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  1. Fritolays-Lehar, Bikaner (Mixtures)
  2. HUL- Kissan, GopalJi, Hamdard, Fun Foods, Mapro, Kraftfoods- Hershey’s (Flavoured Syrup)
  3. Traditional food outlets & sweet shops on local level.
  4. Competitor’s Wide SKU’s and product line.
  5. Mainly exports.
  6. Food chain in metro 2tier and 3tier cities.
  7. SKU’s present in all major TT’s and MT’S
  8. Demographic --
  9. Adoloscents
  10. GenX
  11. Young Boomers
  12. Awareness through presence (distribution).
  13. Demographics (people in late 50’s to 70’s) with products such as Sugar free Sweets and Low cholesterol mixtures.
  14. 2 and 3 tier cities with Ice-cream carts invading HUL’s market.
  15. Geographic
  16. Sugar free ice-creams and sweets.
  17. Products according to local needs of the international geographies.
  18. New B2B markets
  19. Institutions – hotels, pick n moves, offices, schools, colleges.
  20. Consumer promotions – 15%
  21. Pulsating communication needed.
  22. Huge potential for communicating through events.
  23. Should enter through its smaller food chain outlets in sub-urbs as well.