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What's New With Qlik Sense 3.0?


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There’s been a lot of buzz around Qlik Sense 3.0. And for good reasons. Qlik Sense 3.0 includes some highly anticipated functionality including things like:
- on-demand app generation
- data market expansion
- super easy visual data prep
- integration with QV Source and more
In this webinar, we will go over the newest features of Qlik Sense 3.0 and also discuss how you can convert your QlikView apps to Qlik Sense.

During this webinar we will answer the following questions:
- What's new with Qlik Sense 3.0?
- When and why should I switch from QlikView to Qlik Sense?
- How do I convert my QlikView apps to Qlik Sense?
- Once I have converted my apps from View to Sense, what do I do next to make my apps look good in Sense?

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What's New With Qlik Sense 3.0?

  1. 1. Qlik Sense 3.0 what’s new in 7/21/2016 Join the conversation online #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  2. 2. 01 agenda 02 03 Exploring of Qlik Sense 3.0 • What is Qlik Sense? • Qlik Sense Product Family • What’s New in 3.0? demo: using Qlik Sense 3.0 04 Qlik Sense & QlikView • The Qlik Portfolio • What’s Similar? Different? • How Compatible? demo: converting a QlikView app Making the Most of Sense • Taking Sense Further • Understanding the Dev Hub • What’s a Widget? demo: exploring advanced Qlik Sense Should You Switch? • When or Why Switch? • Next Steps Other Qlik Platform Updates • Qlik DataMarket • Qlik Connectors Package • NPrinting for Sense demo: connecting to other data sources 05 Q&A 06 #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  3. 3. introductions 00
  4. 4. Logan Dickmeyer Qlik Practice Manager at Analytics8 QlikView Certified Designer Developer Trainer Qlik Sense Certified Business Analyst Data Architect Trainer 5+ years working with Qlik products Familiarity in small and full scale Qlik implementations Variety of industry experience #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  5. 5. exploring Qlik Sense 3.0 01
  6. 6. Qlik Sense is a next-generation visual analytics platform that empowers everyone to see the whole story that lives within their data. It supports a full spectrum of BI use cases including self-service visualization for everyone, centrally deployed guided analytics apps and dashboards, embedded analytics, and reporting, all within a governed framework that drives enterprise scalability and trust for IT. what is Qlik Sense For individuals of all skill levels Associative Model Smart Visualizations Self-Service Creation Self-Service Visualization and Discovery #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  7. 7. Qlik Sense brings self-service For individuals of all skill levels Self-Service Visualization and Discovery Individuals Self-service visualization and discovery that leverages Qlik’s Associative Model Groups Organizations Sharing of knowledge and insights through collaboration and mobility A platform for the entire enterprise, broadly deployed and governed #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  8. 8. Qlik Sense product family • Installed, standalone Windows version of Qlik Sense • Includes all user experience capabilities for consumption and creation of visualizations • Local file sharing • Export to Qlik Sense Cloud for sharing • Free download • No limits on apps Qlik Sense Desktop • Creation and sharing of analytics apps in the cloud • Sharing of apps created with Qlik Sense Desktop on the cloud • Allows for invitation of additional users to explore shared apps • Fully interactive search and exploration • Supports access on any device including mobile devices • Full version of Qlik Sense • On premise and private cloud deployment • All user experience capabilities in a single unified client • Collaboration and mobility capabilities • API’s for development, extension, and embedded analytics • Robust set of enterprise governance capabilities Qlik Sense Cloud Qlik Sense Enterprise #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  9. 9. Plus many other enhancements including bi-directional language support Visual Data Prep Visual Search Time Aware Charting Widgets what’s new in Qlik Sense 3.0 App Styling Variable Overview “Expanding the platform…Enhancing Self- Service” #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  10. 10. demo creating a Qlik Sense app
  11. 11. Qlik Sense and QlikView 02
  12. 12. Associative Engine Technology, APIs, Toolkit… Analytics Guided, embedded, self- service, collaborative Data Access, smart load, governed data, big data Cloud Create & share, managed cloud, value added services, ecosystem CapabilitiesProductsPlatform the Qlik portfolio #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  13. 13. Associative Data Model Green/Gray/White Global Search Capabilities Qlik Management Console Variety of Great Visualizations what’s similar QIX Engine #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  14. 14. Hub & Streams Responsive Design In-App Story Telling Native Map Objects Mobile ANYWHERE, ANYHOWMore Freedom to Export what’s different #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  15. 15. • QlikView & Qlik Sense can run in together@ • QVDs built in QlikView work in Sense (and vice versa) • “Drag & drop” functionality to port your QlikView data models • Easy to get started! already have QlikView? Drag & Drop Functionality from QVW to QVD #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  16. 16. demo converting a QlikView app into Qlik Sense
  17. 17. making the most of Qlik Sense 03
  18. 18. Master Items Centralized library and repository for pre- defined data and objects within an app taking sense further Storytelling Integrated, in-app tool to quickly flip between presenting and analyzing App Styling Customization capabilities to design apps to fit company or personal standards. Time Aware Charts Provides a more complete and accurate view of time-based date by using a continuous scale #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  19. 19. Custom App Development Embedded Analytics Extensions extensibility and customization #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  20. 20. • Web mashups using the Mashup API • Custom web apps using the Javascript API • Extension objects using the Extensions API • Fully custom solutions using the Qlik Engine API Qlik Dev Hub An integrated environment for developers to build custom solutions using the Qlik Analytics Platform APIs #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  21. 21. • Reusable custom objects in Qlik Sense • “Mini-Extensions” • Allows developers to create a range of new objects – Minimal code • only HTML and CSS required – Take advantage of pre-existing building blocks • Extend Qlik Sense functionality – Can be organized into libraries and governed / secured – Can be made responsive in design – Can be printed, exported, and used for storytelling snapshots widgets #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  22. 22. demo exploring advanced Qlik Sense
  23. 23. other Qlik platform updates 04
  24. 24. • Based on Qlik’s recent acquisition of Industrial Codebox QVSource • Consolidated, repackaged set of all Qlik Connectors™ • Web-based user interface that auto-generates connection syntax Qlik Web Connectors® 20 new connectors for popular web-based services and apps, such as:  Facebook fan pages & groups  Google Analytics/AdWords  YouTube Analytics  Twitter  Microsoft Dynamics CRM  MailChimp  General JSON/XML Web Connector #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  25. 25. Qlik Datamarket® • Qlik’s “data as a service” offering (DaaS) • Cloud based subscription service • Comprehensive library of data sets from trusted sources • Accessible directly within Qlik Sense, through simple UI and support for data merging Updates: • 2 new topical packages offered for Qlik DataMarket in this release Stocks and Indices Company Financial Reports • Lower level demographic data included in Essentials packages, including zip codes • Subnational map boundaries (“KML files”) in the Free package #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  26. 26. Qlik NPrinting™ • Great looking, pixel perfect reports • Integrates Qlik objects with Microsoft Office • Multi-developer, web-based client • Managed report distribution • “Newsstand” subscription portal • Collaborative analytics for the enterprise And.. now supporting Qlik Sense • Use data and analytics from Qlik Sense • Combine Qlik Sense and QlikView analytics in a single report • Delivery reports directly to the Qlik Sense hub #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  27. 27. demo connecting to other data sources
  28. 28. should i switch… and when? 05
  29. 29. “Close to 60% of organizations report that their BI and analytics initiatives are hindered by the lack of BI technology development skills to build dashboards, reports, and analytic applications” – IDC 2015 current/future state of bi #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  30. 30. “In a modern BI and analytics platform, IT enables and supports the process of developing analytics content by providing sanctioned and trusted datasets and metrics, supplying enterprise content for reuse, and defining processes for certifying and promoting user-generated content to the system of record.” – Gartner 2016 current/future state of bi #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  31. 31. Every situation is unique should you switch? #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  32. 32. • What is driving the potential switch? • What is the current appetite for self-service reporting? • What pitfalls or obstacles would hinder the initiative? • What are the needs of the business? • Does the solution address those needs? • What are the subject areas that should be addressed? • Have the subject matter experts been identified? • What is the timing of these deliverables? ask yourself and most importantly… How do I start? should you switch? #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  33. 33. Qlik Sense quick start • High level requirements • System architecture design • Foundation review • Data connections • Data model design • System setup and installation • Data model design • Mentoring and support Get immediate value from Qlik Sense and set the foundation for future success. Includes: SPECIAL OFFER FOR WEBINAR ATTENDEES: First day of quick start is free if you purchase the package by August 31!! #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  34. 34. analytics8 06
  35. 35. #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  36. 36. #QlikSense3 @Analytics8
  37. 37. questions & answers 07
  38. 38. contact information For more info, please contact us at 650-625-8200 thank you