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Mahayoga Global Meet 2012 stage-presentation-1-may-2012

This is a presentation given at Mahayoga Global Meet 2012 on 1st May 2012.
The Meet was attended by participants from 46 countries, who had come to get a practical glimpse of the worlds easiest and highest Yoga, known as Mahayoga

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Mahayoga Global Meet 2012 stage-presentation-1-may-2012

  1. 1. Presentation Given as Introduction toGurudeva P.P.Shri Narayan-Kaka Dhekane Maharaj
  2. 2. Brothers and Sisters from forty six Nations..!Would you like to meet someonewho would show you the easiestway to get the highest things that Man really wishes for …? I am honoured to have been given the privilege to introduce to all assembled here….
  3. 3. Beloved Gurudeva P.P. Shri Narayan Yeshwant Dhekane MaharajFrom whom, countless people all over the world have imbibed Mahayoga, the World’s Easiest and Highest Way To attain the Highest Human Potential
  4. 4. We all want… Food Comfort LeisureAll these are certainly Important But is there something more..?
  5. 5. What does Man really want, all through life..? Peace..Brotherhood.. Freedom.. Knowledge..
  6. 6. What does Peace really mean..? We have Individual Peace… It is called Inner Peace.Then we have Global Peace..It is also called Brotherhood
  7. 7. Have you ever observed a child…? When is a child calm and peaceful..?Of course, when it is with its Mother…!
  8. 8. Mahayoga, the Yoga of the People.. Gives us a Mother That gives Her children, i.e. us all… Inner Peace
  9. 9. What is Brotherhood.. For two persons to be brothers..There must be a Common Mother… Through Mahayoga everybody discovers the same Mother..! Which automatically establishes… Universal Brotherhood Is this not World Peace..?
  10. 10. Will not such Peace and Brotherhood make you happy..?
  11. 11. What does Freedom mean..? Doing what we want to do..? Going where we want to go..? Having what we want to have..? All these require dependence on External Objects We thus become slave to these objects Can a slave ever call himself Free..? Or happy..?Real Freedom is experienced when happiness is disconnected from external objects
  12. 12. Mahayoga, the Yoga for the People Gives us a Common Mother thatAmazingly leads us to such Unique Freedom..Freedom from the limitations of.. Body Space Time i.e. Permanent Happiness
  13. 13. What does knowledge mean..? All of us are Students.. Throughout life.We get knowledge throughSense of smell, touch, taste, Sight and hearing..
  14. 14. Have you ever wondered..? Who is experiencing smell.. Is it the nose..?Who is experiencing taste….Is it the tongue..? Who is seeing….Is it the eyes..? Who is experiencing touch…Is it skin..? Who is listening….Is it the ears..? Who is really trying to get knowledge? “Who am I?”
  15. 15. Mahayoga… the Yoga by the People Gives us a MotherThat amazingly leads us to this Highest Knowledge i.e. knowledge of Self Leading to Highest Happiness
  16. 16. Have you ever met a dear friend after a long, long time..?Rememberhow happy you felt? Imagine the unlimited Joy when you ‘meet’ your Real Self..!
  17. 17. India is also known as Bharat, ‘Bha-’ meaning Light (Knowledge of “who am I..”) ‘-rata’ meaning engaged in the pursuit of..India thus wishes the whole world this knowledge which will naturally give peace and prosperity
  18. 18. In Mahayoga, it is that One Mother… • That gives peace • purifies the mind • Makes us more deserving leading to Natural Success • I.e. Success without any tollIN MAHAYOGA, IT IS MOTHER THAT DOES IT ALL FOR YOU…!
  19. 19. Mahayoga (Loknath Path)
  20. 20. Gurudeva,I pray at your lotus feet to allow me totell everyone here, more about you..
  21. 21. You are a rarepersonality.. Engineer,Scientist but above all… Mahayogi
  22. 22. As an Outstanding Engineer,You hold a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.. and were awarded a Gold Medal ..
  23. 23. Let us all know more about Him As a Scientist… You have published more than fifty research papers..Your research was useful to the country’s defense service..
  24. 24. Playing SitarMore interestingly, since very young, you were keenly interested in Sanskrit and Yoga and also Music.
  25. 25. P.P.Shri Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj who brought Kaka Maharaj into MahayogaWhile You were still in College, Your Guru saw the devotion in You and initiated you into Mahayoga at the age of 19
  26. 26. Gurudev P.P.Shri Kaka MaharajAs per Your Master’s wish, You have been taking themessage of Mahayoga to the nook and corner of the world
  27. 27. Gurudev P.P.Shri Kaka MaharajYou have travelled widely, urging people from all cross- sections of society to Actually experience Mahayoga
  28. 28. For those whosincerely wish to realise the fullpotential of thispath, you are themost purified and hence powerful medium for directly igniting the process.. Gourdeva P.P.Shri Kaka Maharaj Early picture
  29. 29. Mahayoga Center in Nashik CityMahayoga Disciples are formally and informally linked.. In more than 40 countries
  30. 30. Being honoured by Pune Municipal CorporationYou have been honoured and felicitated on many public platforms in the world.. Including College of Engineering, Pune..Municipal Corporation, City of Pune, where we are, now.
  31. 31. Gurudev P.P.Shri Kaka MaharajSo near You are to everybody’s heart that we all call you ‘Kaka Maharaj’ ‘Kaka’ means Uncle, but you are much more..
  32. 32. Gurudeva P.P.Shri Kaka MaharajYou are Mother, father, Guide, Mentor and Guru There is a special word for such a Divine Soul.. “Mauli”
  33. 33. Brothers and sisters, let us all rise..And bow to him in a Standing Ovation
  34. 34. Please tell us, Kaka Maharaj.. Who is this Mother….?Why should we worship Her….?How should we worship Her…?
  • DhananjayMarathe

    Sep. 14, 2020

This is a presentation given at Mahayoga Global Meet 2012 on 1st May 2012. The Meet was attended by participants from 46 countries, who had come to get a practical glimpse of the worlds easiest and highest Yoga, known as Mahayoga


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