Analytical thinking 9 - July 2012


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Analytical Thinking is a fortnightly newsletter from the UK Business Analytics team.

The purpose of the newsletter is to raise awareness about why analytics is a hot topic at the moment, where is analytics being referenced in the press and in what ways are organisations using analytics.

Business Analytics (Operational Research) is part of the Digital Transformation team in Capgemini Consulting UK

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Analytical thinking 9 - July 2012

  1. 1. From: Skornik, CharlotteSent: 09 July 2012 13:34To: Skornik, CharlotteSubject: Analytical Thinking 9 - July 2012 Analytical Thinking Analytical Thinking 9 - A Newsletter from the UK Business July 2012 Analytics Team Introduction Introduction Welcome to the latest edition of Analytical Thinking, a newsletter from the UK Business Analytics community providing snippets of insight on what people have been saying about our capability in the press over the last 2 weeks. In this edition we have articles relating to one of our focus services this year: Customer Analytics and following on from our ‘Big Data’ offer launch as mentioned in the last edition – further examples of big data in action. back to top Customer Analytics Utility Analytics Institute Reveals Growth And Key Trends In Customer Analytics Utility Customer Analytics Market To Quadruple By 2016 As utilities face mountains of new data, 73% are embarking on or planning a customer analytics project, according to the Utility Analytics Institute. In fact, the utility customer analytics market is predicted to grow by 32% per year as utility companies ‘leverage growing analytics opportunities for improved customer engagement and operations’. Find out more facts and figures in this article. See article
  2. 2. Customer Analytics In The Customer Analytics In ActionMedia Segmenting Customers By TechnologyThe Use Of Analytics By Media To Maximise SalesBusinesses Is Becoming Ever More Orbitz Worldwide Inc. Sophisticated demonstrates how This blog, from The tracking peoples online Guardian, demonstrates activities can use even sophisticated ways of how seemingly innocuous online publishers are information—in this case: tracking what their the fact that customers are visiting from a customers read, with the Mac—to start predicting their tastes innovating in this area. It argues, in spending habits. For example, Orbitz hasa multi-platform world, incorporating found that Apple users spend as much asmorning and evening peaks, tablets and 30% more a night on hotels, so the onlinemobile vs desktop usage, customer travel site is starting to show themanalytics can be used to provide a clear different, and sometimes costlier, optionsROI on data driven marketing. than Windows visitors see.See article See articleBig DataBig Data In PoliticsUsing Big Data And Digital Analytics To Level The Political Playing Field This article explores how machine learning is being used to gauge the popularity of political candidates by measuring their digital influence. The premise is simple: gather and crunch as much data as possible to create a candidate’s score, which is a measure of digital influence that takes into account factors such as a candidate’s digital footprint and citizens’ sentiment toward the candidate. Reading this article, you will see that Digital Analytics has proven remarkably accurate in predicting winners, but its real promise is in levelling the playing field between the haves and thehave-nots in political campaigns.See article
  3. 3. The Use of Big Data In The Big Data’s Revolution In USContact Centre Environment EducationBig Data Analytics Gold For The Call Not Just Big Data--FastCenter Data Throughout the history of A quick and not-so-quiet the contact centre, much revolution has started in of the analysis of that higher education. The data has been recent ability of quantitative in nature, universities to process for example: calls large amounts of data at superfast speedreceived, average hold time, call length, opens the door to automated, mobile, andresolution rate. Through time workforce deeply personalized education. The authormanagement tools have improved call of this article argues that the real promise ofhandling, scheduling, real-time adherence big-data systems doesnt lie in how much- but the data collected has heavily data they can handle, but in how fast thesefocussed on efficiency. This article explains systems can retrieve and compute data.that corporate contact centres are now Some of the tools out there now make theembracing new analytic tools to dig deeper promise of a superfast data warehouse -into the big data they generate as contact with data updates from various sourcecentre agents are being asked to handle a systems occurring immediately -anwider breadth of issues from more accessible reality. This article explains thatchannels, including contacts from social the revolution may be much bigger, moremedia and online forums. complex, and more helpful than what we seeSee article right now. See articleFootnoteFigure It Out Blog Have you visited the Figure it out blog yet? back to topFeedbackWe hope that you have enjoyed reading this ninth edition of Analytical Thinking and hopethat it has provided you with a good insight into some of the value that is currently beingrealised through Business Analytics solutions. If you would like to find out more about ourservices and propositions then please contact Nigel Lewis or Jon Chadwick. If you haveany suggestions on how we can improve this newsletter or if you have received it via acolleague and would like to subscribe then please contact Charlotte Skornik. If you spot anarticle that is Business Analytics related then wed like to know about it, please submit itto Charlotte Skornik, and it may appear in the next edition of Analytical Thinking! back to top The information contained in this newsletter is proprietary and confidential. It is for Capgemini internal use only. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved by Capgemini. subscribe to this newsletter
  4. 4. This is a fortnightly newsletter, if you don’t want to receive it anymore, please let me know.Regards,Charlotte SkornikOperational Researchcharlotte.skornik@capgemini.comTel: +44 (0) 870 904 5666 - Mob: +44 (0) 789 115 Holborn Viaduct - London - EC1N 2PBConnect with us:Capgemini Consulting is the strategy and transformation consulting brand of Capgemini Group