Analytical thinking 16 - October 2012


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Analytical Thinking is a fortnightly newsletter from the UK Business Analytics team.

The purpose of the newsletter is to raise awareness about why analytics is a hot topic at the moment, where is analytics being referenced in the press and in what ways are organisations using analytics.

Business Analytics (Operational Research) is part of the Digital Transformation team in Capgemini Consulting UK

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Analytical thinking 16 - October 2012

  1. 1. Analytical ThinkingAnalytical Thinking 16 - ANewsletter from the UK Business October 2012Analytics Team Introduction Introduction Welcome to the latest edition of Analytical Thinking, a newsletter from the UK Business Analytics community providing snippets of insight on what people have been saying and how organisations have been using our capability over the last 2 weeks. Within this edition, we have two different sections. The Big Data section is made with articles explaining how Big Data is affecting several domains like the financial services, health and retail. The Big Data and Analytics section holds some insights on how Big Data and Analytics together can improve businesses and release innovation, with 2 applications within the utilities sector. back to top Big Data Big Data In Insurance - Is The Big Data Is Industry Ready To Take Transforming Advantage? Healthcare Insurance companies have Big Data is all around us. It‘s in traditionally operated under silos the way we shop, do our by building their systems and finances, and tweet. To some, applications from ground up. As it‘s more information than your new processes, products and laptop can handle. Others define it as melding technologies emerged, more silos were created data from different sources and seeing what due to lack of integration among the existing one. patterns emerge. As People are measuring The traditional methods employed by insurance everything from their sleeping patterns to how fast companies for risk, actuarial and product their toenails grow, using devices as varied as analyses, reserving, market penetration, customer smartphones, headbands, cars that track their churn etc. are being pushed to backseat, and own health and the health of their driver, and more modern, accurate, penetrative and carpets that monitor a person‘s balance and gait, conclusive methods are driving business priorities. this use of Big Data is certainly transforming This article argues that there are some major healthcare. challenges that need to be address for insurance See article carriers to stay in the race. See article
  2. 2. 3 Big Data Insights From The Grandfather Of Google Shopping At The Bank Glass For more than a decade bankers have fretted about the threat posed to Following an article from Analytical them by the banking arms of Thinking 13, this article will give supermarkets. The likes of Walmart you 3 Big Data insights from MIT and Tesco have thousands of outlets Media Lab Professor Alex ‗Sandy‘ that customers visit millions of times Pentland, a pioneer in big data, a week. Yet now banks and other computational social science, financial institutions are learning tomobile and health systems, and technology for crunch the data they hold on their customers. Thisdeveloping countries as well as being the pioneer article from the economist explains that instead ofbehind ‗Google Glasses‘ - a prototype heads up being supplanted by supermarkets, banks maydisplay that literally makes digital data a lens sway shoppers.through which we see society in the ―real‖ world. See articleSee articleBig Data and AnalyticsBig Data Opportunity For Smart Viewpoint: Big Data And Big Metering Analytics Means Better Utilities worldwide are installing smart meters on Business homes and businesses, which According to new research by means there could be as much Dynamic Markets, one in five of as 50 terabytes of energy data the UKs largest companies now that can emerge from a million quantify the value of corporateor so homes in a year. The problem has been data on their balance sheets. Thethat there haven‘t been very many ways to make businesses making the most of their intelligencegood use of all this data to benefit the average are doing so by tackling mountains of figures. Thisconsumer. A new startup has created algorithms article from BBC explains that decision making isthat can dig into real-time smart meter energy- the essence of management and argues that Bigconsumption data, can reduce consumers‘ home Data and analytics together help making a betterenergy use by between 4 percent to 12 percent, business.and can also deliver other beneficial home See articleservices to consumers. Their CEO details aboutwhat it‘s been up to.See article
  3. 3. Customer Understanding DrivesInvestment In Big DataAnalytics Introducing A Big Data Prediction Gaining a better Engine For The Power Grid understanding of Imagine if you took the power of customers is the main Netflix or Amazons recommendation motivation for big data engines and used them for utilities programmes. This is one energy data. Tools like this will be finding from a needed, given that down the roadSearchDataManagementUK survey of 184 UK there could be more data created byand continental European IT and business the power grid than by the Internet. In this article, youprofessionals who are primarily engaged with will discover how this platform which takes petabytesdata matters. This article gives insights on of grid data — both structured and unstructured —how investment in big data analytics will crunches it to predict and analyze what it happening onhelp understanding customers. the grid in real time.See article See articleFootnoteLeadership Conference MaterialsOn 9th – 11th October, one of our strategic partners SAS held their annual Premier Business Leadershipconference in Las Vagas. You can find the material from this conference in the link below, covering keynote presentations, case studies and workshops on topics such as Big Data, customer analytics andenterprise performance management.View Conference Materials back to topFigure It Out Blog Have you visited the Figure it out blog yet? back to topFeedbackWe hope that you have enjoyed reading this sixteenth edition of Analytical Thinking and hope that ithas provided you with a good insight into some of the value that is currently being realised throughBusiness Analytics solutions. If you would like to find out more about our services and propositions thenplease contact Nigel Lewis or Jon Chadwick. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve thisnewsletter or if you have received it via a colleague and would like to subscribe then please contactCharlotte Skornik. If you spot an article that is Business Analytics related then wed like to know aboutit, please submit it to Charlotte Skornik, and it may appear in the next edition of Analytical Thinking! back to top The information contained in this newsletter is proprietary and confidential. It is for Capgemini internal use only. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved by Capgemini. subscribe to this newsletter
  4. 4. This is a fortnightly newsletter, if you don’t want to receive it anymore, please let me know.Regards,Charlotte SkornikBusiness Analytics | Operational Researchcharlotte.skornik@capgemini.comTel: +44 (0) 870 904 5666 - Mob: +44 (0) 789 115 Holborn Viaduct - London - EC1N 2PBConnect with us:Capgemini Consulting is the strategy and transformation consulting brand of Capgemini Groupis at No 1, Forge End, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6DB.