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english comic

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english comic

  1. 1. Kalrhcrfne ¡muii-es ha; - f‘ e y ‘ends fPam chïcl- w-v-rr T HIOJOÓ ¡‘gl a. P¡'pñ¡'c l Ru Hand Wafer was fhe place ¡they were meelïng ¡’O Pal-rich and Emma. ¿{dnü 98.} d" well. Emma. haïed “Ü”- I Kafherfne ma. ” ¡to +53 C0!‘ +0 siari her eívil Plans,
  2. 2. Someone porssoned her loved back. Nicole sor al- who wants io
  3. 3. Km. lu x m w m K " She would HGNC I had a happy Bol- someone ¡nsfead decided