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MarG marketing news letter


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MarG is online newsletter of mantra - marketing club at IIM Raipur

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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MarG marketing news letter

  1. 1. VOL. I ED. 01MarGMARKETING GYAN MONTHLY mantra The Marketing Club | IIM RaipurIn this issue of MarG Message for inaugural edition? for inauguralMessage mantra has always been striving towards creating an environmentedition of sustainable marketing interest through its activities like event participation and business quizzes. Our latest offering to students? Cover story: The Decade at IIM Raipur and other interested folks is MarG - the monthly e-That Wasn’t - Marketing newsletter of Marketing Gyan. Marg is the path that leads toEvolution in 2000-2010. destinations, the journey to future. Where the journey itself matters more, the journey where ethics and process matter more than? Bollywood and Marketing achievement of goals. MarG promises to deliver the same- Munni turns around Zandu. philosophy in marketing studies and literature with its thoroughly? advertisements. Classic researched articles and contents. We would be focused to develop MarG as a prominent source of marketing gyan in? Marketing activities on interested fraternities and this would require efforts on your side ascampus. well. mantra open heartedly welcomes you to contribute to MarG . So folks its your time to enjoy MarG and feed some gyan to your hungry souls. Special mention of thanks must go to the members of team mantra who have been relentless in their efforts to bring this issue to light. Enjoy your copy and be ready to get surprised. Let there be light - of gyan in marketing. Team mantra mantra - The Marketing Club plays the role of igniting the marketing instincts of the students and aims to emerge as the centre for creative thinking and innovation in marketing, which will ultimately facilitate the students to rise to the challenges of theEditorial team: global markets.Anant BibhoreAkhil Rumandla The vision is to achieve the objective through on-campus clubConceptualization and events and activities. These include quizzes, knowledge sharingcreative design: sessions, case contests etc. The club also invites eminentAnant Bibhore personalities from industry and academia to deliver guest lecturescontact us at: where topics range from marketing basics to innovative and emerging trends.mantra.iimraipur@gmail.comAnant +91-8827380944 all rights reserved with mantra.Pratyush +91-8827380975 views expressed in articles are of contributors and may not necessarily express mantra’s views.
  2. 2. The Decade That Wasn’t Marketing Evolution in 2000-2010. Jesudas PradeepGone are the days when marketing was having a Another strategy successfully being used in lastdifferential product which provided value to the decade is to provide consumers access tocustomer with the right pricing, positioned at the complete services and solutions through creationright segment, made available through convenient of Marketing ecosystems the objective being tochannels, communicated effectively through a offer specialist services on the same platform. Ansuitable medium in an engrossing manner and ecosystem, brands realize, works even in highsold by thrifty salesmen to ensure success. It is not clutter urban markets. The high octane growth inonly the advent of mobile technology with India has lead to a more evolved consumerconnectivity that has led to a change in the way the prompting brands to look at alliances to satisfy thevalue is being communicated like tele-marketing or growing desire for an experience. Take theviral marketing or by medium of social network example of personal computers, the purchase of amarketing but the provision of complete services PC swings from going to telcoms for connectivity toand solutions in an integrated manner and procuring hardware to figuring out content.providing superior experience at every touch point Consumer wants to access it from each playerleading to the purchase of the value. individually or the players can team up to provide a complete package, harnessing the collectiveThat all this has to be done within a compressed power driving towards growth.consumer time (as consumers are hard pressedfor time with shorter attention spans due to The last ten years have been about meeting basicbombardment of information), shortened product needs in most categories but work in the next tenlife cycles, global competition and shrinking years will revolve around creating and servingmargins makes the marketers job even tougher. wants and desires. To build pricing power, brandsSome of the innovative approaches that will need to think of value in consumption. Productscompanies started using in the last decade to stay designed to delight customers increase customerahead of the competition and maintain profitability loyalty more so than simply satisfying them.are engagement and conversation with the Positive consumer experience will also come fromcustomer with the clear purpose of meeting the total brand experience, which is the way thecustomer expectations, ecosystem marketing and consumer experiences the brand at every touchto provide value in consumption and not in point. Thus as competition for the consumers mindpenetration to maintain premium pricing. space enters into the digital arena with an information avalanche the companys whichITCs e-choupal initiative is a classic example of engage the customer meaningfully with a clearengagement and conversation with the customer. sense of purpose, collaborate symbiotically withTaking it further are Choupal Saagars – ITCs rural other corporate and create a complete value inmarketing hubs offer a combination of services to consumption experience for the consumer will holdrural India. Made-to-design agri-business hubs, an edge.they function as:ITC agri-sourcing centresproviding farmers a transparent best price saleswindow, shopping centres bringing a range ofproducts comparable to urban levels of choice,and facilitation centres delivering a host of farm-related services – training, soil testing, productcertification, medical and clinical services,cafeteria and fuel station. 24 Choupal Saagar hubsare already in operation in 3 states, to grow to 100b y 2 0 1 0 .
  3. 3. Bollywood and Marketing: Munni turns around Zandu Surat Prakash“Munni Badnaam Hui” - the popular and hit song from the hindi movie Dabangg has brought somegood news to ailing Zandu balm, though not without its own share of twists and turns in the story.Kolkata based FMCG company Emami cited a copyright infringement issue and a legal notice toArbaaz Khan Production for using the brands name “zandu balm” in the song. Both the partiessettled the disputes and decided to use grabs of the chartbuster song for Zandu balms promotioncampaigns. Emami signed up with Malaika Arora Khan (Munni) as the new brand ambassadorand started the new ad which featured the clipping from the song in the ad. Emami also broughtthe rights for the “Munni Badnaam” song. According to the Mohan Goenka, director of Emami, thiswill promote the brand and also increase the number of young buyers.Emami wanted to get to the younger customers which it has been trying with Virender Sehwagzandu balm ad. But the controversy has made it popular. It has also helped the promotion for eachother. Zandu balm which captures 27% of the market is unlikely associated with the pain. But theFarah Khan choreography has changed the therapeutic qualities of a balm in India. It madeMunni inseperable from zandu balm. Marketing through media is way to connect to the customerand promote the brand and also to maintain a good relationship with the customers. Socompanies are spending a huge amount in for media managers for the promotion of the product.Media managing is bringing the brand and the new agency in the same page. They have to be thefacilitators, to keep track of what is happening so that it adds depth to the brand marketing plan.
  4. 4. classicsPrint Ads of yesteryears LIC of India Vintage ad for AIR INDIA in the 70s on Readers Digest. Amul Chocolate
  5. 5. mantra-on-campus Marketing project: Mahant Ghasi Das Museum The student community of IIM Raipur visited Mahant Ghasi Das Museum as part of marketing field activity and adopted a holistic marketing approach to develope the place as both as a resource center and as tourist spot. The detailed study report touched on aspects like future strategy, operations, communication, finance and marketing. The report was presented to Mr. Srivastava, IPS, Deptt. of culture, Govt. of Chhattisgarh in a presentation at the museum auditorium amidst traditional cultural settings. Mr. Srivastava agreed to implement feasible and relevant parts of the report in a phased manner, which was first of its kind success tasted by students here. The presentation was done by Mauli Soni and Vishwajit Vyas. The whole activity was co-ordinated by Supratik Saha and Gurpreet Singh with active support from all other students. 1st event on IIM Raipur campus: mantra marketing quiz Mantra, the marketing club of IIM Raipur organized the first intra school competition, the Marketing Quiz in the second week of dec.10. The quiz saw the enthusiastic participation of all the students. The quiz was conducted in three rounds. The first round was a screening round which tested the students on the basic domain knowledge. Four teams that cleared the first round went on to the second round where they faced questions on specific brands and iconic business leaders. The top two teams from the second round participated in the final round where they were challenged to device a marketing strategy for selling eggs in an open market. Both the teams came up with thoughtful and unique ideas and were judged on various parameters. Finally team of Aditya Kumar Konathala and Karthik KVR “HEROES AND ZEROS” emerged the winners of the competition. Team Mantra aims to hold such marketing quizzes every month to keep student fraternity at IIM Raipur update with business knowledge. Team mantra secured second prize at IMT Ghaziabad marketing fest In the first ever inter b-school event participation by students of IIM Raipur. team mantra drew first success, securing second prize at the Marketing World Cup organized at IMT, Ghaziabad. The event GET.SET.GOLD sponsored by PNB was a competition which focused on the gold coin strategy of the banking giant and challenged the marketing minds on the approach which must be followed by the bank to increase their sales on the short run. Teams of various elite business schools from all across the country made presentations and team Mantra secured the second best spot. Mantra, hereby, arrived on the stage of the elite with a bang and strive to decorate its mantle with many more successes.Team mantra(from left to right):Jesudas Pradeep, Akhil Rumandla, Gurpreet Singh, Surat Prakash, Liyakath P. AshrafPratyush Rai (co-cordinator), Anant Bibhore (co-ordinator)