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Hybrid Project Management - Combining the Best of Standard, Agile, and GTD to GSD


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No one method or approach is ever going to work the same for all organizations. Rahul has used a few different approaches to get to an execution model for client projects, product development, and internal operations. Topics to be discussed:
- How to still use the best of “Waterfall” or SDLC for certain issues in “Assessment” stories.
- How to use “Getting Things Done” Ideas from David Allen to enhance Agile.
- How to use some of the most effective parts of the Agile framework depending on the initiative.

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Hybrid Project Management - Combining the Best of Standard, Agile, and GTD to GSD

  1. 1. | | 202.905.2818 1010 Wisconsin Ave, NW | Suite 250 | Washington, DC 20007 Combining the Best of Standard, Agile, and GTD to GSD Hybrid Project Management
  2. 2. What do we do? Streamline, Organize & Unify Business Information
  3. 3. What’s the Goal?
  4. 4. • People With people around the world in different teams, remote, part time, full time, etc. we need to be nimble enough to work with everyone. • Processes Processes are being executed across time zones and companies to make things happen. Hybrid - Needed in a Modern World • Information Knowledge, data, information, records are all across different Systems especially with SaaS growth. • Systems Systems in the cloud, in the data center, in the mobile device are across networks and companies.
  5. 5. • Why Care So Much About This? A story of why I care about personal and organizational productivity and effectiveness. • SDLC - Initial Requirements & Specifications Why wander in the wilderness? Set a direction first. Then iterate forward. You may change, but you need to think before you do. • Agile - Cycles of Continuous Improvement. A framework is a framework. Take what works. Leave the rest. I like having clarity on Stories w/ Releases & Sprints + Constraints • GTD - Mind Like Water How to handle the day to day challenges of everything. Agenda
  6. 6. • Time is Life Time is life. It is not money. It is related to money. Time is life because it contains your experiences from birth to death. • Faith on Focus It is your choice to focus and stay committed. Individually and organizationally. • Priorities & Improvement Not everything is important, right now. You can’t have 10 priorities and be effective. You can’t improve 10 things at once. Story - Why Care About Productivity?
  7. 7. • Clarity is the key to success. Bad Description / Acceptance criteria wastes everyone’s time. • An outcome should be researched. Sometimes user outcomes require Research, Requirements, Specifications, Design. • Waterfall’s Requirements Specifications & Design Sometimes you have to “think” before you “do.” Waterfall - Why is still relevant?
  8. 8. • Need to do Sequencing Globally We have team members around the world. Different companies, time zones, skills • Three Amigos Assess with Clients They can understand, elaborate the need and package “Assessment” that a client can understand. • Team(s) Iterate Implementations Assessment to Acceptance takes a similar amount of time but with more clarity. Waterfall for Modern Enterprise
  9. 9. • Results to Customer Agile works because of the focus on delivering to the customer. • Iterations mean Feedback Markets, Industries, Projects all work as systems with feedback mechanisms. That’s why agile works for projects. It reflects the real world. • Works if you have done it before. Agile works really well if it’s not your first rodeo. It depends on the team’s experience. Agile - Why does it work?
  10. 10. • Really a Scrum of Scrums For a Client, Amigos are managing several mini projects and they Scrum with Clients. • Some Feedback is Backlogged Clients don’t have unlimited revenue / resources. Sometimes there is a skill gap. • Same Release / Sprint Lengths To keep it sane. Releases (Month, Quarter Year). Sprints (One or Two Weeks). Agile for Modern Enterprise
  11. 11. • Product vs. Service Our products are impacted by some service tickets, but not all. • Anant vs. Client (Service) Everything is in some sort of a project. It may not be an Agile project, but it is a GTD project. • Personal Productivity The team is only as effective as each person’s own productivity. GTD - Mind Like Water
  12. 12. • Inboxes Email. Drive. DropBox. Workflowy. ZenDesk. Phone Call. Text. • Reference Delta. Drive. DropBox. Evernote. Workflowy. • Calendar Google Calendar. GTD - Mind Like Water • Actions Delta. RTM • Projects Delta. Evernote. • Someday Trello. Evernote. Workflowy
  13. 13. • Containers • Inbox • Next Actions • Sprint X (R1) • Month Y • Week Z • Backlog Hybrid - What a Project Looks Like • Tasks • P&D - Planning & Discovery • D&A - Design & Architecture • D&D - Development & Delivery • L&M - Launch & Maintenance
  14. 14. Rahul Singh - My GTD System
  15. 15. Knowledge • Good to Great • Getting Things Done • Focus • The ONE Thing • Zen to Done • Differentiate or Die • Making Ideas Happen • Managing your Day to Day More Knowledge • First Things First • Google “Kanban” • Google “Kaizen” • Google “Agile” • Lean Startup Method • Toyota Way • Four Steps to the Epiphany Educate and Empower
  16. 16. What … • Worked? • Didn’t Work? • Could be Improved? What should I .. • Start doing? • Stop doing? • Continue doing? Feedback - Kaizen
  17. 17. Questions & Contact | | 202.905.2818 1010 Wisconsin Ave, NW | Suite 250 | Washington, DC 20007 @anantcorp Rahul Singh CEO & Founder Questions & Contact • Modern Enterprise • Mastering Services in the Service of Others • Hybrid Agile Project Management • Building Search Engines • CICD / DevOps • Connecting Internet Software
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