Linear Isolators with Analog Devices iCoupler Technology


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High performing, single-chop alternative to isolation techniques based on optocouplers and shunt regulators. By Analog Devices, Inc.

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Linear Isolators with Analog Devices iCoupler Technology

  1. 1. The World Leader in High Performance Signal Processing SolutionsIntroducing ADuM3190/4190Linear IsolatorsBased on iCoupler® Digital Isolator TechnologyFebruary 2013
  2. 2. ADuM3190/4190: Industry’s FirstIntegrated, Isolated Linear Error Amplifiers Ideal for cost-sensitive primary side control power supplies striving for the performance of secondary side control Replaces optocouplers and shunt regulators by using iCoupler isolation technology  Reduces cost by up to 25%  Reduces size by up to 25%  Saves power consumption by up to 65%  Increases performance with 10x wider bandwidth  Extends usability with operating temperature up to 125°C  Improves reliability with standard, foundry CMOS2
  3. 3. Existing Primary Side Controllers UseOptocouplers and Shunt Regulators  Limit Performance (Bandwidth & Transient Response)  25 kHz maximum loop bandwidth limits transient response  Consume Excess Power  100mW loss from LED – 20mA at 5V  More current improves performance but hurts efficiency  Use Multiple ICs and Consume Area  Slow switching speed requires large size of Lout and Cout  Limit Operating Temperature  Typical limit is 85°C ADuM3190/4190  Pose Reliability Challenges Replaces These  CTR uncertainty requires over compensation – slowing down the loop Components3
  4. 4. ADuM3190/4190 iCoupler Alternative ImprovesPrimary Side Control Solutions  Increases Performance (Bandwidth & Transient Response)  250 kHz bandwidth (10x wider) improves transient response  Saves Power  Only 35mW vs. 100mW for optocouplers  No need to increase power to improve performance  Reduces Components and Area  Consumes 25% less board space  Integrates regulator  Extends Operating Temperature Range  Qualified for 125°C operation 5 mm  Improves Reliability  No CTR uncertainty to contend with 4 mm4
  5. 5. ADuM3190/4190 Features and Specifications For Use as an Isolated Error Amplifier for Power Supply Feedback  Specifications  Features  Total Accuracy  Voltage or Current Output  1% TMIN to TMAX  1.225V Reference  -40C to 125C TA  DOSA compatible  -3dB bandwidth 400kHz  Integrator or DC Gain  Wide Voltage Range  UVLO  VDD1 and VDD2 - 3V to 20V  ADuM3190 2.5kV rms Isolation Rating  ADuM4190 5kV rms Isolation Rating5
  6. 6. Designers No Longer Have To Choose Between Primary & Secondary Side Control Optocoupler Solution ADuM3190/4190 Choose Between Achieve Both Performance and Cost Performance and Cost High LowPerformance High OR Cost Performance AND Low CostSecondary Side Primary Side Primary Side Control Control Control with ADuM3190/4190 ADuM3190/4190 enables fast transient response performance of secondary side control with the low cost of primary side control6
  7. 7. Application Example:Analog Primary-side ControlIsolated Error Amplifier with the Same Functionality and Better Performance than Traditional Optocoupler and Shunt Regulator Solutions VOSC PWM Controller Supports VOUT from 1V to 48V Compliant to DOSA Trim Standard Output BW 400kHz for Op Amp with fast loop Reference 1% 10MHz Gain BW response stability over enables high switching temperature and frequency of time for high DC/DC converter accuracy DC/DC output7
  8. 8. ADuM3190/4190 DOSA Compliant Configuration DOSA Module VOUT Rset1 Rtrim-up l VIN= 0.35 to 1.5V Rset2 + Optional trim up or trim down R3 resistor by +/-10% of nominal Error Amp value according to DOSA R5 R4 Vref Rtrim-down 1.225V R6 ADuM3190 Module nominal output R3 R4 R5 R6 VOUT > 1.5V 1k 1k 0 ∞ VOUT < 1.5V 1k 0 2.05k 1.96k VOUT > 1.5V 5.11k 5.11k 0 ∞ VOUT < 1.5V 5.11k 0 10.5k 10.0k8
  9. 9. Application Example:Isolated Voltage Feedback for Digital Controllers Digital Controller ADC9
  10. 10. ADuM3190/4190 vs. Optocoupler Solution Optocoupler Shunt ADuM3190/4190 Regulator Solution Solution Max Bandwidth 25 kHz 400 kHz Accuracy (Maximum @ 125°C TA) Not Guaranteed 1% Max Current Consumption 20mA 7mA Number of ICs 2 1 Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40 to +85°C -40 to +125°C CTR Degradation with time, temperature and current 75% No CTR!10
  11. 11. ADuM3190 / ADuM4190 Options Isolation Rating Max. Ambient Temp. Typical Bandwidth 1K resale 2.5 kV rms 5 kV rms 85°C 125°C 200 kHz 400 kHz USDADuM3190ARQZ $1.04ADuM3190BRQZ $1.12ADuM3190SRQZ $1.14ADUM3190TRQZ $1.23ADuM4190ARIZ $1.20ADuM4190BRIZ $1.28ADuM4190SRIZ $1.30ADuM4190TRIZ $1.39 Evaluation Board also available: EVAL-ADUM3190EBZ - $49USD Supports the function of ADuM3190 and ADuM419011
  12. 12. Learn More About iCoupler Digital Include: Webcast and Training videos Interface and Isolation Newsletter Archives and Subscription Link Circuits from the Lab™ Application Notes Technical Articles Digital Isolator Product Selector Guide  Regulatory Agency Certifications Datasheets Evaluation BoardsAnd Much More!