Analytical thinking 17 - November 2012


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Analytical Thinking is a fortnightly newsletter from the UK Business Analytics team.

The purpose of the newsletter is to raise awareness about why analytics is a hot topic at the moment, where is analytics being referenced in the press and in what ways are organisations using analytics.

Business Analytics (Operational Research) is part of the Digital Transformation team in Capgemini Consulting UK

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Analytical thinking 17 - November 2012

  1. 1. Analytical ThinkingAnalytical Thinking 17 - ANewsletter from the UK Business November 2012Analytics Team Introduction Introduction Welcome to the latest edition of Analytical Thinking, a newsletter from the UK Business Analytics community providing snippets of insight on what people have been saying and how organisations have been using our capability over the last 2 weeks. Within this edition, the section „applications of analytics‟ contains insights on how analytics is being utilised in supply chain and CPR / Retail. The Big Data section contains articles showing some potential future applications of Big Data and an existing one in law and social media. back to top Big Data Big Data Vs. Traditional Business Is 3D Visualization The Next Step Intelligence For Big Data? Following the two previous With the big data explosion in Analytical Thinking editions, here full steam, companies across is another article linking Big Data multiple industries are and Business Intelligence. While resourcefully aggregating data some still consider Big Data a tool to pinpoint numbers, trends confined to behemoths like Google and patterns that hold the key and Amazon, an ever-increasing to improving their bottom lines. But as data number of B2B organizations of all grows increasingly cumbersome and complex, sizes are moving beyond the constraints of managing that data and extracting the highest traditional business intelligence by taking on the value of intelligence is presenting a challenge for challenge of harnessing Big Data. As interest in organizations looking to drive truly educated Big Data increases, so does the number of tools decisions. Many valuable analytics solutions have available to address its demands. But looking for come to market over the last few years, but as answers outside of your organization presents we look ahead to 2013, will 3D visualization new challenges, temptations, and roadblocks. techniques offer companies a new way to See article manage, analyze and interact with their data? See article
  2. 2. 5 Trends That Are Changing HowBig Data In Law: Cloud Challenge, We Do Big Data Analytics Opportunity In just a few years, big data When it comes to data privacy has turned from a buzzword and security, corporations and concept best left for large have similar challenges. Big web companies into a force companies store big data: that drives much of our digital Mountains of information in lives. You can find in this the form of documents, article five technological trends that will changespreadsheets and emails, which since 2006 has how data is processed and consumed goingbeen fair game for legal discovery. And in many forward in domains such as Data science,cases, that information is spread across physical Machine learning, Mobile Data and Applicationand virtual networks, and on personal creation.computers, tablets and smartphones. It‟spractically impossible for big companies to keep See articletrack of it all. This article from Forbes, explainsthat today, the legal profession of a lawyer isheading into the cloud, where the privacy andsecurity of big data are dramatically changingthe legal landscape—especially internationally.See article Sustainability, Social Media And Big Data As more and more data is being collected, curated and analysed today, than ever before, the information you can extract from all data generated is what attracts most of the attention. Through several examples and use cases, this article details some application of the data collected from those social media, such as tracking the cholera epidemic in Haiti in the wake of the deadly earthquake or predicting faults in automobile.See articleApplications of Analytics Advanced Analytics In Supply Whats The Biggest Supply ChainChain - What Is It, And Is It Better Issue Forthan Non-Advanced Analytics? CPR/Retail? If we go back to the A recent post from Visicom Davenport‟s "Competing on blog pointed: “We asked Analytics" Harvard Business dozens of retail store Review article that kicked off managers this week: what‟s the analytics movement, he the biggest issue you are defines analytics as "the ability having with product delivery by vendors? [Toto collect, analyze, and act on data. As which the answer was] out of stock products”.professional organizations have realized that the This article is reacting to that post which linksfield of analytics should be broken down into business analytics and predictive modelling forthree categories: Descriptive analytics, the CPR/Retail sector.predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics, See articlethis article explains what is advanced analytics.See article
  3. 3. Universal Predictive Convergence Analytics The goal of all marketing analytics has been, and is today, to "get the right message to the right person at the right time." This article deals with a digital analytics phenomenon wherein many analytics tool vendors had begun making claims they could join data from multiple sources and display the results in a set of dashboards for marketers. This trendy phenomenon which has emerged is called Convergence Analytics and is transforming the measurement industry. See article Footnote Figure It Out Blog Have you visited the Figure it out blog yet? back to top Feedback We hope that you have enjoyed reading this seventeenth edition of Analytical Thinking and hope that it has provided you with a good insight into some of the value that is currently being realised through Business Analytics solutions. If you would like to find out more about our services and propositions then please contact Nigel Lewis or Jon Chadwick. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this newsletter or if you have received it via a colleague and would like to subscribe then please contact Charlotte Skornik. If you spot an article that is Business Analytics related then wed like to know about it, please submit it to Charlotte Skornik, and it may appear in the next edition of Analytical Thinking! back to top The information contained in this newsletter is proprietary and confidential. It is for Capgemini internal use only. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved by Capgemini. subscribe to this newsletterCharlotte SkornikBusiness Analytics | Operational Researchcharlotte.skornik@capgemini.comTel: +44 (0) 870 904 5666 - Mob: +44 (0) 789 115 Holborn Viaduct - London - EC1N 2PB
  4. 4. Read & comment on the latest issue of our Figure It Out blogCapgemini Consulting is the strategy and transformation consulting brand of Capgemini GroupCapgemini is a trading name used by the Capgemini Group of companies which includes Capgemini UK plc, a company registered in England andWales (number 943935) whose registered office is at No 1, Forge End, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6DB.