound softer… Listen to lounge versions of popular hits
  4. 4. When she sings a passionate theme, he plays pathetically the rhythm… Coldplay /cover Miss M
  5. 5. Miss M also inserts in their program notes of romanian folk flute and melodica. You can't wait to dance when you hear them playing.
  6. 6. One melody of two hearts make other people happier Website: Facebook fan page: missmofficialartist/ E-mail: Phone: +972 54-978-4428