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a. finland 2007 woman medical library and new technologies

Web 2.0 presents a new and almost unlimited source for scientific information. to librarians in Health Care Institutions have to keep up with all trends in medical science .

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a. finland 2007 woman medical library and new technologies

  1. 1. Nowadays, modern libraries set more and more requirements to librarians in Health Care Institutions. The most important thing is to keep up with all trends in medical science following from new achievements in medicine. A librarian has to improve skills constantly to find proper information for library users. This is not easy taking into consideration all requests of medical professionals and developments in oncology. The modern librarian is standing between two sciences with expanding roles - information technology and medical science. During the last 15 years living conditions in Serbia changed. Now, as a country in transition, electronic services and databases with medical literature are provided by the Ministry of Science and the National Library of Serbia. Librarians have taken efforts to acquire skills in searching database and electronic services to find a proper literature. All institutions in the consortium of libraries in Serbia are connected to the academic network end have free access to numerous publishers and articles in full text. Free access is provided via KoBSON (Konzorcijum Biblioteka Srbije za Objedinjenu Nabavku) on the site of National Library of Serbia. Where to find the scientific information and how to make it visible to users? Web 2.0 presents a new and almost unlimited source for scientific information. Librarians are facing a new role: to develop information science and to promote medical websites as a Science 2.0 and Library 2.0. What does it mean to be solo librarian i.e. one woman library? That position brings problems called isolation. Without replacement you are not able to participate in conferences nor to attend courses. Only with participating in Annual Meetings and conferences, sharing experience and following new trends in Continuing Medical Education and new technologies as Web 2.0 and Library 2.0, being an information specialist can be a creative and the most amusing profession. The use of web2.0 and her sophisticated possibilities to distribute and share information among the users of the modern libraries makes it possible let the one woman library exist and keep customers informed about new information in an easy and accessible way. New technologies & possibilities for one-woman medical library Ana Ivkovic, Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia Making a widget of an interesting website and blogs is the more attractive way to spread it, than just adding a link and provide simple possibilities for easy download. Slideshare Many scientific lectures are presented as a slideshow and posted at SLIDESHARE as I posted presentations from KN2007. NCRCbiblioteka Blog After discovering blogs as a source for medical and other relevant information, creating a blog for the NCRC library brought me the new possibilities to distribute information to end users. Web 2.0 itself provides all tools needed for easy and attractive distribution We made together, with all important links, search box, top oncology journals electronic services, highlights, guidelines etc. How to make information visible to users? At MICC2007 in Zagreb, I met Mr. Guus van den Brekel, and as we still don’t have web site of library, his idea to make a librarytoolbar, resolved my biggest problem. Flickr badge presents various events More and more presentations appears as a podcast RSS feed-necessary for automatic update Making a start page Netvibes with search box for providing literature makes easier Audiovisual lectures, medical news as well as other events during conferences can be posted on