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Retail Customers


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Retail Customers

  1. 1. The Need For Studying ConsumerBehaviour How the need for the product /services was determined? How information was sought by the customer? The process of evaluation of various product and services. The payment process. The post purchase behaviour.
  2. 2. Factors influencing Customers Range of merchandise Convenience of shopping Time to travel Socio-economic factors The stage of family lifecycle
  3. 3. STA
  4. 4. External Internal (sociological) (psychological) culture needs learning b social class e motives hreference groups a wants personality v family i perception o marketing mix awareness attitude preference r Buyer Behavior Model
  5. 5. Types of buying decisions (Time andeffort) Extended Problem Solving Limited Problem Solving Habitual decision making
  6. 6. Generational cohort A generational cohort has been defined as "the aggregation of individuals (within some population definition) who experience the same event within the same time interval
  7. 7. MARKET SEGMENTATION Demographic Segmentation Geographic Segmentation Usage pattterns Psychographics and lifestyle
  8. 8. Customer Service Identify the key customer and listen and respond to them Define superior service and establish a service strategy Set standard and measure performance Select train and empower employees Recognize and reward accomplishment