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This was a quiz for the Scintillations 2011,
prelims set by the quiz club of P.S
Prithvi Shankar
Aaditya Narayan

Published in: Sports, Technology
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  2. 2. Q1. NAME IT
  3. 3. A1• Scintillations grid
  4. 4. Q2• The main feature which distinguishes X artifacts from its competitors is it’s formerly patented “burping seal”.• X, which has been a pioneer in its field since 1946, was the main forerunner to the direct marketing strategy(door-to-door marketing).• A technique called ‘carrot calling’ helped promote the sale of X artifacts. Representatives would travel door to door in a neighborhood and ask housewives to “run an experiment” in which carrots would be placed in an X artifact and compared with “anything that you would ordinarily leave in”, which would result in people choosing X over the ordinary ones.• If it helps you, know that the door to door marketing of X is still carried out in many parts of the world, including our country, our state, our city….
  5. 5. A2• Tupperware
  6. 6. Q3• There are some crazy inspirations for music band names but the name of this band comes from an unbelievable source for musical inspiration: Cricket.• Their only album shares the band’s name and contains twelve songs about cricket.• One of their songs Jiggery Pokery is inspired by Shane Warne’s ball of the century.• Up in the next slide is the album art of the band’s only album, if that’s of any help to you.
  7. 7. A3• The Duckworth-Lewis Method band• (Note the large DLM in the album art)
  8. 8. Q4• One of Ford’s cars is the Ford X which is not very popular, here in India. However Y-X is well known amongst us! On December 7, 2004, version 1.0 of X was released, and received over 500,000 downloads in its first three days of release, and 1,000,000 in 10 days. 2nd pic is the origin of X and 1st is the logo of Y . Find X,Y
  9. 9. A4• Mozilla Thunderbird
  10. 10. Q5.PUT FUNDA
  11. 11. A5• This scene from “The Pursuit of Happyness” has a cameo by the real Chris Gardner, on whose life the movie is based. Will Smith looks back towards the man as he passes.
  12. 12. Q6First use of what?
  13. 13. A6• 
  14. 14. Q7• A logo was created on the basis of the doodle made by William Wadsworth Hodkinson. Some say the doodle was made on Utahs Ben Lomond and that and that Perus Artesonraju is in the live logo. Some editions of the logo bear a striking resemblance to the Pfeifferhorn.• Which company’s logo are we talking about?
  15. 15. A7• Paramount pictures
  16. 16. Q814 Who was this letter written to?
  17. 17. A8• Albert Einstein
  18. 18. Q9After being issued U.S. patent #6,281 on April 10,1849Hunt sold the patent to W. R. Grace andCompany for $400 (roughly $10,000 in 2008dollars). Using that money, Hunt then paid the $15owed to a friend and kept the remaining amount of$385 for himself. What Hunt failed to realize is thatin the years to follow, W.R. Grace and Companywould make millions of dollars in profits from hisinvention.WHAT ?
  19. 19. A9• Safety pin
  20. 20. Q10• Some say X was first created in the kitchens by a palace cook named Kakasura Madappa out of the above ingredients. The cook simply made a concoction of besan, ghee and sugar. The sweet that was formed delighted the royalties so much that it became a "Royal Sweet". When asked its name, Madappa obviously didnt have its name, so he simply called it the ‘X’
  21. 21. A10• Mysore Pak from Mysore palace
  22. 22. Q11The name of this Club gets it name from alegendary Greek Hero.It’s one of the most successful clubs in theworld.It’s logo is just a picture of the Greek Hero’shead.It is how ever drawn of Just 11 strokes torepresent each of the 11 players.What is the club??
  23. 23. A11• Ajax
  24. 24. Q12Why the Paduang Women wear it is still a mystery.Some say that these protected women from becomingslaves by making them less attractive to other tribes.It has also been suggested these give the womenresemblance to a dragon, an important figure in Paduangfolklore. These might be meant to protect from tiger bites,perhaps literally, but probably symbolically.Enough Said.What are we Talking about??
  25. 25. A12• Neck rings
  26. 26. Q13This Flower is calledMagnolia.Having evolved before beesappeared, the flowersdeveloped to encouragepollination by beetles.Hence the Petals areextremely tough.Also it produces _________ asa repellant against "ants,poisonous fungi andnematode worms.FITB.
  27. 27. A13• Naphthalene
  28. 28. Q 14• Connect a town called Dubna in Russia, Ernest Rutherford, Glenn Seaborg, Neils Bohr, and Austrian physicist Lise Meitner.• Note: Specific connect required.
  29. 29. A 14• Trans actinium metal name inspirations.• Part points for identifying element name inspirations.• Points given for artificially synthesised elements, radioactive.
  30. 30. Q15.CONNECT
  31. 31. A15• (answer: different fonts)• Gothic, Franklin, cooper, Algerian, Arial, centaur, courier, Bernard, bell, gill, Georgia, broad, Baskerville, trebuchet, comic sans
  32. 32. Q16. How did this guy gain popularity in 2009?
  33. 33. A16• Bus driver for Sri Lankan Cricket team
  34. 34. Q 17• X was sued in 1986 for violations of the Gold Control Act, for illegal production of Gold.• However he wasn’t sued because the court was afraid as to how the public would react to it.• Later in December 2000, the magazine India Today published a cover story about X with allegations of fakery made by the magician P. C. Sorcar, Jr.• ID X
  35. 35. A 17Puttaparthi Sai BabaAnd his famous Gold Lingams.
  36. 36. Q18.Parody of who/ what event?
  37. 37. A18• Steve Jobs/ iPhone launch
  38. 38. Q19• This picture is from a photo-call for a film that has been in the works for a while now, and is set for release in late 2011. You can see Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg here.• Which film?
  39. 39. A19• The Adventures of Tintin based on the Tintin stories "The Crab with the Golden Claws", "The Secret of the Unicorn" and "Red Rackhams Treasure". Peter Jackson is one of the co-producers, while Spielberg is the director.
  40. 40. Q20• The English cricket season typically opens with the "Champion County" match, in which a team representing the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) plays the current English county champions. In 2010, the match was held at Abu Dhabi in March, and was a four day match played in day-night fashion. Rahul Dravid was part of the MCC team, and starred, scoring a century to help them win. He was reportedly happy with an experimental addition to the match. What significant change to cricketing equipment was made in this match?
  41. 41. A20• First ever use of the Pink Ball
  42. 42. Q21• This place in Delhi used to be a large pond in the old walled city area. Some time during the decade of the 1930s, the pond was filled up so that an annual event could be shifted to that place (from which it gets its name; this years event is around the corner). Over the decades, the place has also been used for other reasons; the Municipal Corporation of Delhi isnt very happy about all this and wants to turn it into a green area where people can relax, instead of being agitated.• Which place?
  43. 43. A21• Ramlila Maidan
  44. 44. Q22• What business entity connects the following set of people:• Manas Sarkar, a 17 year cadet footballer• Pawan Kumar, a senior associate for quality control• A tribal beneficiary of the "Tejaswini" Project• A Commonwealth Games Gold medallist in Archery• Jyoti Pandey, A Departmental Ethics coordinator• A Dutch researcher, formerly an employee of Corus• Sadhan Baske, a tomato farmer• The fifth woman to scale Mt. Everest
  45. 45. A22• These people are featured in the Tata Steel "Values Stronger Than Steel" ad campaign
  46. 46. Q23• The unnamed character made his first appearance within the Parker Brothers game Dig, released before the U.S. entered World War II. The identity of the artist who designed the character has remained a mystery. He is the round old man who is in a top hat currently ranked 9th in the list. Identify him.
  47. 47. A23• Rich Uncle Pennybags/ Mr.Monopoly
  48. 48. Q24• This company came into existence in the year 1884. This multipurpose product made by this company is world renowned solely because of the fact that it is associated with __X__ and derives its name from them. It was originally the sole supplier of the product and regained this position when it acquired the rival supplier of the product in 2005. In 1909, the mother of the companys founder passed away and he decided to name the company in memory of her. The company started using __Y__ in their products in the year 1921 and as a result, the name of the company was altered to accommodate this inclusion. Though this product was originally created to serve the requirements of __X__, it is widely used by the rest of the world, simply because its so handy and compact. It is even part of the standard equipment used by NASA astronauts.
  49. 49. A24Swiss army knife.
  50. 50. Q25. Symbol of what?
  51. 51. A25
  52. 52. Q26. Map of?
  53. 53. A26• Hogwarts
  54. 54. Q27.Map of?
  55. 55. A27• 7 wonders of the world.
  56. 56. Q28• The poem The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus has a place of importance in __X__. Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty _________, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame. "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" ID the "brazen giant of Greece" being referred to and what the subject of the poem is.
  57. 57. A28• Statue of Liberty
  58. 58. 29.Id X• On March 24, 1958 ___X__ accompanied by his parents and a group of family and friends, reported to the Memphis Draft Board. From there, he and twelve other recruits were bused to Kennedy Veterans Memorial Hospital. There, ___X__ was assigned army serial number 53 310 761. After being processed and sworn in,__X___ said his good-byes and was bused with the others from Memphis to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas for further processing. There, he received his famous G.I. haircut and coined the phrase Hair today, gone tomorrow, in a comment to the news media. He was assigned to the Second Armored Divisions Hell On Wheels unit (formerly led by General George Patton) and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Inspite of the fact that there was no war, the army navy and air force vied to get __X__s attention to join them. (Pic in Next Slide)
  59. 59. A29.Elvis.
  60. 60. Q30.Stamp issued to commomerate what? which country?
  61. 61. A30• 1936 berlin olympics, germany.
  62. 62. Q.31.Connect.• The Eye in the Sky The Pro The Rookie The Ringleader The Inside Man The Grease Man The Fuse The Getaway The High Roller The Bankroll
  63. 63. A31• Job designations for each person in ocean’s 11.
  64. 64. Q32.• Statistically, X is the worlds most popular transportation company. It is estimated that the equivalent of the worlds population travel in X every three days. According to United Technologies, X carry the equivalent of the worlds population every nine days. What are we talking about?
  65. 65. A32• OTIS Elevators
  66. 66. Q 33Identify the advertiser.
  67. 67. A ("Stuck in the wrong job?"Campaign)
  68. 68. Q 34Statue of who and who at at the Plaza deEspañain Madrid ??(Pic in next slide)
  69. 69. A 34Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.
  70. 70. Q35• In Tamil, it literally means “Tied Wood”, but the British couldn’t pronounce it and hence derived an anglicized term for it. They are stream-lined boats found on both coasts of India.
  71. 71. A35• Catamaran(Kattu-Maram)
  72. 72. Q 36Jacob Bernoulli discovered this constant , X by studying a question aboutcompound interest . One example is an account that starts with $1.00 andpays 100 percent interest per year. If the interest is credited once, at the endof the year, the value is $2.00; but if the interest iscomputed and added twice in the year, the $1 is multiplied by 1.5 twice, yielding$1.00×1.5² = $2.25. Compounding quarterly yields $1.00×1.254 = $2.4414..., andcompounding monthly yields $1.00×(1.0833...)12 = $2.613035....Bernoulli noticed that this sequence approaches a limit , X.NOW WHAT IS X??
  73. 73. A 36X is e.
  74. 74. Q 37Possibly through his military background, X is portrayedas having expertise with explosives, surveillance, hand tohand combat and evasive driving.X often engages in hand-to-hand combat, having toimprovise using unconventional weapons against hisopponents. X is also an accomplished sharpshooter.X carries out his business according to strict rules, whichhe is loath to break, and expects his clients to adhere tothem or face a breach of contract.X maintains a uniform of sorts, consisting of a black suit,white shirt, and a black tie. X also puts great emphasis onprecise timing and punctuality. He regularly maintainsanonymity from his clients, going by the aliases.
  75. 75. A 37Frank Martin Transporter.
  76. 76. Q38Where would you find all these:2 tusked elephantsAn old map of the Indian peninsula4 water liliesA rising sunAn open book containing the name I want.
  77. 77. A 38
  78. 78. Q 39It is among the very few words in English of Japanese origin.It literally translates to Great – lord.In English it means someone who is extremely successful in business or someone who is ultra rich…Give me the word…
  79. 79. A 39
  80. 80. Q40• This Doc born in Mylapore, Chennai has attended Hindu College, University of Delhi, from where he earned his Bachelor Honours degree in Mathematics. He studied for his Masters degree in Statistics at the Indian Statistical Institute. He then went to study at Harvard University on a full Rockefeller scholarship. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Economics by Harvard University (Class of 1965). He has pointed out that Sonia is none other than a 5th standard pass and was the main reason for the 2G scam to come to light! Who is he?
  81. 81. A40• Dr.Subramaniya Swamy
  82. 82. Q41• X was created by Leslie Scott, the co-founder of Oxford Games Ltd, based on a game that evolved within her family in the early 1970s using something the family purchased from a sawmill in Takoradi, Ghana. Scott launched the game she named and trademarked as ‘X at the London Toy Fair in January 1983 and sold it through her own company, Leslie Scott Associates. The first set of X were manufactured for Scott by the Camp hill Village Trust in Botton, Yorkshire. The V&A Museum of Childhood has exhibited one of the original sets of X since 1982. X actually denotes the swahili word “to build”. Identify X
  83. 83. A41• Jenga
  84. 84. Q42X is derived from the French word for ‘Littleshoulder.’It’s color length and diameteroften signify rank.ID X.Take clues from the pictures.
  85. 85. A42• Epaulette