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Genre Research


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Genre Research

  1. 1. Genre research: Thriller By Sara Anandji
  2. 2. About the research • Anandjiwade Productions have decided to chose romance as our genre. To continue we have to complete a genre research as one of our tasks. This also enables us to look in depth of how we want to complete our productions. It helps us get an insight of what types of codes and conventions we need. We can also do this by looking at examples from similar movie influences or general romantic movies. This will give us a basic idea of how our movie should be set up.
  3. 3. Top ten thriller films • Brick (2005) • Headhunters (2012) • Insomnia (2002) • The untouchables (1987) • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) • Memento (2000) • Reservoir Dogs (1992 • Oldboy (2004) • Drive (2011) • The Conversation (1974)
  4. 4. Conventions of a thriller film • Protagonist is in the mercy of the antagonist • low key lighting • Quick cuts • Diegetic /non diegetic • Struggles/ Arguments • Sometimes a third person/villain • Voiceover to open to continue the story • Death/Torture/kidnapping • Tension music • Black and white shots • Montage of shots
  5. 5. References • movie moron- com/?p=20914&page=4