Organisational Study at TUMUL


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In the 3rd semester of MBA did organisational study in TUMKUR COOPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS SOCITIES UNION LIMITED

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Organisational Study at TUMUL

  1. 1. SUMMER INTERNSHIP TRAINING REPORT “AN ORGANISATIONAL STUDY” AT “TUMKUR MILK UNION LTD” SubmittedIn partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree in “MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION” Bangalore University Submitted by Mr. DODDEGOWDA K.N. Register no: 101NCMA021 2010-2012 Under the Guidance of Dr. GOPALAKRISHNA D.S. DEAN G.T. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES & RESEARCH 10/15, Sunkadakatte, Magadi Main Road, Vishwaneedam Post, Bangalore- 560091
  2. 2. INDUSTRY PROFILE The first organized attempt at providing safe milk to customers was made by the military dairy farms, with the objective of supplying milk to the British troops in India. In India Cooperative milk union (popularly known as AMUL)starting with a modest collection of 250 liter of milk per day in 1948, and 2 village milk producer societies, It today has some 850000 liters. This cooperative has a membership of some 3600000 farmers. In June 1974 an integrated project was launched in Karnataka, with responsibility of implementing Rs.51 crores project ended
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE Tumkur milk union is a co-operative Institution which is registered under a co-operative society act, on RSC/365/7677 dated 27th June 1977 at Tumkur. It is situated in the rural area. At the time of registration of the Union, the milk procurement rose to 9486 kgs per day The area of operation is entire Tumkur district having of 10 taluks comprising of 2977 revenue villages. As on July 2011 the total Members enrolled was 224786
  4. 4. 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11( lakhs) 9602 10764 14444 18356 21982 28644 The present aggregate growth rate works out to be around 10.2 % for the past 5 years. The average milk sales during the month of July 2011 is 1.81 lakh liters per day. Annul amount paid to producers in 2010-11 ( crores) 196
  5. 5. MISSION & VALUESMISSION Tumkur milk union is committed to Socio-economic development of its member milk producers by adopting advanced technology to making dairy industry profitable business by the dedicate workmanship to provide best services to its members and consumer there by achieving the best position in the country.
  6. 6. ValuesThe following are the values bound byTUMUL1.Honesty2.sincerity3.discipline4.quality5.faith6.Impartiality
  7. 7. PRODUCT PROFILEA) Toned MilkB) Homogenized Toned MilkC) Double Toned MilkD) Homogenized Cow MilkE) Shubam MilkMILK DERIVATIVEA)CurdB) Butter MilkC) GheeD) Peda
  8. 8. ORGANAIZATION STRUCTURE BOARD Managing Director Production Procure Adminis Finance Marketing MIS Purchase - Manager Dairy Manager Asst. Manager Dy. Manager Deputy Deputy Assistant Manager Manager ManagerDy. Manager Asst. Manager s Admini Superintend Mkt. Officers System Officer Purchase Officer .Superintend Tech Officer Extension Officer Cashier Sales personnel MIS Assistant Purchase Admini. Assistantss Supervisors Assistants Extension Asst. Data entry Accountants Supervisors Attainder Technicians Operator Helpers Clerk Attainders Helpers Sales men Attainders Attainders
  10. 10. Mc Kinsey’s 7s Model
  11. 11. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Diary plant with a capacity of 1 ,00, 000 liters per day. Facilities to manufacture ghee, curd, peda, , butter milk. This brand image is well established in the market by KMF. WEAKNESS Lack of well experienced engineering personal a superior posts in the departments are filled through promotions. Longer distribution routes and retailers points, it can cause delay in production, distribution. Centralized decision making.
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITIES Increase the level of customer awareness. Opportunity to introduce product range. Large area of land is available for different activates.THREATS Large numbers of competitors’ are entering into the market. Unethical practices of competitors. A group of unorganized local vendors can dominates the market Presence of duplicate milk and milk products in the market. Change in Technology.
  13. 13. FINDINGS Majority of the respondents were buying milk from unorganized sector (door to door milk seller). Availability of Nandini milk and milk products compared to other brand is very high. Majority of the respondents point of view quality and freshness. Majority of the consumers having no problems and fully satisfied with the Nandini milk and milk products. TUMUL is under the process of computerizing.
  14. 14. CONCLUSION To conclude milk and milk products are one of the main daily necessities of human life for all age group. NANDINI is the only branded milk operating with union. The union has not gained considerable market share. Since it is in co-operative sector the union works in the interest of producers and consumers. The organization has to give importance to agents who are going to play in pushing the Nandini products.
  15. 15. LEARNING EXPERIENCE I learnt many things about the functioning of the company and position of the Tumkur milk union limited. TUMUL has given more importance to the customer satisfaction. I observed the working technologies, management process, hierarchical relationships among the employees. I interacted with respective heads of the departments. Tumkur milk union limited has given more importance to the farmers.
  16. 16. Thank you