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Culture Mapping Food & Beverage Trends 2018


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Culture Mapping Food & Beverage Trends 2018

  1. 1. CULTURE MAPPING FOOD & BEVERAGE TRENDS 2018 scenarioDNA anthropology meets data science Photo Credit:: Dmitriy Shironosov Free summary. Full report is 191 pages.
  2. 2. Anthropology meets data science We are experts at understanding how culture is changing and why. Our approach structures cultural signals to reveal critical patterns and emerging narratives that create competitive market advantage. The output of this process is a roadmap for cultural foresight, brand strategy and sustainable innovation platforms. We have helped companies tune communication and launch new products as well as train internal teams to understand the full dynamics impacting how trends evolve. 2scenarioDNA
  3. 3. Table of Contents 1. Culture Mapping Methodology 2. How to use the Culture Map Tool 3. Food & Beverage Archetypes a. The Idealist ■ 3+ idealist muses ■ 41 trends by category b. The Artisan ■ 3+ artisan muses ■ 53 trends by category c. The Presenter ■ 3+ presenter muses ■ 26 trends by category d. The Automatic ■ 3+ automatic muses ■ 27 trends by category 4. Global Themes a. The Americas b. EMEA c. APAC 5. Food Perception Survey a. Quantifying archetypes b. Archetypes by age c. Archetypes by gender d. Braced for an innovation wave 6. Ten Forward Takeaways 3scenarioDNA Illustration by Lucilla Tubaro copyright scenarioDNA 2018
  4. 4. What is Culture Mapping? Language is the most powerful source of insight. Our Culture Mapping informs a machine learning process that allows us to scan and analyze large amounts of open and closed linguistic data and find emerging patterns in culture. The analysis results in visualizations that help our clients understand trends in the context of data-supported archetypes and behavioral codes. Our method is the first data-related utility patent addressing the study of people and their ideologies over time. The best way to understand where ideas are going is to see where they live in the context of near neighbors and contrasting ideologies. The narratives live in the tension. 4scenarioDNA A System & Method of Culture Mapping U.S. Patent No. 9,002,755
  5. 5. Measuring the patterns of language By plotting linguistic signifiers, we can examine relationships and patterns that reveal measurable cultural indexes. We can develop predictive models from these patterns and develop algorithms for searching larger data sets with greater accuracy. -3,+1 -3,+2 -3, +3 -2, +3 -1, +3 -2, +2 -1, +2 -1, +1-2, +1 -3,-3 -3,-2 -3, -1 -2, -1 -1, -1 -2, -2 -1, -2 -1, -3-2, -3 ANALYTIC +1,-3 +1,-2 +1, -1 +2, -1 +3, -1 +2, -2 +3, -2 +3, -3+2, -3 +1,+1 +1,+2 +1,+3 +2, +3 +3, +3 +2, +2 +3, +2 +3, +1+2, +1 EXPRESSIVE PROGRESSIVE STATIC Affirm societal norms identity STATIC PROGRESSIVE ANALYTIC EXPRESSIVE Low touch Resist societal norms High touch zeitgeist ritualsymbol Culture Mapping represents a system of meaning creation that can be tracked and measured. The framework forms four quadrants, each with a center of gravity: symbol, ritual, identity, zeitgeist. These cognitive spaces provide a framework for analyzing and patterning linguistic data. The matrix provides a logic for analysis. A system view of cultural change -2, +2 +2, -2 +1,+2 The Essential Culture Mapping Matrix A System for Analyst and Machine Learning Analyst + Machine Learning
  6. 6. Archetypes emerge revealing stories Ideological codes emerge from clusters of signifiers. These codes reveal archetypes that contextualize essential human narratives. The archetypes we develop are closely related to Jungian archetypes. Our approach structures these archetypes to reveal how cultural narratives ebb and flow over time and create critical patterns of .dissent and aspiration. 6scenarioDNA The essential four archetypes for food & beverage We uncovered these four archetypes by pulling a corpus of signifiers from a collection of 10,000 tweets by the food industry, chefs and journalists, from May through October 2017. Culture Mapping Jungian Archetypes Culture Mapping Food and Beverage Archetypes Sage Magician Explorer Creator Rebel Jester Hero LoverInnocent Caregiver Ruler Everyman New meaning New techniques Social currencyPubiic policy
  7. 7. Culture Mapping trends as linguistic cultural signals Our connected world reveals shared ideologies. When it comes to food, language does not divide people. Food brings people together. Mapping the subjects of food discussions puts them on equal plane for analysis. From there, a point of understanding begins. 7scenarioDNA Regional considerations across continents We look across continents not necessarily to see how regions differ, but moreso to see how patterns and behavior are moving over land and sea. Cross-pollination happens simultaneously and fast. Culture Mapping Food and Beverage Trends The Geography of Food & Beverage Trends
  8. 8. 8scenarioDNA How to use the Culture Map Tool
  9. 9. A system view of culture and trends Sign-up/Login: Place your screenshot here 9scenarioDNA A Cultural Search Tool Every word is clickable for further information. Live data exists within the deeper levels of context, where users can find links to related Instagram and news categories. A Cultural Segmentation Tool Culture Mapping puts trends into a human context by association with archetypes and muses. Archetype information is downloadable. An Idea Generator Trend indicators, muses and their taxonomies are mapped within our culture mapping matrix so that users can explore our behind-the-scenes thinking, and use it as their own insight planning and inspiration tool. Questions? Email us at A Forecasting Tool See patterns. Visualize inflection points. Gain a literacy for how trends are likely to adapt/evolve.. Culture Mapping Data Visualization Dashboard
  10. 10. Pertinent methodology definitions Signifier a sound, word or image representing a deeper meaning. Taxonomy A scheme of words or signifiers representing a classification or segmentation. Behavioral Codes principles and expectations that bind a particular group (code of conduct). Ideology a system of ideas, ideals and beliefs. Archetype collectively inherited unconscious pattern of thought leading to collective consumer behavior. Muse real person who is a source of creative inspiration. Persona the public role of consumer character presented to or perceived by others (marketing driven). 10scenarioDNA
  11. 11. 11scenarioDNA Food & Beverage Archetypes
  12. 12. Global Themes EMEA Aarhus, Denmark London, England Southend-on-Sea, England Paris, France Berlin, Germany San Martino della Battaglia, Italy Glasgow, Scotland Xhariep, South Africa Girona, Spain Madrid, Spain Kiev, Ukraine APAC Sydney, Australia Hong Kong, China Mumbai, India Pune, India Tokyo, Japan Moscow, Russia Seoul, South Korea 12scenarioDNA The Americas São Paulo, Brazil Toronto, Canada Mexico City, Mexico Castro Valley, CA Washington, DC Chicago, IL New Orleans, LA Martha's Vineyard, MA Watertown, MA Detroit, MI Minneapolis, MN Kansas City, MO Charlotte, NC Jersey City, NJ Hudson Valley, NY Montauk, NY New York, NY
  13. 13. 13scenarioDNA Food perception survey 2,530 adults took a word association survey about their perceptions of food. We quantified them by archetype. Survey conducted, November 12-14, 2017. 2500 respondents (ages 25 to 64) living in all 50 US states and DC. Margin of error +1.9% / -1.9%. Powered by
  14. 14. scenarioDNA anthropology meets data science