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Lesson 15 The Understanding Hypermedia

It is useful in study.

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Lesson 15 The Understanding Hypermedia

  1. 1. Understanding Hypermedia
  2. 2. Packaged as an educational computer software where information is presented and student activities are integrated in virtual learning environment.
  3. 3. Tutorial software packages Knowledge webpages Simulation instructional games Learning project management and others.
  4. 4. The presentation of information – learning activities in hypermedia is said to be sequenced in a non – linear manner. Example: flight stimulator used to train pilots
  5. 5. The learner make his own decisions on the path, flow or events of instruction.
  6. 6. The learner controls the sequence and pace of his path depending on his ability and motivation.
  7. 7. Hypermedia includes more than one media but does not necessarily use all types of media in one presentation.
  8. 8. Given all capabilities, hypermedia still does not replace life’s experience and learning from nature and life. Information and communication technology cannot replace the teacher altogether.
  9. 9. Get the learners’ attention Recall prior learning Inform learners of lesson objectives Introduce the software and its distintive features Guide learningeliciting performance Provide learning feedback Assess performance Enhance retention and learning transfer
  10. 10. Prepared by: Villagracia,Analyn A. Bestudio,Abrigitte T. Tuble,Jennifer