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Knowledge to Create a Heavenly Experience and Live it Always


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“You are a life atom born to experience and enjoy Bliss.”

You adopt a human body to achieve this goal. This human body helps you imbibe knowledge through the sense organs, and use brain to process the data. You are an actual entity learning the same. This is an existential reality that you can validate and understand yourself.

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Knowledge to Create a Heavenly Experience and Live it Always

  1. 1. Know Yourself and Your Purpose YOU ARE:- A virtual life atom that is having perennial energy. A tangible physical body energised by the life atom. Relations-Bonds & Interactions with other life atoms. All 3 synergise and merge and constitute you.
  2. 2. You are a life atom ( For want of a better term ) Your unique atomic structure makes you eternal and omnipresent. Your structure is complete in that you can not accept or release electrons. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND MATERIAL ATOMS IS YOU HAVE ONLY ONE SUBATOMIC PARTICLE IN THE CENTRE AROUND WHICH THE OTHER SUBATOMIC PARTICLES REVOLVE IN CONCURRENT ORBITS. You have no atomic mass. Free of any pull, force or pressure you are formless. You are endowed with infinite Aspirations, Desires & Thoughts. You can imagine and you can understand to experience the bliss of existence.
  3. 3. You accept and use your Physical Body Your adoption gives life to a zygote, and you embed yourself in the physical body. As you are permeable all cells in the body are surrounded by you.You pervade and penetrate you traverse in and out through all the cells of the body. You energise the body and keep traversing through each cell at infinite speed. Your sight, vision is more than what your physical senses can see or visualise. You interact with other life atoms via their physical bodies and share experiences. You are the seer who understands existence and reality via the senses. Knowing & experiencing bliss is the goal of your adopting the physical form.
  4. 4. Want to know more and Experience Perennial bliss? Know all the actions to be performed by the 61 subatomic particles that constitute you the life atom and are in motion since formation in the 4 concentric orbits. Centre - 1 particle , 2 activities (to experience irreversible and permanent bliss) 1st ring - 2 particles, 4 Human value aligned activities (Buddhi) 2nd ring - 8 particles, 16 Human value aligned activities (Chith) 3rd ring - 18 particles, 36 Human value aligned activities (Vritti) 4th ring - 32 particles, 64 Human value aligned activities (Mann) Would you like to know all the 9 Human values and 122 Activities?
  5. 5. Interaction with Life atoms creates Experiences Your Physical Body is the temporary tool to interact with other life atoms. You want to:- (AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS PLANET) ● Be Productive and Useful ● Be Just and Fair ● Understand and share Knowledge ● Coexist with other human beings ● Coexist with all other elements on the planet TRANSACTIVE MEMORY WITH OTHER HUMAN BEINGS (THE MOST EVOLVED SPECIES) IS THE SOLE OBJECTIVE FOR ADOPTING A BODY.
  6. 6. Inhuman behavior Reasons & Solutions You abhor Inhuman behavior done by anyone, anywhere. Insufficient knowledge is the reason for such behavior by anyone. Knowledge transferred through human society as culture is falling short. Gaining knowledge aligned to human values, and practicing is the way forward. Knowledge that is practiced, lived will be embraced through observing. Using technology to spread this knowledge of human values will be fast and easy.
  7. 7. Validate the universal appeal of this knowledge Can this be understood by you and then can you explain to interested others? Can you live with Human Values using this knowledge in the contemporary world? Can everyone put this in practice in everyday life and improve his interactions? Is this in alignment with existential reality as it is and follows the Natural laws? Will this solve the current problems faced by Mankind and establish Co-existence?
  8. 8. If you agree please help me spread this knowledge to bring purpose in living one person at a time starting with YOU. . Warm regards Anand Damani Based on the teachings of all Divine souls scriptures spiritual discourses till date culminating with Shri A.A.Nagraj who compiled and lived on these principles.