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What Balkan Women DO NOT LIKE

There are a few things that you need to know before diving into the world of online and offline Balkan dating.

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What Balkan Women DO NOT LIKE

  1. 1. What Balkan Women DO NOT LIKE
  2. 2. The Balkan Peninsula is a cultural area in, mostly, Southeast Europe. Countries that can be considered as Balkan include:  Albania  Bulgaria  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Kosovo  Macedonia  Croatia  Romania  Serbia  Slovenia  …just to name a few Majority of the women from these countries are open to online dating and dating men from foreign countries. That’s great news because Balkan women are very attractive and they, most of the time, make great wives and lovers. There are a few things that you need to know, however, before diving into the world of online and offline Balkan dating. The first things that you need to know are what to avoid or what Balkan women DO NOT LIKE:
  3. 3. Non-Confidence If you’re not a confident guy, it will show off in the way you talk and act. You need to develop your confidence if this is the case because Balkan women are used to strong, alpha types. You may be picturing out a man who’s cocky, well-dressed and has no problems talking to ladies. That’a accurate except for the cock part as women from the Balkans don’t really appreciate boastfulness. Stinginess It’s not wrong to save money, but if you are not willing to spend even a tiny amount to make a date special and memorable, that’s going to be a big turn off. When dating women from the Balkans, you have to spend money – not big money – but enough to give your date a wonderful experience. Don’t expect her to go dutch either because, to a Balkan woman and pretty much majority of the women from Europe, that’s just plain rude. Jealousy Balkan women do not do jealousy (period)! If you’re the jealous type, then it’s not going to work out. Majority of women from the Balkans have very attractive facial and physical features. If you met online, chances are, she’s still going to get a lot of messages from other men. It’s the same offline. You, however, do not need to be jealous because she’s not likely to entertain them when you’ve already started dating. Chill!
  4. 4. Impatience Here’s the thing, Balkan women like to dress up, wear heels, do their hair and their makeup every time they go out. It’s just how it is! If you cannot wait for her to get ready, oh, she is going to dislike that very much. Give her some space, give her time to make herself beautiful (for you), and just wait. In the online setting, if it’s taking her a while to go online and do a video conference, just wait. She might just be putting on makeup. Learn the Name When you have an unconventional name, don’t you just hate it when people don’t say your name right? It’s the same with Balkan women. They’re going to have first and last names that are going to be difficult to pronounce. You better learn it though because if you keep getting a Balkan woman’s name wrong, you’ll have no chance at winning her over. Don’t do what Balkan Women Dislike So, your first order of business is NOT to do what Balkan women dislike. It seems easy enough, but the journey to landing yourself a beautiful woman from the Balkan region is a long one. You still have more to learn! Find more tips on our blog. For more visit