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Sales & Marketing Approach


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A marketing strategy involves how a company promotes and distributes the product, but the sales strategy includes how to get a particular customer to buy a product or service.

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Sales & Marketing Approach

  1. 1. Overview Of The Sales and Marketing Manual Anant Corporation
  2. 2. Objectives • Understand Sales and Marketing Approach, Processes • Understand why any employee that a client or potential client interacts with is the face of the company • Understand that this is truly a team effort no matter what your role is
  3. 3. Top Down Approach Sales Culture Congruency Tactics Principles Marketing Objectives Strategies Participation vs “Buy-In”
  4. 4. The Sales and Marketing Manual • Guiding Principles • At it’s core Anant is a sales and marketing business as is every business • People buy feelings / experiences • Each touch point must provide superior client service experiences • Product and service design • Marketing • Sales • Customer Service
  5. 5. Goals • Attract New Clients • Increase average lifetime value of each client • Nurture, create and develop fiercely loyal clients who refer others • “Multi-generational” loyalty • Build credibility, celebrity, authority • Emphasis on larger profit share within the industry • Set the “Gold Standard” for our industry • Dominate the industry
  6. 6. Roles • Marketing • Attract new clients • Increase Life Time Value (LTV) • Sales • Convert / create opportunities and leads • Develop relationships with clients • Contribute to gross profit • Business owner mindset
  7. 7. The Sales and Marketing Manual • “What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” -Walt Disney
  8. 8. Organization Chart
  9. 9. Client Focus Profit Margin Close Ratio Repeat 🡹 🡹Referral New Clients
  10. 10. Marketing Approach Attraction Promotion Credibility, Celebrity, Authority Content “Prospecting sucks.” -Dan Kennedy Marketing Consultant Word of Mouth
  11. 11. Marketing Approach 1. Focus on increasing profit share 1. Justifying higher margins 2. Then market share 1. Winning over clients from competing firms 2. “Creating” new clients (Creating new market share)
  12. 12. Marketing Approach • Competition • Focus on differentiation and de-commoditization vs constant focus on what competition is doing • Commoditization creates price resistance • Avoid the “institutional imperative”
  13. 13. Sales Approach • Primary Philosophy • Constantly focus on what’s on the client’s mind in order to create: • Superior Client Experiences: • Developing long term profitable business relationships with clients by: • Creating Repeat and Referral Business. • Creating “Raving fans,” Fiercely loyal multi-generational business. • Increasing average life time value of customer.
  14. 14. Sales Approach • Supporting Concepts • Focus on building “equity” over income. • Sales staff and sales managers: Focus on high ROI based activities and delegating activities that are a waste of time. • Sales managers: Empowering and encouraging your sales staff to focus on high ROI based activities and allowing your sales staff to delegate activities that provide little to no return on investment such as clerical work.
  15. 15. Sales Approach • Supporting Concepts (Con’t) • Approach your role as that of a business owner. • Being knowledgeable about everything that you do as it pertains to sales and of the product and services offered by the Anant Corporation. • Being of value to clients.
  16. 16. Sales Approach • Supporting Concepts (Con’t) • Supporting an atmosphere that encourages these values, that is customer centric, that also fosters the growth of sales team members as best-in-class professional sales consultants. • Provide an encouraging and supportive sales environment. A hostile and tense sales environment is sensed by clients and stifles the sales staff creativity, enthusiasm and flexibility needed to make deals happen.
  17. 17. Sales Approach • Supporting Concepts (Con’t) • A team mentality; Realizing that your success as well as the success of your colleagues in the sales department is everyone’s success: success for the client, success for Anant, success for your colleagues (irrespective of whether they manage you, or you manage them) and success for you.
  18. 18. Sales Approach • Supporting Concepts (Con’t) 1. Increase Profit Share 1. Increase margin per transaction 2. Increase Market Share 1. Win clients over from competitors 2. “Creating” new market share (new clients to the industry)
  19. 19. Overall Marketing Process • Identify Problem • Set Objective • Research. Research. Research • Analysis of Current Situation • Consider Options • Analyze Options • Choose Option(s) • Formulate Plan • Execute • Analyze Results • Adjust
  20. 20. Process for Marketing Collateral • Create • Disseminate • Analyze • Adjust • Re-execute
  21. 21. Sales Process • Open • Interview / Qualifying • Determine Wants / Needs • Land On A Solution • Demonstration • Close • Write Up • Propose • Pending Payment / Finance • Sold • CRM Campaign
  22. 22. New Web Lead Follow Up Process
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