Analytical thinking 2 - March 2012


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Analytical Thinking is a fortnightly newsletter from the UK Business Analytics team.

The purpose of the newsletter is to raise awareness about why analytics is a hot topic at the moment, where is analytics being referenced in the press and in what ways are organisations using analytics.

Business Analytics (Operational Research) is part of the Digital Transformation team in Capgemini Consulting UK

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Analytical thinking 2 - March 2012

  1. 1. From: Skornik, CharlotteSent: 29 March 2012 12:15To: Skornik, CharlotteSubject: Analytical Thinking 2 - March 2012 Analytical Thinking Analytical Thinking 2 - A Newsletter from the UK Business March 2012 Analytics Team Introduction Introduction Number 2 on Gartner’s list of strategic technology trends for this year is ‘Big Data, patterns and analytics’, and this is something that we’re finding is being reflected across the business press, blogs and articles in 2012. In this new fortnightly newsletter we are providing a taste for what is being said in the world of Business Analytics over the last couple of weeks. The Business Analytics team are keeping our eye firmly on whats hot in the analytics space so that we remain best placed to provide the analytical insight to allow our clients to transform to digital. back to top Customer Analytics Increase The Quality of Customer Data Customer Analytics Customer Analytics = Customer Improving The Quality of Data Value Acquired from Customer Touchpoints Utilities are operating in an era when their From telecom to customers are retail, hospitality to surrounded by new finance, customer levels of engagement analytics will everywhere they turn, continue to be a hot as other industries leverage analytics to topic over the improve efficiency, customer service coming years. Keeping in mind that metrics and bottom line performance. customer analytics is highly They are engaging in customer analytics correlated with data (and most to improve their internal operations that importantly, with the quality of it), serve those customers—such as call any improvements in data quality will centers, credit and collection practices take companies a step ahead in this and demand response programs—as well realm. This article summarizes eight as to improve their engagement of recommendations for companies customers to increase customer around how to increase the quality of participation in a variety of programs. customer data acquired from This article is giving some examples of customer touch points. how utilities are applying analytics to See article external customers in ways that demonstrate tangible improvements to business processes. See article
  2. 2. Big DataBig Data Analysis DrivesUniversity Research Big Data In medical Sector Big Data Ready to Offer OnlineBig Data Meets Disease-Resistant DiagnosesPlant Research Two medical students at This article in a US University have created a website that demonstrates how big crunches a host of data is driving powerful data to university research in offer individuals medical the social sciences, advice and even online where large datasets of up to six diagnoses. Calledterabytes per week are being processed Symcat, the site aggregates patient in leading edge research in health records, user symptoms andbioinformatics, genetics and information demographic data to provide people modelling. For instance, current with the equivalent of medical research projects include creating new wisdom. disease-resistant plants that can be used to help feed a burgeoning world population. See article See articleCombining Analytics and BigData Growth of Big Data Data About Big DataBig Data and Analytics Combine toAlter Consumer Behavior We know that big data is growing fast, Scala, a provider of digital but did you realize signage systems, is just how fast it’s embracing Big Data in the increasing? As we cloud. The provider of a increasingly add digital signage system has unstructured data from social rolled out Scala Advanced networks, mobile devices, sensors, Analytics. Its a predictive smart meters and financial systems, analytics application for experts at IDC predict that the digitalretailers that aggregate market data and universe will grow to 2.7 zettabytes in live third-party data streams in a way 2012, up 48% from 2011. This article that allows retailers and other summarises with figures theorganizations to display digital messages implications of analytics and big data. that are informed by new events, personal data or general demographic See article information. See articleMiscellaneous
  3. 3. Supply Chain Analytics Supply Chain Analytics: Doing More With What You Know This article is a study of companies’ use of supply chain analytics. Its findings are that, in what it terms ‘masters’ of analytics, are not just using analytics to gain a descriptive understanding of past events; they’re also leveraging ‘predictive analytics’ to answer the questions ‘what do we do now?’ and ‘what are the alternatives?’. The article goes on to explain the competitive advantage to be gained from such analytics. See article back to top Footnote Figure It Out Blog Have you visited the Figure it out blog yet? back to top Feedback We hope that you have enjoyed reading this second edition of Analytical Thinking and hope that it has provided you with a good insight into some of the value that is currently being realised through Business Analytics solutions. If you would like to find out more about our services and propositions then please contact Nigel Lewis or Jon Chadwick. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this newsletter or if you have received it via a colleague and would like to subscribe then please contact Charlotte Skornik. If you spot an article that is Business Analytics related then wed like to know about it, please submit it to Charlotte Skornik, and it may appear in the next edition of Analytical Thinking! back to top The information contained in this newsletter is proprietary and confidential. It is for Capgemini internal use only. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved by Capgemini. subscribe to this newsletterThis is a fortnightly newsletter, if you don’t want to receive it anymore, please let me know.Regards,Charlotte SkornikOperational Researchcharlotte.skornik@capgemini.comTel: +44 (0) 870 904 5666 - Mob: +44 (0) 789 115 Holborn Viaduct - London - EC1N 2PBConnect with us:Capgemini Consulting is the strategy and transformation consulting brand of Capgemini Group