Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module introduction


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Developed in concert with Texas Instruments as part of TI's Design Network, Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules are the industry's easiest, most elegant, and most cost-effective way to implement low-power RF capability... Whether your goal is designing a "wireless" version of a currently "wired" product -- or developing a wireless product from the ground up. Each AIR module (think of it as a tiny, wireless data transmitter and receiver) incorporates a proven Texas Instruments low-power RF transceiver chip and is compatible with all TI-approved software stacks. As such, AIR modules offer you excellent performance, tiny footprints, ease-of-use, and pre-established compliance with applicable regulatory standards (including FCC, IC, and ETSI). And because AIR is a self-contained, SMT module -- you save the time and costs associated with developing your own radio solution. Download our AIR product line brochure, for a more detailed AIR product line overview.

> Starting at under $10 per module, for orders of 10K or more
> Easy implementation on existing, two-layer PCB
> Minimal RF engineering experience necessary
> Tiny common footprints across the product line, based on functionality
> Pre-certified to applicable FCC/IC standards or compliant with ETSI -- saving you certification time and financial resources
> Choice of embedded PCB antenna or connectorized antenna (accepts a standard U.FL monopole antenna)
> 100% RF-tested in production
> Low power consumption based on TI's low-power RF/transceiver chips
> Quick and easy wireless solution for many MSP430 applications
> Choice of frequencies to match your application, including: 433MHz (go to modules and development tools in this frequency range); 868MHz for use in Europe (go to modules and development tools in this frequency range); 915MHz (go to modules and development tools in this frequency range); 2.4GHz (go to modules and development tools in this frequency range) or learn more about our wireless audio module, AIR modules for ZigBee Standard applications, and AIR modules featuring Bluetooth SMART -- all of which also operates in the 2.4GHz range

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Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module introduction

  1. 1. Introduction to Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules Bluetooth SIG Member
  2. 2. Common challenges & questions Bluetooth SIG Member • • • • • • • • How do I add wireless? Development Effort? Range? Protocol? Power consumption? Reliability of connection? Reliability of supply chain? Regulatory Compliance?
  3. 3. Who is Anaren? Bluetooth SIG Member • • • • • Founded in 1967 in Syracuse, NY RF / Microwave technology always the focus Well managed, Public (Nasdaq: ANEN), Profitable Manufactures 140 million components annually $160 million – 65% Space & Defense vs. 35% Wireless • 860 employees • Global manufacturing and sales locations (US, UK and China) Anaren Microwave/ Anaren, Inc. (HQ) Syracuse, NY 160,000 sq. ft. (owned) Anaren Ceramics, Inc. Salem, NH 65,000 sq. ft. (leased) Anaren Communications Suzhou, China 76,000 sq. ft. (leased) Anaren, MSK Syracuse, NY 43,000 sq. ft. (owned) Anaren, Unicircuit Littleton, Col. 45,000 sq. ft. (owned)
  4. 4. What is AIR? Bluetooth SIG Member Anaren Integrated Radio • Anaren designed & manufactured SMT radios based on TI’s low-power RF chips/SOCs • Certified: FCC/IC or ETSI as applicable • Peripheral to ANY microcontroller (SPI) • 100% RF tested • Footprint compatible • 433, 868, 915 MHz and 2.4GHz • Choice of protocols: - use your own stack (FSK) - ZigBee (802.15.4) - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) • AIR Support helps you at all stages: development, application & production support • Stocked at major, global distributors - 433/868 ETSI only - 915 FCC/IC only - 2.4 FCC/IC/ETSI
  5. 5. When & where to use AIR? Bluetooth SIG Member • • • • Low-power, battery operated sensors and controls Distances up to 1,000 ft. Industrial environments Data Rates up to 250Kb/s Battery powered sensors Wireless controls Home automation HVAC & lighting > M2M > Smart Grid > Wireless bio/med > Bluetooth® > ZigBee® > Others
  6. 6. Why AIR? Bluetooth SIG Member We’re RF experts… So you don’t have to be! • • • • • • • • • • Reduces risk Reduces engineering time Reduces time-to-market Reduces carrying-board complexity Reduces BOM / sourcing workload Reduces certification costs Reduces footprint in many instances (vs. discrete) Produced by high-volume manufacturer Based fully on Texas Instruments Reasonably priced
  7. 7. AIR Support: Not just a module… A solution Bluetooth SIG Member Development stage - dev tools & kits - User’s Manuals - engineering support - wiki - more Production stage - SMT module - certification - testing assist - layout assist - more Applications stage - firmware - applications engineering assistance - beta help
  8. 8. AIR: w/ Bluetooth® SMART technology Bluetooth SIG Member MODULES • • • • • • • • • • • Turns a smart-phone into your product’s mobile control panel! TI CC2541 SoC for Bluetooth SMART (BLE) PCB antenna or U.FL connector options Small: 11 x 19 x 2.5 mm Link budget: 90dB link budget, up to 40m range (outdoor LOS) -40 to +85C Industrial temp range FCC, IC and ETSI 100% RF tested Comes pre-loaded with Emmoco firmware Supported by B-Smart BoosterPack for TI LaunchPad kits Supported by Emmoco software and em-hub app development AIR Module Antenna Status A2541R24A20Gx PCB Samples Now | Production Fall 2013 A2541R24C20Gx U.FL Samples Now | Production Fall 2013 Firmware & online app development support provided in partnership with:
  9. 9. AIR: for ZigBee® (or 802.15.4) Bluetooth SIG Member MODULES • • • • • • • • • CC2530 SOC (IEEE 802.15.4) operating at 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) PCB antenna or U.FL connector for antenna Optional CC2591 range-extender Small: 11 x 19 x 2.5 mm Link budget: 103 dBm w/ RE, 300m LOS range AIR-ZNP software for MSP430 & TIVA C (aka: Stellaris) - 30+ code examples, plus TI ZNP and Z-Stack BoosterPack for TI LaunchPad kits, EM board for DKs FCC, IC and ETSI AIR Module Antenna Range Extender 1Ku Price Samples A2530R24AZ1Gx PCB No $13.55 Now A2530R24CZ1Gx U.FL No $13.55 Now A2530E24AZ1Gx PCB CC2591 $17.60 Now A2530E24CZ1Gx U.FL CC2591 $17.60 Now Firmware developed in partnership with:
  10. 10. AIR: Proprietary RF family Bluetooth SIG Member MODULES • • • • • • • • Think of them as tiny “FSK transceivers” CC1101, CC110L, CC2500-based Four bands: 433, 868, 915 MHz & 2.4GHz PCB antenna or U.FL connector for antenna Very small: 9 x 12 x 2.5mm or 9 x 16 x 2.5mm Link budget: - 900 MHz: 122 dBm, 300m LOS - 2.4GHz: 104 dBm, 60m LOS FCC, IC and ETSI As low as $9.50 at 1Ku quantities
  11. 11. AIR: PurePath® audio Bluetooth SIG Member MODULES • • • • • • • TI CC8520 with CC2591 Range Extender 11 x 19 x 2mm with PCB antenna CD-quality, uncompressed stereo audio - up to 16-bit 48KHz stereo, 150m LOS range Wireless headphones, speakers, microphones, etc. FCC, IC and ETSI EM board for TI’s DK Under $22.50 at 1Ku
  12. 12. AIR: BoosterPacks get you started! Bluetooth SIG Member DEV TOOLS Each BoosterPack kit includes: • AIR-equipped BoosterPack boards (number varies by kit) • Pre-flashed TI microprocessors (as applicable) • Software, driver, applications notes, more • QuickStart Guide to get kit up and running in under 10 minutes CC110L BoosterPack kit - works with MSP430 LaunchPad kit - available exclusively at TI’s e-store - only $19* * suggested retail price CC2530 BoosterPack kit for ZigBee applications - works with MSP430™ or TIVA C® LaunchPad kits - available at all authorized AIR distributors - $99* Coming fall 2013: AIR B-Smart BoosterPack kit for BLE applications - will work with MSP430™ , TIVA C, C2000, others - $49*
  13. 13. AIR: Other development boards, too Bluetooth SIG Member DEV TOOLS EZ-430 Target Boards • TI only offers 2.4 GHz versions of eZ430 • We have 433, 915, 868 MHz & 2.4 GHz • Fully compatible with TI eZ430 • $25* * suggested retail price EM Evaluation Modules • Fully compatible with select TI development kits (DK) • Available for A1101, A2500, A8520, A2530 & A2541 (soon!) • As low as $25*
  14. 14. Our approach: Turn a smartphone into your new control panel – in 90 days SOFTWARE Certified module w/ Bluetooth SMART (BLE) wireless connection Embedded device based on any micro (MSP430, TIVA C, TI 3000, others) Emmoco-enabled Smartphone app (iOS / Android) schema Blinker { Emmoco software & em-hub app development: • Schema specifies data-pipe between iOS and embedded • Emmoco generates put / get style APIs based on schema • Works with any micro’s toolset (add one .c file -- ~150 lines) • Examples to get you started • Bluetooth and RF knowledge not required! /* -------- resource cmd -------- */ enum Cmd { START_CMD, STOP_CMD } Cmd cmd { writeonly } /* -------- resource count -------- */ int16 count { readwrite } Bluetooth SIG Member
  15. 15. AIR-ZNP Software for ZigBee (A2530) Bluetooth SIG Member SOFTWARE • Self-configuring, self-healing low-power mesh networks • ZigBee stack resides in module • Makes A2530 module a peripheral to ANY microcontroller with serial port • Over 30 examples make it easy to build an application • Module can be Coordinator, Router or End Device using software setup
  16. 16. AIRstack Wireless UART Bluetooth SIG Member SOFTWARE • Point-to-point 9600 baud UART connection • All software provided • Software runs on MSP430F5510 together with A1101R09x module. • Connect to any microcontroller with a UART • Error detection, retransmission all built in • No wireless software development required • Only available for US / Canada
  17. 17. TI SimpliciTI Bluetooth SIG Member SOFTWARE • • • • • • Free wireless software drivers from TI Star or point-to-point networks Single channel or Frequency Agility modes Establish a link, send / receive packets Ideal for creating your own wireless applications Download from TI. Use our register files.
  18. 18. Other demos / reference designs Bluetooth SIG Member • • • • • • ZigBee Light Link (A2530) AIR-ZNP-to-Ethernet Gateway (A2530) Wireless UART (A1101 / A2500) 802.15.4 MAC-Only (A2530) Energy Harvesting (A110L) Write if interested
  19. 19. AIR: Takeaways Bluetooth SIG Member • Ideal for non RF-enabled customers – use Anaren’s expertise! • Low-power RF solutions for: Proprietary RF | ZigBee | Bluetooth SMART | Wireless audio • • • • • Interchangeable tiny, SMT radios FCC, IC & ETSI certification or compliant User-friendly software stacks Based on TI low-power RF chips & SOCs AIR Support total solution (dev tools, app support, etc.)
  20. 20. Thank you for your time! Bluetooth SIG Member