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  1. jaxbridges is a program of the JAX Chamber Entrepreneurial Growth Division.
  2. Customer Group/Type Customer Persona/Profile Gains Pains Pains & Gains Solution Treatment Solution & Treatment General- Problems you address. Specific- JTBD Evone’s 4-Point Value Proposition Strategy
  3. Value Proposition aligned with JAX Bridges Principles • Im a founder/creator/leader of company x/innovation x. • We/It treats problems of _____ for ______. • Our/The/One of the solution(s) is called ____. • One of the ways/methods we deliver value is by easing the pains of ____ for many clients. • But we have created substantial gains for others by _______. • And the future looks bright for companies like ours in emerging markets in industries like ___, ____, and ___. • The ASK • Have you or any of your colleagues experienced these type of pains? • Could you benefit from these types of gains? • Do you have synergies in these industries where we could explore a business relationship that could produce reciprocal value?
  4. The 9 Elements Original Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder
  5. Business Model Exercise (20 minutes) • $1,000,000.00 available investment opportunity • Does the business model work? • Key determinants • Customer Segments • Revenue Generation • Competitors • Choose from available business models. • Be able to communicate how you will make money located in Northeast Florida. • Which business model characteristics will you deploy? • What is the value proposition? • What are your key offerings?
  6. Industry Verticals
  7. Industry Verticals Government Media Manufacturing Retail Financial Serv. Healthcare Automotive Communication Trans. & Hosp. Consumer Goods
  8. Smaller Companies Commit To Industry Verticals Based On Research and/or Expertise Vlocity increases sales, service and marketing agility, operational efficiency and faster time to value for cloud and digital adoption across the enterprise. Niche was building solutions in these industries on top of existing platforms.
  9. Activity • What is Nimdzi’s top 3 Industry Verticals • Which 3 verticals can you grow by 20% in the next 12 months and why

Editor's Notes

  1. Emphasize that this is extension of the work performed on the Canvas. Stress the importance of knowing the problem you are addressing, your customers, and your solution. Be excited about your product/service and always have an ask. Make it a business conversation rather than a sales pitch. Emphasize that the value proposition is the foundation of your business and business model. Its why you exist and everything is built around this element. A weak or unclear value proposition can lead to a weak business model that could then lead to a weak plan for your business. Ultimately you can make money and even survive as a business. However, in order to reach sustainable growth you will need to have a scalable business model with strong value propositions.
  2. Brief overview Read aloud the nine elements and stress that each one is connected to delivering on the value proposition proposed. The genesis of the Business Model Canvas was a 170 page dissertation compressed into one page. The focus was on the business ontology. Emphasize that all of these things are taking place in your business daily. With or without you. Some are being addressed positively, some are being ignored.
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