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Coveo vs Attivio


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Coveo is an enterprise search technology for better customer support, customer self-service, and knowledge management in the digital workplace. Attivio is an enterprise search and Big Data discovery platform that enables leaders to take action with confidence.

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Coveo vs Attivio

  1. 1. Competitor Review - Coveo and Attivio Marketing and Sales
  2. 2. Competitor Review • Table of Contents ○ About ○ Products ○ Price
  3. 3. Coveo ● Coveo provides personalized digital experiences to millions of users. Coveo combines unified content, interactions and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction, making websites, commerce, contact centers, intranets and digital properties and apps effortless, content-rich and effective. ● Attivio Inc., is a data analytics company which provides a software platform that offers enterprise search, business intelligence, data warehousing, process automation, and business analytics. Attivio
  4. 4. Products - Coveo ● Coveo Search & Relevance Platform ○ Coveo Search & Relevance Platform is a modular enterprise search technology that can index information, perform usage analytics and metadata enrichment, and make the content findable through search. ● Coveo for Sitecore ○ Coveo for Sitecore is an integrated website search product to be used in conjunction with Sitecore’s Customer Experience Platform for indexing, machine learning powered search, usage analytics, and search management. ● Coveo for Salesforce ○ Coveo for Salesforce is a machine learning integrated CRM search product. ● Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ○ Coveo’s integration with the Microsoft technology stack now creates a transparent user experience.
  5. 5. Product - Attivio ● The Attivio Cognitive Search and Insight Platform combines self-learning technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge graphing to deliver a contextualized search and discovery experience with a secure enterprise platform. ○ Platform indexes and analyzes enterprise data and content, regardless of format, and integrates behavioral data to personalize the user experience. ● The main highlight of Attivio Platform 5.5 is machine learning relevancy. ○ the system is trained to deliver the most relevant information, in context. Attivio also offers the flexibility of manual relevancy tuning to optimize results. ● Additional features include: ○ Rules-based policy matching, A choice of deployment options, Ingestion auditing, Public SDK, New content sources and Redesigned user interface
  6. 6. Pricing ● On average, basic plans for most of Coveo’s products start in the low thousands. ● Target audience is medium to large companies. ● On average basic plan for Attivio’s software platform starts in the low hundreds. ● Target audience is small to medium companies
  7. 7. | | (855) 262-6826 3 Washington Circle, NW | Suite 301 | Washington, DC 20037 Data & Analytics Cassandra, DataStax, Kafka, Spark Customer Experience Sitecore Information Systems Salesforce, Quickbooks, and more