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Analytix Mapping Manager Datasheet


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Analytix Mapping Manager Datasheet

  1. 1. AnalytiX Mapping Manager Accelerate Project Delivery Data Sheet Inside this Issue Benefits Key Features & Capabilities Feature Matrix Add-On Modules
  2. 2. AnalytiX Mapping Manager Accelerate Project Delivery BENEFITS  Acceleratedata integration projects  Reduce time and resources  Better management of the endto enddatamapping process  Improvedgovernance, standardsand auditabilityofdata mappings  Improve quality of deliverablesand internal standards  Deliver instant business value  Global visibility into enterprise projects  Manage and reduce project risk  Identifyand manage release changes  Improve dataquality confidence  Drag n Drop ease of use and friendly excel grid like capabili- ties  Leverage and enforce industry best practices and standards for creating mapping specifications across the enterprise for all data integration projects  Provides data lineage analysis across enterprise systems and per- forms cross dependency impact analysis  Increase productivity and improved organizational autono- my via a shared and collaborative integration environment  Sharedocumentationacross  enterpriseprojects  Real time status tracking  Streamlinecommunication and collaboration  Eliminate duplicate efforts fromsilo projectteamsandloss of knowl- edgecapitaldueto attrition  Continues... The AnalytiX™ Mapping Manager™ is an enterprise metadata and data mapping solution, built to...  Manage enterprise Data Dictionaries and Data Glossaries  Automate the manual pre-ETL Source to Target Data Mapping Process and version the mappings  through the changes process Accelerate data integration project by "auto-generating" ETL jobs to accelerate ETLprocesses Mapping Manager is an integrated suite of three core modules: Resource Manager, System Man- ager and Mapping Manager. The solution features a suite of available plug-ins from Analytix and third party tool providers which integrate with the mapping manager solution. KEY FEATURES MAPPING MANAGER Mapping analyst will be able to use drag and drop techniques to, build and version data mappings and export them as pre-etl coding requirements for ETL Developers. The web based repository gives other business users enterprise access to all the data mapping and data glossaries. Business users can browse data definitions, view data mapping rules and lineage analysis while ETL Developers can view mappings as coding requirements or export them and Auto-Generate ETL jobs for leading ETL tool providers like lnformatica, Datastage, Microsoft SQL Server and others. The mapping manager enables complete governance and auditability of the data mapping process.
  3. 3. AnalytiX Mapping Manager Accelerate Project Delivery  Compliance reporting: Basel,Solvency ll, SDM, SOX and PHl for sensitive data  Standardize, implement and share business taxonomy throughout the enterprise by managing reference taxonomies and ontology that are shareable throughout the enterprise, ena- bling organizations to leverage reference taxonomies for collabo- ration, governance, and knowl- edge-based decision making  Single entry point to manage and share system development lifecy- cle methodology process and documentation  Open systems architecture and central repository enables inte- gration with third party software products  Streamlines and Facilitates change and release management processes  Provides data lineage analysis across enterprise systems and performs cross dependency im- pact analysis  Dynamically create, and modify source to target mapping specification via drag and drop capabilities from the metadata explorer  Automatically scan and manage data glossaries for all source and target metadata  definitions  Define encryption requirements for sensitive data (Basel, Solvency II, SOX, PHI and other regulatory requirements  Enforce mapping standards with customizable mapping templates built on your own  best practices and etl job design standards  Define, share, and reuse transformations at a global or project level  Perform impact analysis across the enterprise at multiple levels: Source and Target Table, Column and Transformations  Enhanced Lineage Analyzer with Bi-directional navigation of upstream and down- stream systems  Import existing mapping specifications  Preview data directly from operational systems  Define test plans and track test results  Associate source extract SQL to data mappings  Auto-generate ETL jobs from industry leading ETL tool providers Audit Tracking Mapping Manager enables Complete auditability of the entire data mapping process and versioning the mapping through the changes process. Mapping Manager promotes regulatory audit compliance for regulations such as Basel, Solvency II, SOX, HIPPA and others.  Version control mapping specifications at the project level.  Track changes between versions and refer back to any previous or current version  Create user defined, shared and reusable transformations to drive mapping standards, version and approve mapping specifications  Ability to browse profiled metadata via the metadata browser and dynamically create sophisticated source to target mapping specification via drag and drop capa- bilities from the metadata browser to the mapping manager data grid  Customize and print mapping specification in multiple formats, Excel, PDF or predefined lnternal Mapping Specification format using industry best practices and standards  Ability to track mapping specification status and progress at the project and mapping specification level  Gap Analysis, Impact Analysis and Lineage Analyzer can be run directly from the Data Glossaries via the metadata browser for advanced analytics and data lineage analysis KEY FEATURES SYSTEM MANAGER System Manager enables all system metadata and business glossaries to be managed in one single metadata repository. Users can then leverage the metadata automate the mapping proc- ess using drag n drop techniques to build and version mappings directly from the scanned data glossaries. Automatically load, refresh, leverage and share metadata (technical and business) via metadata loaders directly from modeling tools, flat files, xml files, OMG CWM Files, csv and from any database management system db catalogs importers.
  4. 4. AnalytiX Mapping Manager Accelerate Project Delivery KEY FEATURES PROJECT / RESOURCE MANAGER  Add users to the system  Create integration project  Allocate users to projects and maintain contact informa- tion  Define security roles  Print project status report  Easily load, manage and audit project and SDM com- pliance documentation  Collaborate and share all pro- ject documentation  Define manage and share file based system documentation with multiple users (Data Dic- tionaries, User Guides and other file based documentation)  Manage, maintain and Collaborate on all system documentation (dictionaries, users guides, and other documentation in a single collaborative repository}  Seamlessly manage metadata and profiling of source and target systems  Share profiled data and metadata across all projects via metadata browser  Collaborate and share system specification, profile and documentation across projects – all information is stored in a central repository and is made available to all integration project users  Accelerates access to source systems connectivity specifications, documentation and metadata  Eliminates duplicate efforts from silo project teams and loss of knowledge capital due to attrition  Easily print, share and collaborate system analysis reports C A PA B I L I T I E S O F M A P P I N G M A N A G E R ™  Repeatability & Standardization of Mappings – Framework enables repeatable devel- opment processes and reusable components to automate and govern the data mapping process  Automated Mappings and Governance - dynamically built specifications are ver- sionable, trackable, auditable, and repeatable throughout the lifecycle of data integration and Master Data Management (MDM} projects  Provides data lineage metadata, allowing full discovery of information between  systems, including the operations that are performed upon the data  Manage and provide access over the web to the enterprise data dictionaries and data glos- saries  Manage role-based security to limit what users that can within the data glossaries  and data mappings  Ability create and govern all data mapping within the tool by business analysts, and create coding requirement documentation deliverables or auto-generate ETL jobs for leading ETL Tool providers  ETL conversion - takes a template-driven approach to accelerate ETL tool conversion pro- jects  XML Integration library enables ETL jobs to be built from the foundation using  customized job design best practices  Open Plug-in Framework Allows external systems to access the data in the repository for reporting and custom integration Mapping Manager as an ETLConversionTool AccelerateETL Conversions Build a “Re-usable” legacy ETL conversion tool template to auto- matically analyze ETL jobs and automatically im- port into Map- ping Manager as source-to-target mapping specs Define job design best practices for the “New” ETL Tool and build a ”Re-usable” forward engineering tem- plate to auto- generate ETL jobs directly from Mapping Manager or use the de- fault integration Version the mapping specifi- cation to preserve the origi- nal state of the converted job and compare changes Automatically analyzes impacts and views data lineage from im- ported jobs Exports the imported map- ping to the target ETL tool and auto generates the con- verted ETL job
  5. 5. AnalytiX Mapping Manager Accelerate Project Delivery FEATURES MATRIX FEATURES MAPPING MANAGER Standardize the data mapping process (Mappings, Metadata, Consistent use of transform rules) √ Quickly manage and maintain Enterprise Data Dictionary (Business Glossaries) √ Advanced Impact analysis, Data lineage and Gap analysis reporting features √ Version Mappings & Import existing excel based mapping Specifications √ Import/Export mapping specifications √ Store and share file based documentation (any file type) for systems, projects, mappings √ Drag and Drop user interface √ Store and Collaborate testing dispositions at the version level √ Manage project resources and users √ Store and manage mapping specification versions √ Perform impact analysis of Tables, Columns and Transformations √ View data lineage across the enterprise √ Print, share and collaborate on mapping specifications √ Automates creation of ETL jobs for Informatica, DataStage, Microsoft SQL Server SSIS & others √ Automates import of ETL jobs as mapping specifications √ Seamless install (30minute install) √ No prerequisite ETL tool version requirement √ Central repository for integration project documentation √ Flexible scanning of system metadata √ Preview data capabilities from metadata browser √ View technical and business definitions from metadata browser √ Role based security √ Reuse and share commonly used transformation logic √ View mapping spec resource assignments & statuses √ Workflow Management - track the assignment & status of mapping specifications √ Advanced Versioning: at the project level and mapping spec level √ Supports many to many relationships √ Advanced mapping specification comparison capabilities √ Manage Enterprise Transformations at a governance level √ View change and version history √ Print Reports: Mapping Spec, Project report & System analysis report √
  6. 6. AnalytiX Mapping Manager Accelerate Project Delivery FEATURES MATRIX ADD-ON MODULES The application plug-in modules are intended enable user customizations and flexible integration capabilities specific to unique cus- tomer needs and make the overall data integration process faster and more manageable. FEATURES MAPPING MAN- AGER Integration with Modeling Tools (Erwin, Embarcadero ER Studio, & OMG CWM standards) √ Supports excel upload capabilities to store system metadata √ Built in Metadata scanners for all major database vendors √ Define, maintain and upload data dictionary for systems √ Advanced search and filtering capabilities √ Customizable integrated data grid √ Open source dbms repository (SQL or Oracle) for mining and application integration √ Application plug-in component architecture enables integration with custom applications and third party tools (e.g. built in wiki to enable better documentation of project mapping and governance standards) √ Codeset and Refer - ence Data Man- ager Release Manager Application Plug-In Architecture Custom ETL In- tegra- tion Library BI Discovery Mod- ule SAP Metadata Inte- gration Enables standardi- zation of valid val - ues, codesets and code crosswalks. Compliment to con- figuration man- age- ment tools. Plan, track, validate re- lease and track re- lease objects and documentations. Easily associate mappings to planned releases. Enables plug-in of third party applica- tions, custom built applications that integrate with Map- ping Manager Re- pository and fea- tures out of the box plug-ins. Enables organiza- tions to have flexi- ble control over how ETL jobs are created when exported from Map- ping Manager as XML files and im- ported into ETL tools. A set of pre- pack- aged reports and dashboards enables organiza- tion to flexibly create and custom- ize their own reports from our built in meta- data and data map- ping repositories. Built in Integration with SAP metadata. Enables managing of data glossaries from SAP and mapping data to and from SAP objects such as idocs, bapi’s and sap custom tables.
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