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Damar kurung Gresik


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traditional lantern from Gresik Indonesia

Published in: Travel
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Damar kurung Gresik

  1. 1. DAMAR KURUNG Traditional cultural presentation, 19 of august 2016 Sparkling Indonesia
  2. 2. No one know’s when was the first damar kurung where made. But, some artist argue that damar kurung has existed since 16 century.
  3. 3. The famous creator of damar kurung is Masmundari (rip:2005). She make it dan sale it when Ramadan come. Many kids love it and usually show it off to their friends.
  4. 4. But, other argue says that damar kurung is a tradition of Muslims Gresik to welcome lailatul qodar in the month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar, which hang lanterns resin brackets at the front of the house.
  5. 5. To preserve damar kurung, people make a festival since 2012 and happen every year. that festival called ‘damar kurung festival’. This video show what happen right there.
  6. 6. THANK YOU